The taste of scalding cappuccino

washed down with guilt, shame

and an irrational fear to be anyone other than

the shadow of the person staring back

in the cracked and dirty mirror.

She dreamt of white, falling confetti

and the sound of ringing bells-

but it all vanished

as she stood in the rain, hair dripping

like tear drops down that perfect dress.

Staring out of empty restaurant windows

avoiding all gazes, memories eating

at the crevices of such a poisoned mind

blackened lungs struggling to breathe

is everything lost? Always running away.

She fell too hard, broke more than her

brittle bones caked in salty blood-

the sight of destruction

on the unlit horizon

she was too young to have her chest hollowed out.

He has to keep wearing the same deceitful expression,

she only saw a painful broken red, in the end.