Heya, WolfishMoon here. This is something I had to write for writing workshop, we either had to re-write a fairy tale in the perspective of the villain, write a fable, or write a story about an inanimate object. Obviously, this won out. Anyway I ended up really liking it so I decided to post it. It's a one shot but if I get really good feedback I will a multi-chapter sequel. So, if you want more, REVIEW! That way I definitely will write more. I might write more anyway but who knows, If you don't review I may choose not to post, so if you want it RE FREAKING VIEW! Enjoy the story!

I hated humans. They hunted my kind endlessly. And for the stupidest reason too. Fear. People hate things that they fear. But we wolves NEVER intended to harm them. In fact it was they who made the first move! All we wanted was to live peacefully but they wanted their special little towns. So, they cut down our forest and filled it with those odd huge dens of theirs. And because of this, we began to run out of prey. The only things left to eat were the animals the humans raise for their own consumption. And as we began to eat that, they began to kill us, like WE were the creatures they had raised for slaughter, not thinking, even for a moment, that we may need food too.

When that little girl roamed oh so innocently though the little that was left of our forest, all I could think about was the tantalizing sent of dried meat coming from her basket. In a trance I walked to her, completely forgetting myself and the fact that the girl would sooner kill me then feed me. A whine rose in my throat and the little girl froze. I could smell her fear and see her shuddering in that blood red cloak of hers. I sat and tilted my head, in an attempt to look less frightening to the human cub. Yet the cub screamed nonetheless and hit me with her basket before taking off in a wild sprint. I looked after her mournfully and began to sniff the ground, hoping that something had fallen out of her little wicker basket. But no, the thing had been sealed and nothing had escaped from the depth of the basket. And then it hit me, there was a human elder living close by, maybe I could steal food from the human elder's den!

I ran as fast as I could, despite my ever growing hunger. Pushing my way through the entrance to the human den, I saw the elder jerk awake. "Damn wolves!" I heard her mutter. She picked up an odd looking long stick. I recognized it instantly for the thing that humans had invented. The thing that shot fire and stones. I had lost many a friend to the device. I did the only thing I could. Knock the stick from her odd long fingered paws and pushed her to the ground. I heard her gasp for breath but I wouldn't move and then, she stopped breathing altogether. I got off of her in a hurry and nosed her face, and gently placed a paw on her chest, desperately searching for a sign of life. I found none and I realized that I become exactly what the humans were. A filthy murderer. Tortured by this revelation, I lifted my muzzle to the sky and howled with all my might, hoping desperately that there was some mistake and that I hadn't just taken her life. I didn't eat humans, and until then I had only ever killed to eat. I looked at her corpse. Her sacrifice shouldn't be in vain, I thought. I wanted to eat the body but I couldn't bring myself to do it. But I knew that if didn't I would die. Again I attempted to harden my resolve. I didn't get a chance to, for at that moment the same red clad human pup I had seen earlier was there and she was screaming her head off.

I heard footsteps and a man rushed in I heard him say, "Little Red what happened?" I didn't know what it meant, but I saw her shake her head, red curls flying from the movement. She pointed one of those long appendages attached to her paw and the male human looked my way and began screaming like a pup, the man ran and the one who actually WAS a pup sent an incredulous look at the man's back, "This is NOT how this fairy tale is supposed to go," I heard her mutter.

Again, I didn't know what the human words meant. Taking a deep breath she walked towards me, I released a breath I didn't know I'd held as she passed me by. Kneeling by the old female she put two paw-appendages on the woman's wrist. I saw water trail down her cheeks as the scent of salt filled the air. She wiped her eyes and took a steadying breath as she let go of the woman's wrist and I realized that in her odd human fashion, she had checked the elder for signs of life and judging by her obvious distress, she had come to the same unfavorable conclusion I had. She picked up the woman's head and cradled it in one arm, her other paw stroking the woman's hair, "Oh, Grandmother." I heard her say, her voice cracking. Had Grandmother been the woman's name? I didn't know. I walked toward the mourning girl and sat beside her, "Oh why did you do it, wolf?" I knew what that one meant, her voice was questioning and all of my kind knew that wolf was what humans referred to us as. I knew that she was asking why I killed the elder. I nuzzled my nose into the dead woman's hair emitting a low whine, saying as best I could, but I didn't mean to, the girl have me look plainly saying, did that mean what I thought that meant? I bobbed my head up and down the way I had seen humans do. She took another steadying breath. The look on her face screaming, I can't believe that I'm gonna do this, she stood walking to her basket. "Grandmother won't need this anymore," she said, pulling the dried meat from her basket and dropping it to the ground before me, watching with sad eyes as I eagerly ate it, "My, Mr. Wolf, what blue eyes you have."