My Secret

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Teiyuu Academy, a prestigious school for high school students. Located at a private subdivision where only the rich and whose parents are famous can enroll. It has over 200 classrooms, 50 restrooms, 5 canteens, 3 libraries, and 10 dormitories. The most popular dorm is the Sapphire where the famous top 20 students are living. All from Class 1-A consists the most intelligent and richest of all.

Each dorm has been managed by dorm leaders. Nao Asato, the assigned dorm leader of Sapphire. The most famous and richest student of Teiyuu Academy. Has a lot of admirers from both genders. Actually, Nao Asato is a male who dresses up as a girl. According to their family tradition, an heir/heiress needs to act of their opposite gender to practice handling situations both from different sexes. So that he/she can see the point of view from both genders and makes the right decision appealing to the opposite genders. This will last until they graduate high school, and is allowed to return to their true gender during college. As for this, Nao Asato is the next heir of his father's companies and leaves him with no choice. But he needs to keep it a secret from everyone in school thus suffer the punishment if the secret is out. But there's only one person who is allowed to know, his best friend, Kaoru Fuyuki. Kaoru ought to Nao's father to keep it from everyone. Failure isn't accepted in their family though. Once a secret is exposed, the person who knows and the one who is at fault will face unknown punishments. Despite Nao being popular, he doesn't heed attention to it, and only trusts Kaoru. He doesn't trust anyone that easy, and for Kaoru who finally gained Nao's trust means a lot to him. He had been through a lot before earning Nao's trust. So far, both of them had kept it hidden for almost two years, but can they constantly keep it a secret until they graduate high school?

-Nao's POV-

It has been almost two years since I pretended to be something I am not. Before, I despised it and had always been grossed out to wear a skirt, putting on some fake breasts and do make up every morning. It's a stressful way to live and I thought I won't last long. I was to give up when someone convinced me not to. Yes, my best friend, Kaoru. He has been my best friend ever since we were just a kid. I quarreled him a lot and kick him then and there. But I was amazed at how he was so loyal to me. I always throw him out and do unforgivable things that even the most understanding and patient person could never handle. Yet, he always comes back every afternoon in my house shouting my name as if nothing had happened. I envy him. I envy everything about him. Even though he is going into some depressing situation, he still can smile brightly and showed no signs of anger or hate. In contrast to me, even the slightest disappointing moment can make me throw things to anyone. I know that I'm such a spoiled brat but I can't help it. My parents never gave me affections and feelings that a child must receive. I grew up and learned to trust only myself. I viewed the world differently before until Kaoru helped me go out of my well-built barricades. Only he succeeded and had pierced through my shield of hatred and arrogance. That's the reason why I treasured him than anyone else. Maybe without him, I'll still be the spoiled brat that I once used to be.

But these kinds of things especially the "pretending" became a part of me as time passed by. Little by little, I started not to mind 'cause I do these things every day. I reached for my annoying alarm clock who keeps on ringing. After I managed to shut it down, I threw myself again to bed and was about to close my eyes when I heard someone shouting.

"Nao! Oi, Nao! Wake up! We're going to be late!"

I mumbled as I began standing up. "Yes. Yes, I heard you."

I shouted back for him to know that I'm awake. I stretched and went to the bathroom to wash my face. After doing so, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I took a deep breath and sighed.

First day of school. I wonder if something interesting will happen this school year.

I thought as I am wearing my school uniform. Of course, it's a above-knee skirt and a fitted blouse. I looked down at my chest and observed as the cloth of the blouse takes a form around my fake breasts. I chuckled lightly and wonder what it feels if these were real. I heard a knock again assuming it was Kaoru's but this it was an annoyed knock. I hastily put on my shoes and dust off some tiny light brown particles on my blouse. It was from my wig. I wear a wig to cover my real short light brown hair. Before leaving, I looked at the mirror for the last time and observed my mocha eyes. Of all of my body parts, I mostly love my eyes. I think it was because of its color. I then quickly unlocked the door and opened it. Right in front is Kaoru standing with a grumpy expression plastered on his face. I reached and smoothed his eyebrows that are meeting each other.

