He would always come, and tell me of how he fell in love.

'It could never have happened if you hadn't been there. It was me begging you to meet her. But you were the one that eventually said yes. And you know I looked at her, and I thought, wow, she does look a real ripper like her sister. Which is you. She looked so much like you, so so much. But it was her eyes mainly. The thing that shows through to a heart. They were beautiful. Like the sea on a clear blue day. I know that's corny, but the truth is corny aye? I asked her out after that. I had to, I couldn't help myself. It was my heart guiding me that day. And it was absolute bliss. We went to some sappy movie, then decided to hitch it to the beach since it wasn't quite dark yet. Then your Dad called and we had to rush to your home so she could get back in time. We spent the bus trip brushing the sand from our shoes. Do you remember that night we went to the party, but your parents didn't want us to go. But we went anyway, saying that we would just catch a movie instead. And you gave your Dad that long speech about how we could be trusted, when you knew what we were going to do. Then when we came home you were hanging out your window, waving at us so we could take away our perfections from that party. You were there to put a few streaks of straight in her hair, and to shove those chocolate wrappers in my bag. Detail you kept emphasising. And you made us get a movie already in mind, one that we had already seen. Then you shooed us to the door, and your Dad answered. You were so right that night. Your Dad, he asked us about the movie, commented on how her hair looked a little perky but not perky enough to be for a party, and he asked what snacks we had eaten. We would've been toast if you hadn't done something. Do you think I talked less to you, now that I was spending more time with her? More and more time as the days past. But there was this one thing about her, this one thing that made me spend all this time with her. So the years past. Once it had been a year after that first date, I took her down to the river. It was a two hour drive, but I knew she wanted to go. And on the way back, we ran out of petrol. My car was always saying there was something in the tank when there wasn't. And you knew your parents didn't like the thought of us going to the river, though they didn't stop us. So you told your parents you were going to a friend's and you came with a thing of petrol so we could get home. You were always there for us. Two years came, three years came. You know what you never did? You never gave me a speech about how if I hurt your sister, you would come bash me up. You probably could as well. You loved speeches like that, where you had some point to prove. You became so adamant, that anyone had to believe you. But then, when it came to public speaking at school, you were hopeless. School ended soon enough, and you know how people doubted that our relationship would last. You never did. We had so many more adventures, and you were always there to save us when we fell into trouble. There was that time, when we went down to the river, to stay at the house this time. And we realised we forgot the keys. So you brought them up, and we ate lunch, sitting staring at the water. It was beautiful you said. And I looked at you, and. Then you drove back down. We should've started paying you as our chauffeur. You know I did offer once. But you just looked at me and scoffed. You'll repay me one day, that's what you said. I don't know how I can anymore.

I was told I was crazy once.

After eight years of you saving us, we decided to get married. We both felt it was you who we should tell first. But there was something I had to tell you, something you needed to know before I married your sister. Something that made you look at me with such a sad look that I had never seen before. The only reason I ever loved her so much, was because I loved you. You've never said another word to me after that. You stopped saving us, saving me. Where did you go? Or were you ever there to begin with? But I know that you were, I know that you helped us every day.

Eight years ago I meet your sister. Eight years and three days ago you died. But you still live on in her. Until I found a way to repay you, and opened her heart.