Part two

So what would you do if you had been kidnapped by strangers, and then you woke up in your bedroom with stitches you were pretty sure weren't there the other day. Would you tell your parents or even the police, would you make them hunt down the maniacs who did this? Or would you stay quiet? Keep your mouth shut and pretend like this never happened. Well that's what I was going to do. If those men were able to abduct me right in front of my own house, cut me open and stitch me up, then just put me back in my house with no questions asked, then they must be very high up on the government food chain. But even though I was planning to stay quiet I couldn't hold back the scream that was bubbling up in my chest. I screamed loud enough that it would even be heard in a grade 7 class room but no one came to my room. Not my mom, with her short brown hair and kind brown eyes, not my dad who was funny and could always make me feel safe, not even my brother who could drive me crazy but I thought cared enough about me to at least see if I was ok after that blood curdling scream! I grabbed my sweater to cover my stitches and my pocket knife. Hey if no one came to check on me then something must be wrong! I tried to tip toe down the stairs but they were old and they creaked under my weight. I glanced into the family room bracing myself for whatever grim scene awaited me but there was nothing. Just my mom and dad watching TV. My mom glanced up from the screen and saw me. Her smile left her face when she saw the knife. "Good morning dear" she said in an unusually perky voice. Then my dad looked up and saw me. "Oh your up, I saved you some bacon". I slid the knife into my poket and ran up the stairs. So they were home, they heard me scream, and they were eating bacon. What was going on! My head was swimming but I managed to get dressed and go back down stairs. I ran out the door before they could say anything. I didn't know where I was going but I had to get out of that house. As I walked along that familiar side walk I noticed something odd. My finger was twitching. And not just like in a barely noticeable way but a full on bend. Then almost on cue the rest of my fingers started. It was a constant rhythm. Open close open close. I new something was wrong. I was making a fist but I didn't want to. Then my other hand started and pretty soon my arms had started to bend in time with my fingers. I didn't know what to do! I turned to go back to my house. Something was very wrong and maybe my parents could fix it. I started running but mid step my legs gave out. I fell face first into a huge pile of snow. It was moments like these where I wish I had worn my big winter ski jacket over my spring sweater. I got up but before I could even brush the snow off, my whole body turned and I took off in a run. I turned my head and saw my house fading into the distance. How could I be running away from my house when that was the only place I had to go? Something was clearly wrong. I willed my legs to stop but nothing happened. Instead I was taken for a ride. Turning corner after corner, from one unfamiliar street to the next. I new what was wrong I was just afraid to look. When I finally gathered up enough courage to pull up my sleeve and look at my arm I new it was a mistake. All of my veins had turned black and looked like they were trying to rip them selves out of my skin. The stitches were still there but there was something under them. It was the size of a loony and when I looked close enough I realized that it was giving off a blinking red light. I pried my eyes away to make sure I was not about to walk into the street and get hit by a car. But I was no longer in my town. I was running up a long gravel road. No, it couldn't be! But it was. I screamed at my legs to stop and they did right below the first step. I looked up and it was just as I remembered it. The cobwebs, the cracked stairs, the stains where the letters had fallen off the building. But I didn't need a name, I new where I was. It was hard to forget the place that your kidnappers brought you to. Yes that's right I was at the old collage. The old light hanging over the door flicked on and it gave off a soft glow. Then the door creaked open and I saw them. The people from my night mares. The to men in black and the nurses in white. Then I saw the doctor and his devilish grin. "It worked". And with that he grabbed me and I heard the door slam shut!