"Don't make that face early in the morning Kaoru. You'll get old."

Kaoru relaxed and just huffed. He then smiled at me, his signature smile. I seem to love that smile.

"Whatever Nao. Now come on, let's go."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me. I allowed him to drag me and only he can do that. I don't grant any permission from others. As we walk along the hallway, we passed some students who are looking at us. They then bowed and greeted us. To show some respect, I responded by bowing my head slightly and smile. At last, we reached our classroom and as expected there are already students. As we entered the room, all eyes darted to us and they suddenly jolted upward. They bowed their heads in synchronization and greeted us a "good morning" together. As I did minutes ago, I only bowed a little and smile at them. But Kaoru greeted them like they've never seen each other for a long time. Well, I know it's the first day of class, so obviously before this it was summer. But still, they aren't a kid anymore.

I mumbled a quiet "whatever" and rolled my eyes. I then grabbed Kaoru and pulled him to his seat. I watched him straight in the eye. I noticed that he seems uncomfortable with it and shifted his position. He scratched his head and looked down.

"What?" he questioned.

I didn't reply immediately. I just observed him while he keeps on shifting positions. He's so cute. I want to tease him. I chuckled lightly and as he hears my chuckle he looked up.

"Nothing." I replied.

I patted his head and messed up his hair. I took my seat right beside his and waited for the teacher to come in.

10 minutes had passed and finally the teacher entered. Finally! You're 5 minutes late. I complained silently.

"Okay class. I'm Kaname-sensei and I'll be your homeroom teacher this year. First of all, we have a new student. She'll introduce herself."

I watched as Kaname-sensei goes out of the room and repeatedly doing the "come here" sign. Urgh! Girls. Just come in and introduce yourself so we can start. Sheesh. What's she so scared about? Finally, Kaname-sensei entered again along with the girl.

"Now go on. Introduce yourself." The teacher said.

"I,uh,I-I'm Sana Mikan. Nice to meet you all." she stuttered.

Oh, stage fright? I thought I'll never live the day to see a student from this school that has stage fright. Well, whatever. I don't care. I rolled my eyes.

"Now Sana-chan," the teacher said. "You can go seat beside..."

Kaname-sensei's eyes keeps on twirling and circling while looking for a vacant seat.

"There!" he pointed at the vacant seat beside Kaoru.

I observed as the girl walked on the aisle towards her seat with her head lowered. I noticed that she's nervous. But she immediately drifted away from my thought as Kaname-sensei started discussing. Minutes passed, I heard Kaoru's voice. I shifted head to my side where Kaoru is and saw him and Sana talking. I can't hear them but thankfully I know how to read lip movements. I stared at their lips and secretly "listening" to them. Their topic wasn't that interesting. Kaoru only introduced his self to her and some other introduction purposes. I sighed and placed my arm on the arm chair and rested my chin on my palm.

The bell finally rang and all the students started packing their things. I sat up and looked at Kaoru.

"Kaoru, let's go." I said.

"Nao, can Mika-chan eat with us?" he asked with an innocent voice.

Upon hearing this, I turned back and looked at them. I stared at the girl and slowly walk closer to her. She seems frightened.

"Hi. I'm Nao-chan." I held up my hand in a "hand-shake" form.

She shakingly took it and we shook.

"I'm Sana Mikan." she replied.

"Yes. I know. You already said that." I glanced at her and she seems scared.

What's wrong with this woman?

"But anyway," I said to calm the tension...

"Can I too call you Mika-chan?" I asked.

"Y-yes! You can. Thank you!", she replied happily and for the very first time see her smile.

It sent an electric shock throughout my body. I felt something in me changed. Damn. I wonder what this is?

"Can I call you Nao-chan too?".

Chan? oh yes right. I'm a girl. I forgot.

"Sure. Now let's go eat, shall we?" I announced impatiently.

I went out of the classroom and glanced at the two of them. They seemed so happy. I wonder why I'm feeling like this. There's something wrong with me.

I don't what it is, but I just let that feeling go through and proceeded to walk towards the canteen.


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