As I lay in bed

I try to think of what lies ahead

With you here by my side

I start to reveal a part of myself that I hide

As we slowly become closer

I start to feel better than ever

When you kiss me and smile

It makes our time together worthwhile

When I mess with your ears

I am pushing you to tears

Though we have only known each for a short time

I tease you so much that it could become a crime

You comfort me when I am down

You make sure I don't wear a frown

I worry when you look upset

But you tell me not to fret

Even when you are uncomfortable

You start to act humble

You are considerate of my thoughts

I want to savor our moments with snapshots

You make me feel so alive

You motivate me to thrive

Your eyes shine when you are in a good mood

You make me feel so valued

I just want you to know that I like you so much

You ignite my hidden potential with such a simple touch

One day I want to be able to fulfill your desire

You are my muse and you inspire

I have been able to express more of my heart

Ever since you tried to fix what I had that was broken from the start

I want to be able to push you without restraint

Because of we continue with what we have been doing, you might faint

As I watch you here with me

I am filled with happiness and glee

Stay with me and be patient please

I am sorry for being such a tease

You just make me show more than I ever have before

I am scared of what I have hidden in store

I am getting closer to the day we can fully play

But until we reach that day

I will kiss and hug you to the best of my ability

You are my number one cutie

Sleep and relax till tomorrow

I no longer feel so out of place or hollow

As I cuddle with you

I remember the days when this emotion was an issue

Now I just want to feel

I want to know that this is real

Love me my dear

Losing you now is what I fear