My Secret Chapter 2

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As I grabbed the knob and opened the door leading to the canteen, my eyes got blinded as the lights were directed to me.

"What the...?"

I was met by screaming fan girls and persistent boys. Man, this happens every time I come here. Screaming fan girls? What am I? A rock star? And can't they see I'm a girl? Well, I supposed I admit it too that I look attractive to both. I smiled lightly while praising myself. Even the boys are annoying to. They attempt to touch my skin, hands and hair and it grosses me out every time. But then again, in their eyes, I'm a female. What have I done to get a life like this?

I sighed and began to walk down the aisle. Located at the far side of the canteen is a table covered with silk white glossy cloth, some fancy chairs and fancy decorations. It even has a candle stick. What will a candle stick be of use in broad day light? It's not like anyone will come here and eat during the night. It'd be one heck of a fright of you know what I mean. Well, anyways back to the table and chairs. Yep, you have guessed it right. It's my place. More like my private property. It's only me who is allowed to occupy this table.

Before, when I was the only one and Kaoru was not here yet, I always feel socially dumb, seating and eating in an isolated place. Nobody dared to eat with me or even ask me if it's okay to join. For the students who already had known me, it seems like a normal thing. But to those who haven't, they probably think I'm an outcast. Like a student that has abnormalities and cannot be touched. You don't know how ashamed I was before. I hated this idea and even threatened the students who planned this. As the days passed by, it got worse and worse up to the point of thinking to quit. Luckily, Kaoru came just in time. He became someone I'll always treasure and ever since then, Kaoru and I eat at that table. I haven't felt loneliness again since that day. I don't care what people might think, as long as Kaoru will never leave.

As of today, the usual lunch will happen. I was already seating on the chair and faced Kaoru, waving at him. I then saw Mikan. Oh damn, I forgot about this shy person. I quickly stand and grabbed both of them and let them sit along with me. As expected, I heard gasps from the mass. I sighed and stood up breaking the chatters and murmurs.

"I would like you all to meet my new friend, Mikan. She's in the same room as me. Please treat her well."

I announced giving off my sweetest smile that can fool people and come to an agreement with me.

I sat back down and looked at Mikan. What the -? Why is she crying? Did I say something that possibly offended her? I scanned through my mind thinking ht words I had let go. Unfortunately, I found none. Mikan's sniffing and sobbing is gradually becoming louder and has slowly catching everyone's attention. To avoid from embarrassment and commotion, I stood and headed to the door pulling Mikan with me. We exited from the canteen and still there are many students passing by. Remembering that there's an unoccupied room somewhere here, I decided to just go there. As we entered, I let of Mikan's hand noticing that I've been holding it the whole time. I shook off the idea and focus more on Mikan's situation. I proceeded to close the door and locked it. I then turned to face Mikan who's already calmed down, her sniffles quieter.

"Look, I don't know why you were suddenly crying, but I apologize if I said anything offensive."

I let down my pride and continued.

"Honestly, I'm a person that will say everything what's on my mind and I -"

I cut off as a pair of arms wrapped around me. My body froze while my mind processed the situation. I looked down and saw Mikan hugging me. Wh-what the-? I stared at her as my body refuses to move. She looked up at me in the eye and ever so slowly moves her head towards my face.

"Uh-uh, Mikan, what are you doing?"

I managed a stutter with trembling body unable to process what's happening. Her face moves closer and closer to mind until it is only a few inches away. I tried struggling in an attempt to break loose but to no avail as her hugged suddenly tightened. I just decided to close my eyes and wait what's going to happen. I already felt her breath. So hot and -

I opened my eyes once more due to the lack of sensation I was expecting to come. The warm breath suddenly disappeared. I found Mikan smirking at me. The H***? Wha-what is this? Her true form? Have I unleashed "Dark Mikan"? I panicked searching for answer. I suddenly realize that she's still hugging me. So I gained enough strength to push her and escape. I ran out through the door until I reached my room. I then locked the door and reminisce what had happened.

What the h*** was that? Is that really Mikan? She almost kissed me for God's sake. But that can't be. I mean an hour ago she was like "Oh my, I'm so shy", and now she is like "hahaha! F*** you all B****es! I dominate you!". I ruffled my hair unable to think clearly. I then remembered about the "supposed-to-be-kiss". I touched my lips. How can I be disappointed? Why am I feeling like this?

Until I heard a knock on the door. I stood up, brushed myself and put on my wig. I grabbed the knob and opened it. To my surprise, it's Mikan. My eyes widened then I attempted to close to close the door, but it's too late as Mikan already got inside. I moved back while Mikan advances towards me.

"S-stay back!" I warned. "Or I'm going to call for help."

She stopped.

"I have something to tell you." She said in a calm voice.

She then hold up a circular round bumpy thing. It took me a while to know what it is. When I realized what it was, my eyes widened in realization. I quickly grabbed my chest.

"My fake breast!".

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