How the Princess of the Moon, met the the Prince of the Shadows.

The Princess sighed, looking down at the earth below her, and all it's people. Long ago, she'd been given the task of looking after them, which is why she'd been placed so high up, so far away. The light of the moon was always shining down, even during the day. If someone was ever in danger, she was to set the light of the moon on them, and her light would chase away the danger.

But this did not always work, as she'd learned.

Then, she'd have to send down one of her knights, who were the millions of stars around her. That is what you see when you see a falling star. It is one of her knights, falling to earth to save someone in danger.

The Princess had large and lovely white wings, and skin as pale as the moon that she lived upon. But her hair was black as the night, and fell all the way to her waist, where it glistened like the stars that were her Knights.

She was happy to protect everyone, but she grew so lonely sometimes. While the Knights were friendly, they were very dedicated to their jobs, and found little time to speak with her.

So one day, she decided she was going to fly down to earth, just for a quick peek at what she was protecting.

She landed in a dark forest, and realized right away that she was lost, and couldn't see anything around her.

"Hello!" she called. "Is anyone around? I'm lost!"

But no one answered her, and the Princess became more and more frightened. She tried to brighten up the area with her magic, but her glow wouldn't spread beyond her own body, and the ground and area around her was still pitch black.

"It seems my magic does not work with out the power of the moon." she whispered, looking around fearfully. Maybe she should just fly back up. She could get up high, then look for a better place to land.

But everytime she tried to fly up, nothing happened. Without her magic, the Princess couldn't fly. She was trapped in the dark forest, surronded by shadows and things that she didn't know.

She curled up and began to weep softly.

"What am I going to do?" she cried, and at that moment, a voice spoke from in front of her.

"Do you need some help, Princess?"

The princess looked up to the voice. She hadn't heard anyone sneaking up on her, so they must have been very silent and sneaky. But, to her surprise, she didn't see anyone. The air in front of her, where the voice had come from, was empty.

Or so she thought.

"You'll have to touch me, if you wish to see me." the voice said, and it was soft and whispery, like a shadow slipping away.

"Why?" the Princess asked. Who was this? What kind of odd power did they possess, that they could be completely invisible?

"Because, I'm the Prince of Shadows, and no one can see me. It is my duty to protect the people of Earth, and I must invisible if I wish to sneak up on attackers."

"Oh...I see." the Princess said, and she held out her delicate hand and touched the air in front of her. Instantly, her light swallowed up a form.

It was a boy, and he was dressed completely in black. He had a black mask to cover the bottom half of his face, and all she could see was his eyes. His hair was black too. His cape, his shoes, everything. Black.

"Oh, there you are." the Princess giggled, and the Prince of Shadow's mask moved up a little, like he was smiling. But she couldn't be completely sure.

"You need help, don't you, Princess?" the masked boy said, holding his hand out. The Princess took it, and he gently pulled her to her feet.

"How did you know I was a princess?" she asked curiously. After all, she was not wearing a crown.

"Because I was raised to follow in your footsteps." the prince said softly, begining to lead her slowly through the dark woods. And while she couldn't see in anything, he seemed to have no problem as he twisted and turned through the trees. "I was told to protect everyone I could."

The prince sighed.

"Unfortunately, I can't always do that, because I don't know exactly who's in danger, or where they are."

It was at this moment, that the beautiful princess had an idea. She smiled brightly. "What if we worked together? What if I shined the light of the moon down on those in danger, and you went to protect them?"

The prince stopped walking and looked at her, raising an eyebrow thoughtfully. "You would want to do that?"

The princess nodded eargerly. Not only would she be able to save more people that way, she would also have a friend, someone who worked with her.

"Yes, I would like that." the prince answered, and suddenly, the wood around them vanished, and they stepped into a clearing. She looked up at the beautiful moon, her home, and smiled.

"Would you mind if I visited you again?" she asked shyly, and if she wasn't mistaken, the prince blushed at her words.

"Of course. Anytime, Princess." Suddenly, he grabbed her hands. She looked down at them in surprise, but suddenly understood when she felt power flowing from the prince, to her. He was giving her power, so that she would be able to fly home.

"Will you be okay?" she asked worridly, and he nodded.

"My power will be back in a few hours." he assured her, and then he let go of her hands. She smiled brightly, at the feeling of power and happiness in her.

"I'll visit you soon." she promised, flapping her wings, and rising a few feet. The prince tilted his head up to look at her, and this time, she was sure he was smiling. She reached down and gently cupped his face, pulling his mask down softly. It revealed a beautiful smile, and soft lips.

She leaned down and kissed them softly.

"Thank you for the help. I'll see you soon." she promised again, then began to fly away. She looked down as she got higher, and she saw him still there, watching her, but he was vanishing slowly. She waved to him, and he waved back.

She had a friend.

Maybe she had someone to love.


And so the two worked together for the rest of time, side by side. If someone was in danger, she shined her moon on them, and the prince would run to them, and save them.

She would fly down to him as often as she could. They would walk through the woods, holding hands, and soon she couldn't see why she had ever been scared of them in the first place.