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Her eyes face his, showing no fear. Though inside, her heart is breaking.

She loved him.

She loved him once, she did. She still does, but this is not Evan. Not her Evan.

Her Evan had a happy smile and a teasing laugh. Her Evan tackled her into snow banks and made her laugh with his desperate pickup lines and cheesy jokes. Her Evan smelled of the beach, of warmth and of sand, of water and of sun. Her Evan had beautiful grey eyes, ones that were filled with light and seemed endless, sucking her in for another soul-searing kiss.

Her Evan was gone.

And all that was left was an empty shell, a broken husk, with its' grim face and sinister smirk, its' reek of death, and its' empty, empty eyes, ones that showed nothing, but conveyed so much pain, and they had seen far, far too much.

"Caroline..." he whispers, coming closer.

She longs to meet him, to crush in an embrace. But she can't. He would kill her, and she can't die. But she can't kill him. She can't.

She sees the blade a second too late.

She rolls out of the way. Almost.

She cries out in surprise and pain when his blade slices through her skin, crimson spilling to the ground, coating the floor with its' scent of copper and death, her blade skittering across the slippery floor. She swears. He walks slowly toward her, as she grits her teeth and wraps a torn piece of cloth around her arm. He smiles.

"Be careful. It might be infectious." He smirks.

"Shut up." she mutters.

"Whatever. Carrie."

She spits. He knows he hates that name. Idiot.

He spins his blade, the silver spinning, almost hypnotic. She watches, tense, careful to keep her blade somewhere accessible. At least she has her pistol.k

Or not.

Where did it g-


You son of a-

"You looking for this?" he asks casually, holding her pistol in his hand.

"Hand it over." she growls.

"Why should I?" he snarls back. He looks at her with menace and hate. It almost pushes her back, like a physical blow. But she stays strong.

She swipes her blade off the blood-stricken floor, and lunges for him. He dodges with surprising nimbleness, and sends a hook to her jaw. It blows her back, stunning her long enough for him to hold her down.

He laughs bitterly in her face. "Look where we are now, Caroline. Just like the old times." he sneers mockingly.

She spits in his face.

He recoils, as if burned. It's only a fraction of time, but it's enough.

She pushes him down, her blade to his throat, her breathing fast. This is it. She can do this. But she hesitates.

Can she kill her lover?

"I'm sorry." she whispers, her blade pressing against his throat.

"It's fine." he whispers back. "You're dead anyway."

She's puzzled, but then she feels the cool metal piercing through her neck.

She cries out, her blood again coating the cool red floor. She slumps to the ground, everything slowly fading away.

At least Evan will be happy. That's all that matters.

The last she hears is a cry of anguish, an unearthly scream that chills her to the bone.


He runs.

He can't bear to lose her. He can't.

He falls to his knees.

"Caroline! No!"

Why, why did he have to get himself captured by them? Why did they make him suffer a fate worse than death: to kill the one he loved?


Her body is savagely thrown across the floor. The deep red mark on her neck is a sharp contrast to her paling skin. Her eyes are wide, and her mouth is open in a silent scream. But her beautiful, beautiful eyes are flat, with no life in them, and the silent scream will go on forever in his mind, loud and pleading, begging him to not do it.

It will haunt him for the rest of his life.

He gently closes her eyes, his fingertips lightly dancing across her skin.

"Goodbye, Caroline." he whispers, his voice filled with pain and laced with sorrow.

He walks outside, his mind darker, and his heart heavier.

All he hears is her voice, whispering in his head.

"I'm sorry..."

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