It has been an ordinary day for her, and an ordinary night at work, too. Now she is on the way home with her dad, and of course, they will have to make an obligatory stop for milk.

Of course, her outlook on life has been bland for a while. She hasn't heard from him in forever, and she is starting to lose hope. That's what you get for getting caught up with someone you've never seen in person.

She lets out a sigh, wondering when she had let herself become so ridiculous, when they pull into a parking spot. She isn't looking for anything in particular when she examines the storefront, so the stranger sitting there in between the vending machines is jolting, to say the least.

Her heart stops, then begins to beat fast. 'That's him!' her brain screams. This idea is so strange to her, she can only mumble a half hearted reason as to why she would sit in the car and wait. As soon as her father disappears into the building, she glues her eyes to this person, trying to understand herself.

He is young, she assumes, but older than her, and looks like any typical hobo, sitting there, watching those with families and homes go by. 'He isn't immediately attractive,' she thinks. 'But...' She is a firm believer in the idea that love makes you beautiful, and any variation of it. If that was the face of the one who could make her feel so adored, then she could easily see herself staring at it in such a dreamy manner. The thought makes her want to laugh, but common sense kicks back in. 'Why do I even think that?' she wonders, looking away. She begins to play with her hands while her brain picks at this puzzle.

She doesn't have a great idea of what he looks like in the first place. She has only seen a picture of him once, one that was blurry, and that was before they had started talking. But from what she could recall, there was a possibility...

A voice in her head dimly wonders if something horrible has once again happened in his life, something that made him wander so far from home. Just as quickly, she writes it off as conspiracy theory # 793 or something.

She goes back to thinking about this man. Why did she feel such a connection to this stranger? She denies the thought she might know him, labeling it as impossible, though that doesn't stop the pictures her imagination creates, of walking up to this person and finding out the truth. When her mind begins to put them in lovey dovey positions, however, she has enough, and hops out of the vehicle.

She fizzles out just as quick though, and goes to get a sanitary wipe for the basket handles. There was a smudge on the window anyway that was bugging her. As she's over there, she stops to take a peek in her purse, wondering if she has anything to give the man. Obviously, she does not know him, but her heart is pulling so hard that it must be a sign that she should help him. She hopes for a five but only has a ten as far as small bills go. Briefly, she considers going in to ask for change, but she worries he might leave while she is gone. So she goes back to the car and wipes the offending window, horribly aware of the man sitting so close and yet so far away, oblivious to her and the rapid beating of her heart.

He looks a little crazy anyway, she thinks, and further scares herself from speaking to him.

She climbs back in, feeling like a coward but comforted by the thought he is there, and continues to mull over the situation while working on a word search left in there. It is almost pleasant, she glances up every now and then to make sure he is still there.

Now workers are coming out to bring the products back into the building. Soon they will close. It's with a small amount of panic that she realizes he is getting up to leave. She watches him silently from her seat, as he stands, carrying some sort of long bag in one hand. 'A dead body?' she wonders cynically to herself, and mentally frowns at how crazy she is being. All the while, her heart is pounding, and she can't help but wonder why. The idea of her only chance disappearing races through her mind, but disbelief and fear keep her there as he begins to walk away. She settles for saying a quick prayer to keep this man safe, wherever he is going, and when he finally disappears into the darkness of the far end of the storefront, her heart feels so heavy.

Months later, this night can't help but come back into her mind as while they are making up, the person tells her that indeed, he had taken a journey that had led him down this way. The fact he was carrying an instrument at the time only makes the thought more haunting. Is it possible...?

((AN: So, what do you think? This took me forever to get out, the sequence of thoughts and feelings were hard for me to put into words. Does this sound believable? I want to know. Do you think love, especially among people who have never met in person, can be that strong? Or was it a strong coincidence? Tell me what you think! I also want to know how the grammar and punctuation was. It's been a while since I've written, and getting this right was something I was fighting to do. Especially the present tense. Please leave your thoughts, I adore all of them!))