Hey guys, me again! This came to me in Physics class and I couldn't help but write it. Sorry about the extreme cliché situation. I'm a sucker for clichés. And I realize all my stories are based on clichés, sorry! Read them at your own risk :)

"Come on, Jade. Let's see what your brother is doing." I sighed as I followed Hope downstairs. I love my brother and I love my best friend. But that doesn't mean I like them being all googly eyes with each other. I mean- eww.

The thing is, I could stand them being flirty around each other if they accepted the fact that they liked each other. But noo, they have to make everything hard for me and deny it.

Whatever, it's not my problem. They'll come to their senses eventually.

"Hey Jade. Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, sorry. I kinda zoned out for a minute there." I kept walking down the stairs until we reached the living room where my brother was located. My face fell when I saw Dean, my brother's best friend and my so-called arch enemy.

"Hey sis. What are you up to?" My brother, Matt greeted us with a smile on his face. I am pretty sure the reason for his smile is Hope and not me but whatever. You can't choose your family, right?

"Nothing much. I just wanted to see what you were doing, I didn't know this would be here." I said referring to Dean.

"Hey, this has a name you know!" He exclaimed, feigning hurt. It didn't stop him from retorting back, though. "Bitch."

"Hey hey hey. Don't start fighting again, guys. Just try and act civil, okay?" Thank God, my brother is here to stop us. Cue the sarcasm.

"Jade, are you planning on joining us here, anytime soon?" Hope asked, sitting next to the boys. I realized I was still standing at the end of the stairs, sticking my head out and using the wall as a cover. I sighed and took one last step forward.


"What the hell are you wearing?" And here is the inevitable question.

"Clothes, Matt. What do you think?" I retorted, looking at my new dress. It was a lovely dress. And it wasn't formal or anything. Just a casual dress...which showed a bit more cleavage then usual. And it may be a little shorter than my other outfits. Oops?

"Are you sure you didn't forget the clothe part?" Matt said, now standing up and pacing around the place.

"Way to be over dramatic, bro."

"Way to be under dressed, sis." I glared at him as he glared at me. Dean interrupted us by making a rather inappropriate comment.

"I think she looks hot." He said with a shrug. I have to admit, he is really good at making it look like he doesn't care.

"Dean..." My brother warned him. I was just standing there, frozen. It's not a new thing for him to say stuff like that but he never dared when my brother was around. After a few more seconds later, I remembered I was supposed to yell at him.

"God! Did you not see the sign on the front door? It says 'Humans only.' But I guess it was hard for you to read it since you are such a pig." I said, practically shouting.

Hurt crossed his eyes before he remembered what I was doing. I gave him a look that meant 'I am sorry.' He gave me a faint but reassuring smile in return.

I walked over to Hope and sat beside her. She must have realized my discomfort so she gave an end to the awkward silence.

"Why don't we play X box or something?" I shrugged in response. Matt's face brightened like it was the best idea in the world. I chuckled at his enthusiasm. Dean just nodded his head.

"Why don't you choose a game? I'll just run to the bathroom and we can start when I get back." Hope informed us as she got up and made her way towards the bathroom.

We were in the middle of choosing a game when the electricity went out. I groaned in frustration. I hate the fact that a serial killer could be behind you and you wouldn't know it because of the dark. Yeah, yeah I was kinda scared, so what?

"Matt, do you mind checking up on Hope? I would do it but.."

"Yeah sure. I'll be right back. Dean, you go and look for candles in the mean time." Matt said before going upstairs to check on Hope.

"Don't leave me." I exclaimed, holding his hand firmly.

"Never." He responded, pulling me to the kitchen with him.

My eyes were used to the dark by the time we reached the kitchen. Dean never let my hand go - much to my delight.

"I think the candles are somewhere here." I said, searching the first drawer of the counter.

"I don't care about the damn candles, Jade." And with that, my back was against the wall, his hands roaming on my body. We were having a hot, passionate make out session right there, in our kitchen.

