Hey guys! Wrote this new totally awesome poem during band today! Yeah, wrong time but sometimes inspiration just hits you like a ton of bricks, and you can't get them off until you write. So I did.

It's started because I was sorta daydreaming about my crush, but this is not the usual love poem I write. This is darker and more twisted, but still I love poem no the less! You can kind of see some of his traits in the poem, but very loosely. It's more…well, abstract.

The second idea is that when you like someone, they start changing you. You may feel one way about something, but decide to give it a try for them. Or try liking something so you'll have something to talk about. Good or bad changes is not the point. Even if you try not to you'll always walk away with a little part of them, and vice versa. Therefore, from the time you start when you have your first crush to the time you get married, you have been torn apart and rearranged into a completely new person.

Weird, dark, and twisted way in this poem, to the extreme, but sometimes this is how it feels.

Don't pass on by, don't leave me here

Scrutinize, with that leaf green leer

Use your claws to slice my skin

Open me up to see within

A vulnerable life, entrusting you

As flesh pales and rose lips blue

We take our chances, a chance to fall

But pain is better than no feeling at all

Blood of scarlet, rouge, and red

Stop my heart and make me dead

Interchange my thoughts, likes, fears

Make my predilections disappear

Mold my soul to fit to yours

But take a fragment to even scores

Then stitch my mangled limbs, my chest

Weave your colors to make me best

Hold my mind until I wake

And know that I am yours to take

Love me, the evanescent pain

As I arise to new again

See my succumb to a crooked smile

Just promise to stick around awhile

Passion, sweetness, the flaming romancing

Gliding, gossamer, and stark white dancing

If you leave me, I'll let you go

Heart to shatter, seasons snow

Because you leave yourself in I

And vice versa…so take off and fly

Soon someone new will stir me to marrow

Come at me wielding sharpened arrows

To start the exchange with new breath to live

Until there's nothing left to give.