They Killed Honor

I've a tale, to share.
Though I'm beat black and blue.
It's far-fetched but it's non-fiction,
Believe or not, it's up to you.
My life one day showed me,
That nothing is true.
I learned that history is written,
By those who make their own proof.
Seen a man named Honor decaying,
I offered my hand.
He ceased his death's violent flailing,
Just said, 'You've killed yourself man.'

He said.

"They'll make you assimilate!
Into this world, and hate!
You'd save yourself the pain, if you obeyed!
Cause there's no worse fate!
That one can contemplate!
Then what they will do to your brain!
But if you choose to fight,
Upon my side!
No fate you can suffer will be, in vain."

Like the rest I was a skeptic.
Snug in my belief.
That our leader's are stupid not monsters.
And we are not sheep.
Thought no more of it,
Till I began to lose sleep.
Until the day they commenced,
Their attack on my dreams.
Returned to the cadaver.
Of chivalry.
And though with terror I shiver,
I vowed to avenge he.

I said.

"One day I'll make!
Our enemies pay!
I'll make them feel all your pain!
On this course I'll stay!
And I'll never stray!
Even if they blow me and my thoughts, away.
Upon your and my loved one's graves,
By your side I'll remain!
In honor we find, immortality!"

And I don't know.
If he can hear.
Or if he's gone somewhere,
Better than here.
Maybe when this war is over.
He'll reappear.
And help me to strike down,
Those who generate and use fear.