For Jena, so we can have a story in which Zombies and Unicorns band together for a revolution over the human race :D

"Look, Mommy! Flying ponies!" a little boy screamed, pointing up towards the sky. His mother looked up and let out a terrible scream. The little boy didn't understand as his mother screamed, pulled him into her arms, and then ran away as a cloud of 'flying ponies' covered the sky.

The little boy didn't understand that these weren't ponies, they were unicorns. He also had not noticed what was riding upon the unicorns' backs. That is what had scared the little boy's mother, the sight of a zombie upon a unicorn's back.

Soon after the mother had run off with her son, people began looking up towards the sky, wondering why everything suddenly seemed strangely dark. The cause was of course all of the unicorns with the zombies upon their back. A little girl pointed excitedly, her one track mind distracted by the fact that there were unicorns hovering over her head to realize that these unicorns and zombies were dangerous.

One of the zombies opened its mouth, its jaw hanging off his face as if it was not connected correctly, which it probably wasn't. It let out a gargled sound and all of the other zombies and unicorns seem to ready themselves. The lead zombie let out another gargled noise and the unicorns dove towards the ground. The people in the streets began to scream and run, trying to find shelter from the oncoming shower or hooves and horns.

The unicorns neighed angrily as the people rushed about. The zombies slid off of the unicorns' backs as soon as the hooves touched the ground. They held no weapons, because the unicorns' hooves and horns would be all the weapons they would need if the situation arose. Then, the zombies began lumbering toward the panicking people, trying to rally them together. Teenage boys laughed excitedly, pointing at the zombies as the zombies lumbered towards them. Little girls stared in wonder at the beautiful unicorns while their mothers and fathers tried to pull them to safety.

No one seemed to realize the zombies were not trying to physically harm them. They were just panicking because it seemed as if the unicorns and zombies were coming to kill them, which of course was not their goal.

The zombies mumbled incomprehensively as they shuffled towards the people, rallying them into a slight circle. Parents clutched their children nervously while the children merely stared in wonder, wanting to investigate the pretty flying ponies and the weird mumbling, limping men. The teenagers had begun to shove each other towards the zombies, as if daring each other to touch one. A girl let out a distressed scream and pulled the teenage boys back, not wanting any harm to befall them. They all let out disappointed grumbles and one embraced the girl as she began to cry into his chest, panicking.

The people did not seem to realize that they were not being attacked, they were simply being forced to form a circle in the middle of the street.

The zombies continued to lumber forward as the unicorns shook their manes and clopped their hooves against the ground impatiently. People began to hug each other tightly as the zombies drew closer, throwing their arms around uselessly as if trying to grab onto someone.

One zombie's arm came within a few inches of a little boy, who seemed extremely fascinated by the lumbering, dead man before him. His mother let out a terrified scream and pulled him to her chest, trying to protect him. This only seemed to infuriate the zombies and unicorns. A few of the unicorns neighed and reared, waving their front feet in the air.

The people all fell silent, clutching each other as many prayed for their lives.

The zombies continued to move forward, grumbling and stumbling. One's hand detached from his wrist and a woman screamed. He flipped his hand up and it reconnected to the rest of his arm. Some of the women were crying, holding on tightly to their children, boyfriends, or husbands. The men were all trying to comfort the women while trying to assure themselves they would all be fine at the same time.

One of the unicorns finally got so frustrated with the peoples' fear that he reared, neighing angrily, and then jumped back into the sky. Little girls all looked up from their mother's and father's arms to watch, jaws dropping at the beauty of this animal that they adored.

"What do you want from us?" one woman cried out from the crowd. The zombies all looked at each other and then back at the unicorns. The unicorn in the air let out a frustrated neigh and dived back down to the street as the zombies stared at each other blankly, shrugging. Some of the other unicorns stamped their hooves and threw their manes around, frustrated with the zombies' stupidity. They had gone through this many times before actually putting this plan into action.

"Please, just tell us what you want!" a man screamed out, hugging his girlfriend to his chest as she cried. Once again, the zombies looked at each other with blank expressions. The unicorns seemed to sigh in unison.

Then came an unexpected sound, the sound of someone clearing their throat. Though, it wasn't a someone, it was a something.

The unicorn that had flown into the air before had cleared its throat.

Then, to everyone's surprise, the unicorn spoke with a deep, powerful voice. Though, it only spoke one word.