"EMI is disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source."

WARNINGS: Poorly written suicide attempt. New character. Vomit. Lack of Emerson awesomeness.
Please keep in mind I'm no expert on suicide, kay?

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EMI (Ch. 13)

The black-haired woman had come to a decision while she was staring blankly at the television screen, her brain tuning out the noise her mother and sister were making in the kitchen. She turned her head to look out the window and noticed it was starting to get dark; she had slept most of the day it looked like. The sky was gray; everything looked clouded over and gloomy, it looked like it might rain tonight. She stared out the window for a few moments before getting up and walking over to it, looking out of it and onto the street.

She gave herself a relieved smile. Minerva had decided that tonight would be a good night to die.

Once Heather and Annabelle finished their bickering over the dishes Minerva took that moment to go outside and head toward her destination, though she didn't quite know what it was going to be just yet. She would go wherever her feet took her she supposed. Before long it started drizzling, which was fine with the woman as it suited her mood perfectly. Besides, she always did love the rain, she never much cared for going outside but somehow the rain made it all better for her.

Minerva wasn't sure just how long she had been walking, but she didn't care that much. All she knew was that she was into the city now, rather than out in the suburbs not far from it. But she had never bothered to time the walking distance so that didn't help her much. She contemplated what exactly she was going to do as she felt around in her jacket pockets, in one she messed with a plastic child-proof lid of a bottle of pills she had swiped before leaving the house; it was some really strong pain medication. In the other pocket she ran her fingers over the cool metallic surface of something she had taken from the kitchen while her mother and sister were not paying attention. Her mother would notice it was missing eventually, but hopefully she could get far enough away by then. Either way, it was just reassurance, in case plan A didn't work out.

She almost didn't want to go through with it, but in the end she knew she had to. In order for everyone to move on, be happy, she had to die and it was really just that simple. She's known this for seven years but she was really hoping it would never truly come to this. She had given up once before but when Emerson flew all the way over just to make sure she was alright, that had made her happy and she selfishly abandoned her suicide mission for that time. But now, she thought back to her recent conversation with Emerson, he didn't remember meeting that ghost, the one she claimed to love. She knew that was a horrible sign and she knew that if she continued to live then things like that would just keep happening.

This way, he could move on, her sister could inherit everything, her mother never had to put up with her again, and she could be with the ghost. After all, she still had a lingering attachment to this world, she knew she would, it was Emerson, so there was no question about it – she'd become a ghost after death.

Minerva stopped and looked up into the sky, it was still drizzling but she could sense something lurking behind all the gray. All the spirits floating around now gave it away, they always came outside, away from following their loved ones, away from the abandoned buildings they 'haunt'; the come out just for this one night. So, she was right, tonight was a good night to die indeed. She smirked while still looking up at the sky, she started to walk. Souls don't pass on when you have lingering attachments; souls don't pass on during a new moon either. At least that's what they have always assumed, but Minerva wasn't really sure about that. Still, it was bad luck to be a dead body on a new moon. To die under a new moon meant that your soul would wander for all eternity until exorcized. At least that's how the old stories of her family went.

She stopped, turning to look at a familiar building, and across from that was a park. She knew this place. Well, it was as good a place as any she supposed. Still, there were people around; she'd have to be discreet.

Not much of a problem, if she went into the park deep enough she might just find herself all alone.

Before stopping to think about it she opened up the bottle of pills and dry-swallowed a few at a time while she was making her way into the dark greenery of the park. Something didn't feel quite right to her, and she knew it wasn't the pills just yet. Whatever it was, it felt familiar.

She found herself an isolated spot surrounded by a bunch of bushes and trees. Sitting down, she waited for the pills to kick in. Every so often she took a few more. Minerva wasn't sure just how much time had passed by now, but she figured the pills would start working soon. As if right on time her vision began to get fuzzy, the bushes and trees became nothing but green blurs to her. She bent over onto her hands and knees when her body attempted to purge the pills from within her. The woman knew this was coming all along but she had not been looking forward to it. She felt her body spasm, here came the convulsions, but before any of that happened she felt whatever she had felt earlier, that familiar presence.

Slimy yellow liquid and dark chunks went flying out of her mouth again. Then time, she collapsed onto her side, her body spasming harder now. Her vision was still fuzzy, she could hardly get in tiny gasps of air, she felt like she was about to drown in her own vomit. All the meanwhile this didn't stop her body from throwing up, she barely managed to register how it was pooling around her face. Normally that would disgust her, but right now she felt too much pain to care about that.

