Black Bureau Introduction

Michael Panush

In 1908, an alien spacecraft crash lands in Tunguska, Siberia. In 1947, another crashes down in Roswell, New Mexico. As the Cold War rages and more alien sightings dot the world, the American government realizes that it needs a plan to deal with the extraterrestrial threat. J. Edgar Hoover, eager to expand the FBI's power, creates a taskforce within his own agency to investigate and combat alien threats. The two men he chooses to head this group are Special Agent Rexford Gray, a sober conservative and good family man and Special Agent Rudolf Von Voltz, an ex-Nazi expert scientist with a firsthand knowledge of aliens. Together, Gray and Von Voltz find themselves pitted against a deadly freelance espionage agency known only as SPYDER, along with mad science, extraterrestrial monsters and the worst of the human race. But as they unravel a mystery stretching from Las Vegas and Area 51 to Antarctica and Washington DC, they discover that the aliens are the least of their worries – and there's no one they can trust.