Twin Demon Sisters

Summary: Sokilee and Vylanii. A pair of demon twins. The offspring of two demon nobles. From birth, they were different from everyone else. Whether demon or human, they were always out casted. Their parents abused them, nobody accepted them. They never saw the outside light after their third birthday, when that incident occurred...when their life completely took a 180 turn.

JeLLi: Er… Yeah. New story. Clap clap clap. I'm going to try not to make these ones too long because if I write a long chapter, it usually takes like 5 million years because I slack off and whatnot.

Chapter 1: Ladies Shuigon

A man stood underneath a tree, trying to blend in as best as he could to the shadow. His eyes were wild, and his breathing was uneven. His black clothes were torn and bloodied. Through the tear on the sleeve, you could see that there is a tattoo of a black bird on the shoulder. When he heard nothing but silence around him, he allowed himself to exhale slowly, only to regret it.


"Sokilee," the blue haired girl said to the silver haired girl next to her.

"Yes, Vylanii?" the silver haired girl replied in the exact same voice as the blue haired one, only with a hint of arrogance.

"We're out of money. Where are we going to get food?"

"I don't know. Papa taught us all those things, but that man didn't teach us anything that's actually USEFUL to us in real life."

As these two girls walked through the unfamiliar village, they knew that there was danger all around them, and they had to get out fast before the villagers got involved in their affairs.

Suddenly, both of them felt a hand on their shoulders. Without turning they stopped.

"May I help you?" Vylanii asked, still not turning.

A man's voice reached their ears. "Have you two seen a twin around here somewhere?"

"A twin?" Vylanii said.

"How do they look like?" Sokilee asked.

"Identical, pretty faces with blue eyes. One has blue hair like you, and one has silver like…" the man trailed off.

Vylanii and Sokilee smirked and turned their heads towards the man, their brilliant blue eyes glowing menacingly. "Like us?" they said in unison.

As they spoke the words, more men in black appeared out of nowhere, pushed some villagers out of their ways and surrounded the twins. The twins smiled.

"What a nice surprise—"Vylanii started.

"—father and mother prepared for us." Sokilee finished.

The man who had first approached them bowed a curt bow and straightened his back.

"We are here to take you back, Ladies Vylanii and Sokilee Shuigon."

The two girls stared at the man, and started laughing.

"Take us back he said!" Vylanii exclaimed.

"I wonder how many times we've heard that!" Sokilee managed, choking.

"But…" They both looked at the man, smirking, their bangs shadowing their eyes and their brilliant blue eyes glowing murderously. "We don't want to go back. EVER."

JeLLi: Ok… So I'll leave it off there…

Sokilee: What? Oh, come ON. I want them to see Vy and my awesome fighting skills!

Vylanii: Shush, Sokilee. Learn a little something called patience.

Sokilee: -rolls eyes- That word is NOT in my dictionary.

Vylanii: If you even have one.

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