Car Ride.

It feels like I'm the only one in the world.

The world streams by in a current blur,

I count trees and headlights that flash by.

I stare out in search of my answers,

In hopeless vain someone would reply.

The moon stalks my car in a pursuit,

As only dim streetlights lead the way.

This awkward silence my words refute,

The wind blows and the trees mildly sway.

I try to count the number of stars,

And the lines that streak by when I pass.

I wish I could look way up and ask,

Why is it that lies grow like green grass?

It's really weird how life works this way –

Car rides are the only time I think.

When all around me is disarray,

The scenery only makes me blink.

Am I awake, or is this a dream?

When the sun rises, all this will fade;

Does it? I try tying up the seams,

They laugh; they'll forget without a trace.

It's like a song on the radio.

It keeps playing; I don't want to let go.