His soft lips pressed against mine, and they parted slightly as we continued to kiss with more passion. His tongue tracing my lips made me moan faintly. We kept kissing hungrily until he pulled away, making me groan.

He chuckled at my reaction and pulled me closer. "You are driving me crazy." He whispered to my ear. I buried my face to his neck. Then, I started planting little kisses and tracing his jawline. I let my hands go down a little bit further. He let out a little moan before pushing me away gently.

"I hate saying those things to you." He said before giving me a peck on the lips. "I want everyone to know you are mine. And I am yours. I know it is just for show but I can't stand being away from you. And God, that dress... I just wanted to take you right there."

I chuckled at his frustration. I snaked my arms around his neck and took a step back in order to meet his gaze.

"I am not all that happy either. I called you a pig, for God's sake! But what if Matt finds out and what if he doesn't approve? I don't want to lose you." I confessed, looking at him in the eye. He smiled, his previous anger already forgotten.

"Jade, I have something to tell you... I think.. I may have realized that...I-I love you." He said nervously. He looked so damn cute when he was nervous. I pulled him closer and pressed my lips against his soft ones.

We were making out heavily on the kitchen counter when brightness almost blinded us. We froze, Dean's hand up in my dress and my hands clutching his hair. And I am pretty sure our lips were pink and swollen.

"Holy shit! My eyes, my virgin eyes!" Justin, a friend of Matt, screamed as he covered his eyes with his hand. He was standing at the kitchen door with a flashlight in his hand. Scott, Matt's other best friend was standing just behind him.

"Dude, gross! No offense, Jade." Scott exclaimed.

"Wow Scott, that's a really nice thing to say." I said feigning hurt. He chuckled as he punched Justin on the arm who was still covering his eyes.

I pulled away from Dean reluctantly. "You can open your eyes now, Justin."

"Too late. Mental image." He managed to say while shaking his head. Even though it was pretty funny, I was too worried to laugh at the moment.

"You won't tell Matt, right?" I asked nervously.

"Hell no. I don't want to die just yet. I may end up in the crossfire." Justin answered my question.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Dean asked as if he was reading my mind. As the guys started chatting about how they got here, I was frantically trying to fix my appearance.

Approximately 10 minutes later, we were sitting in the kitchen, bored out of our minds. I was about to jump out of my chair and start dancing around when Matt ended our silence.

"Umm, guys, I am about to die out of boredom." Thank God! I knew I wasn't the only one.

"What is it that you suggest?" Dean asked in a bored tone.

"Why don't we play 'spin the bottle' or something?" Scott exclaimed, totally excited by the idea. I mean, seriously? How old are you? Well, Scott had always been the childish one.

"Well, we have beer. We can play 'I've never'." Hope suggested, opening the cupboard to get some beer.

"Yeah, okay." Matt replied. I am pretty sure he would've never agreed to play if it wasn't for Hope. Ahh, teenage love.

We took the beers and made our way to the living room. We sat on the floor in a circle, me in the middle of Dean and Matt. Hope, of course, next to Matt.

We had been playing for half an hour when the game got a little bit more intimate. I had been sharing secret glances with Dean throughout the game. And to be honest, I was really having fun. Well, I was, until...

"I've never...well, I've never had sex." Hope said shyly. O-oh, I'm in big trouble..

Well, I have had sex before. Twice. I've never told anything to my brother, though. He can get a bit too overprotective.

My thoughts were interrupted when I realized I was the only one left and everyone was watching me.

"Well, guys, she is not drinking this time. Okay, wh-?" Matt said before I cut him off.

I was officially pissed.

"Hey hey, I think I can talk for myself, right?" I said, my eyes glued on Matt.

"Okay, no need to overreact, it's not like you were going say something different."

"Umm, yes actually, I was going to say something different. You don't control my life. I am sick of you being so overprotective! YES, I've had sex before, thank you very much!" I shouted, not realizing everyone was gaping at me.

Oops? Have I mentioned that sometimes my mouth is not connected to my brain?