Right before she felt a convolution coming on, even with the blurred vision she could tell someone was rushing toward her, shouting her name. Well this was just fabulous. She had been hoping she wouldn't be found, she supposed that was too much for ask. She felt her muscles contract just as the person arrived to her side, the relaxed just as quickly and the process kept repeating itself, the convulsions were here. They didn't last long though, at least not to her knowledge, because Minerva blacked out as soon as the man, she could make out his basic shape, touched her head.

Before she lost consciousness she remembered why she got such a familiar feeling. It was a warm, comforting, and welcome feeling now that she knew what it was.

"Uncle… Luke…?"

Although she did not see is, the man in question dialed a number on his cell phone as he looked down on her still shaking form and sighed, "Just what in the hell am I supposed to do with you, you stupid kid?"

When someone picked up on the other end of the line he said, "Yeah, I need an ambulance right away please, it's an overdose," he told them the location and the type of pills used, which he saw when the fell out of Minerva's pocket, "and this is Doctor Lucas Sullivan, the patient is my niece so hurry up."

He snapped his phone shut and waited patiently for the ambulance to arrive. At this moment he was really glad he decided to follow his gut and follow the woman when he saw her leaving the house alone. Initially he'd gone over to see how she was doing and he had heard her fiancé was also around, so he wanted to meet the guy too. When he saw Minerva wandering out on her own, he got worried in light of what recently happened, so he followed her. Surprisingly, she didn't seem to notice up until he lost her in the woods and he started searching for her rather frantically.

Hearing the sirens, he signed to himself in relief, thankful the hospital wasn't that far away. One thing was for sure, Minerva would hate him when she woke up but more than anything he hated whoever let the girl out of their sights long enough for her to sneak out. But she was unconscious at the very least, so she wouldn't have to be awake for having her stomach pumped.

Later, hours in fact, Emerson along with Heather and Annabelle came rushing into the hospital looking for Minerva after receiving a call for the hospital. Luke had found them in the ER waiting room and told them exactly what had happened. He kept his calm, professional demeanor but really he was holding himself back from strangling one of them. "My brother didn't come with you?" He asked Heather. She shook her head no, not saying a word. Taking that as a sufficient answer, the man in the lab coat and glasses told them she couldn't have visitors right now, but maybe in the morning and to not worry because he'd look after her overnight. Besides, with how he knocked her out, she wouldn't be waking up anytime soon anyway.

He reassured them to leave for now and come back later, that she'd be under the best care so long as he was looking after her.

The man, who Luke was not introduced to but who he assumed was Minerva's fiancé was rather reluctant to leave but Annabelle, being how she is, managed to convince him to go back to their home. Luke watched him with contempt as he left the building. He had another gut feeling he's the one he should be mad at.

Every so often he'd go to Minerva's room to check on her signs, make sure everything was normal, and to also check her psychic readings to make sure her mind was still stable while she was unconscious. He had hit her with a wave of psychic energy and in her weakened state it easily effected her, which he was glad for. He may not like his brother but he did adore his niece and never wanted any harm to befall her. If that meant he had to knock her out, then so be it.

He scribbled down a few notes on her charts and walked to her bedside. As much as he didn't want to do this, it was out of necessity. Normally a room, and bed, like this were reserved for people who were a danger to themselves and others but he managed to pull a few strings. He strapped down the woman to the bed, bound by the wrists and ankles, just like she had been back at her own house right after the first attempt. Her Uncle knew she hated it but maybe if he did it often enough she'd learn, much like negative reinforcement. He shook his head; that would never happen, what a stupid thought. Luke had warned everyone the last time that she shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere on her own, why did they never listen to him? He sighed to himself, grabbing the charts after finishing with the straps, and sat down in a chair close to the bed.

And from what he had heard from his brother during his last call to check up on the woman, even if he didn't want to speak with the man that didn't change the fact he was Minerva's father, her mood had actually been improving over the past week or so. So why would she attempt this now? Oddly, Minerva was not depressed, she had a relatively happy life, she was healthy, well-off, and all in all just wasn't a depressed person. Apathetic, sure, but why would she be so adamant about something when she's never felt strongly about anything before? Luke wasn't an expert in suicide but he knew his niece well enough to know that she wouldn't attempt to kill herself without a good reason and under the new moon no less. She knew what would happen if she actually died and it was almost like she couldn't wait for it to happen.

Luke hadn't seen one bit of hesitation within the girl as he followed her, like she was determined to die no matter what. It was very unlike her. To be honest with himself the news of her first attempt stuck him as odd; he had thought it was a highly inappropriate and morbid prank at first.

He stared at her and back at the charts before getting up to exit the room. Scratching the back of his neck he yawned and left her to rest. He needed to call and tell his own family he was staying the night at the hospital tonight. His wife wouldn't care for that but like he really cared what she thought