Twin Demon Sisters

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Chapter 6: Ice Seal

Vylanii watched, frozen and numb, as her twin sister hit the ground and the color red seeped through her clothes.

What had just happened?

Did that Demon Slayer just… her sister…?

She felt sluggish. Her brain wasn't functioning properly. There was no way that her sister… that all-powerful Sokilee, was just…

Then she saw the blood gathering around Sokilee.

As if in a trance, Vylanii stepped towards her sister. The Demon Slayer did not make any movement; he only watched the older twin.

She stopped next to her twin. Her sister's playful red eyes were now lifeless.

Her knees buckled and she fell into a sitting position onto the cave's cold floor.

A tear fell from Vylanii's now cold black eyes.

She screamed.

Her twin sister had been killed.


Vylanii clutched Sokilee's head in her arms and sobbed loudly. She had never cried this much before.

The Demon Slayer looked coldly at the older twin. "It is your turn, Lady Vylanii."

Vylanii abruptly stopped sobbing. Cold blood ran in her veins, sending shivers up her spine. She lifted her head and sighed gently. Frost formed in the air.

The Slayer frowned, because the entire time the blue haired demon was breathing before, not even a hint of frost had appeared. So why now?

Vylanii felt a great amount of power surge through her body. The ground around her shook and ice crystals erupted out from cracks that appeared. From her back, a pair of demon wings sprouted. Only this time, they were completely made of ice.

She turned her head slightly, glaring at the Slayer over her left shoulder. Her cyan eyes glowed brightly. The Demon Slayer gulped, feeling a chill in the air. He had never felt this way before; not even with the Earl. And that was saying a lot.

"You will pay for this, Demon Slayer!" Vylanii growled. She whistled and Shiramohou flew out of the shadows with a sapphire blue katana sheath in his talons. He dropped it, and Vylanii caught it. She gripped the golden hilt and pulled off the purple-ribbon laced sheath, revealing a katana with a blade of ice. The air all around immediately felt cold. "I'll kill you!"

The Demon Slayer stared at her then started laughing. "You're very interesting," he managed between his chuckles. "I think I'll kill you later on… I still get my pay, anyway." He melted into the shadows. "We'll meet again someday, Lady Vylanii."

"WAIT YOU BASTARD! DON'T YOU DARE RUN YOU COWARD!" Vylanii yelled, but the Demon Slayer was already gone.

She suddenly felt a pang, and dropped down to one knee, impaling her sword into the ground at the same time.

You used up too much power, Shiramohou said.

"I know…" Vylanii looked at Sokilee, tears falling again. "Sokilee…"

She slowly got up on her feet, using her sword to balance herself.

What are you trying to do…?

Without a word, she crouched next to Sokilee and placed both of her hands onto her sister's forehead.

Vylanii…You can't be… No! It's too dangerous! Stop!

"I have no choice, Shiramohou. She's my only sister."

After saying that, Vylanii began to radiate a powerful energy. The glow from her eyes disappeared. The ice from her wings shattered into tiny pieces and started to cover up Sokilee's body. Beads of sweat dripped down from Vylanii's face.

After a while, Vylanii collapsed, just barely conscious. Sokilee was encased in ice.

"Glacies…Sigillum," Vylanii muttered painfully. The ice containing Sokilee floated up into the sky and emitted a bright glow before it shrank to the size of a pinkie finger, and landed in Vylanii's open hand. Her fingers closed around the crystal.

Shiramohou morphed into his human form, sat down, and placed Vylanii's head on his laps. He gently pried open her fingers and took the crystal, and he made thread made of shadow passed through the tip of the crystal; a necklace.

He gently placed the necklace on Vylanii, and kissed the top of her head. Vylanii smiled faintly and weakly at him then lost her consciousness.


When Vylanii woke up, Shiramohou was leaning against the cave wall across from her, sleeping. She smiled softly and sat up slowly. Her back ached, and she felt weaker; but she felt her powers charging up as soon as she woke up. She blinked in surprise and gasped as she felt a different power rush through her; a very hot and shocking energy that charged her up for a fight at any minute. More like it made her want to fight back to anything that was shoved her way; it somehow reminded her of Sokilee's attitude. Vylanii calmed herself down and felt her usual cold feeling seep back in, mixing together with the foreign feeling.

At the sound of her gasp, Shiramohou eyes opened slowly. He yawned and stretched. Good morning…

Vylanii shuddered. "What's this power in me…?"

That's probably Sokilee's power, Lady Vylanii, came an unfamiliar voice. You putting her inside your own spell and by placing her around your neck had caused her powers to transfer to you until Sokilee is healed.

Vylanii stared at a dark patch on the wall. "Is… Is that you, Vesperyx?"

The darkness rippled and morphed into the shape of a horse.

The horse was completely black with a deep purple tint. Its mane and tail were deep purple colored flames. The horse also had purple flames on its ankles. Its eyes were glowing bright yellow.

Vylanii blinked. "Vesperyx… Is a horse?"

Technically, I am a shape shifter. But yes, I am a horse… for now. You can say it is kind of like my default form, Vesperyx chuckled.

Vylanii looked dazed for a moment, and then she touched the necklace. "…How long would it take for her to heal?"

My closest estimation would be…Vesperyx thought about this.

Probably thousands of years, Shiramohou filled in. Unless you find a demon with a very high status to help you out.

I thought the same.

"Thousands of years…" Vylanii muttered. "A demon with a high status…"

Vylanii suddenly noticed that her joints were stiffer than it should be. Her shoulder length hair was now carpeting the floor. She felt… older.

She stared at the cave floor. "Shiramohou…"


"How long… Have I been asleep?"

Shiramohou's face was grim. Do you really want to know?

Vylanii nodded, a bit reluctantly.

Shiramohou took a deep breath.

122 years.


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Chapter 7: The Present and the Future

The truth slapped Vylanii's face.

"122… years…" she said, dumbfounded. "That long…?"

Vesperyx looked at her. Yes. Sokilee is in the Shadow World right now recuperating. She tried to have me break the bond I had with her before she died, so that I would be free, I was stubborn, and didn't leave the World soon enough and I ended up not having enough time to break it. But, I'm glad of my decision. I'll be hanging around you until Sokilee revives.

Vylanii leaned her head against the cave wall. She let out a long sigh and covered her eyes with one hand. Information overload.

Vylanii… Shiramohou said. What are you going to do from now on?

"122 years…" Vylanii said again. "So it's the year…"


The blue haired girl groaned. After a few minutes, she stood up.


What are you planning to do, Lady Vylanii?

Vylanii dusted herself off. She stretched to relax her stiff joints.

"I'm going to look for our long lost cousin, Eclypia."


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