"You WHAT?" Matt was no longer sitting since he was pacing around the room, trying not to hyperventilate. "Are you stupid? 'Cause I am pretty sure you are. Don't you know that guys are not to be trusted? They just want to get in your pants! God!"

Hope was shocked, even though she knew I wasn't a virgin. I also think she was a little bit scared of my brother's outburst. Scott and Justin were in the middle of being amused and terrified. Well, Dean... He had a look on his face I've never seen before.

"Oh god, it was last week, wasn't it?" Matt continued talking. "I knew something was wrong, I knew you were hiding something! Who was-" Before Matt could finish his rambling Dean cut him off.

"Wait! Last week?" Dean asked, looking hurt. And with that he stormed off.

"Wait, Dean I-"

"Oh my god! Jade, making out is something but... I can't believe that you had sex with Dean!" Scott exclaimed, shaking his head in disappointment.

Okay, the situation was getting out of hand. I hadn't even answered them but they were asking new questions!

"Holy shit, I am going to KILL that son of a bitch!" Matt growled as he tried to ran after Dean.

"No, just STOP! Just stop for a second!" I ran out off the living room, bumping into Dean in the hallway.

"Dean, please just listen. I swear it was before us, not last week. You know I would never do that!" I cried in frustration.

"Do I? 'Cause I told you I fucking loved you and never got an answer in return!" He ran his hand through his hair and let out a sigh.

"We were interrupted! You know that!" Here goes nothing. "You also know that I love you!"

His eyes widened slightly as he got over the initial shock. He took a step closer and took my hand in his.

"I love you." He whispered. "I don't care if Matt knows. I fucking love you." I smiled as he leaned in for a kiss. I gave him a peck on the lips and pulled away.

"Well, you know, from now on, you'll be my first choice for sex." I chuckled as he narrowed his eyes.

"Not funny, Jade." He said trying to suppress a smile.

"Oh, I think it is." I said, giggling like a little girl. " But it's okay, 'cause I have Dean-the-Sex-Machine." I can't believe I said that. God.


"Dude! Mental image again!"

"Holy shit, Jade. Keep it in you pants, will you? Gross."

We jumped apart when everyone started commenting on my nickname for Dean. I blushed.

"Aww, so cute. Look she is blushing." Hope pointed out- much to my dismay. The guys chuckled as my brother cleared his throat.

"Umm, how long have you guys been standing there?" Dean asked, looking a little nervous.

"Pretty long." Justin replied, chuckling.

"So you heard the-"

"Whole thing, yeah." Scott said, also laughing. Traitor.

"Wow." was all I said. "So, are you mad?" I asked Matt.

"Yes. No. A little." He said, smiling faintly. " After hearing your little confession/argument/disturbing conversation, I am not mad about you two being together. Just no PDA, please."

"Yes. And no mental images." Justin added, cutting Matt off.

Matt glared at Justin before he started talking. "Yes, as I was saying, I am not mad about you two. However we'll have a little chat about your non-virgin status. Understood?"

"Yes, father. Understood." I replied, rolling my eyes.

"Oh and Dean, don't hurt her or I'll hurt you. Just saying."

"Yeah, I know. I won't." He said smiling at me before pulling my body closer to his. He let me go immediately when he saw my brother's expression.

"Well, we are just going to make peace after our argument." I said looking at my brother hopefully.

"Okay, I'll be in the other room, so no funny business." He said before turning around to leave.

Dean pulled me closer again, snaking his arms around my waist. He leaned in and captured my lips with his. I felt the famous butterflies in my stomach, when the kiss got heated. His tongue traced my lower lip as I took control. I took one more step so that we would be pressed against each other. I was about to let my hands wander around his body when I heard my brother clear his throat extremely loudly.

"Dude! I said make peace not make out!" Matt shouted.

"Mental imageee!" I heard Justin's voice coming from the other room. I chuckled as I met Dean's gaze and made a silent agreement.

I leaned in for another kiss. "Well, peace is overrated anyway."

Well, it is a bit rushed towards the end because I got bored :) I'll edit it sometime in the future but for now this will have to do. Thanks for reading! Reviews are highly appreciated :)