There is one question that will always be asked.

What is it like to die?

Unfortunately, we will most likely never get that answer. It's so hard to go through life being afraid of death but as humans only the bravest of us will be able to look death in the face and not feel fear. I suppose it inevitable that we are afraid as most are afraid of what they cannot see or understand and death is the ghost that watches us from the shadows forever haunting us invisible to our eyes but because death is imminent our lives have more meaning, our lives are more special.

We don't live forever and that will never change but because of this we feel so strongly and live our lives to the fullest because you never know when it is going to end. This makes death the entity that gives meaning to life and death is also what gives us meaning.

Death will always be shrouded in mystery and have us asking so many questions without giving us any answers but one thing is know that death will take us all one day but if we all live as we are meant to by reaching out and grasping everything that life has to offer us then we won't have to feel have to be afraid anymore because we will be ready to go.