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Deep breath, it'll be over soon, I told myself over and over again as I took a seat in the back of the courtroom.

"Careless Driving" was the offense up for judgment, or monetary deferment as is more accurate. After all, that's the purpose of traffic court, isn't it? Make a deal with the prosecutor that costs you money, but ultimately dumbs down the offense in question, in order to make everyone happy? Oh well, I did break the law –no matter how stupid a law it may have been- and now it's time to pay the piper. With any luck, they wouldn't give me any-

Oh my; Hello.

She couldn't have been more than five feet tall. Thin as a rail, dressed oh-so adorably in a fun example of business casual. Her hair perfectly groomed, and pin-straight, black elegance. Then there were those eyes of hers as she nervously looked over the courtroom audience. Large and luscious brown depths, made ever more tantalizing by her soft Asian features.

Vietnamese? I wondered.

The nameless beauty sat in the front row, an odd choice for sure for someone who seemed so completely and totally terrified of being in this place. Again she turned to look over her shoulders, looking all around her, almost as though she were ready to jump out of her own skin. She's got to be a first timer, I mused. Oh well, Here is NOT the place to be picking up women, just wait your turn, and get home to get some dinner.

"Numbers twenty-one through thirty, at this time you may line up across the hall if you wish to meet with the prosecutor," the court officer called out to me and my fellow law-breakers.

"Twenty-four" my blue ticket read. Well, here goes, I thought as I stood from my seat only to watch that godde… I mean girl stand from her seat as well. She must have gotten in just about the same time I did for her to have a number in the same group as me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, Focus, dumbass; the last thing you need is to be thinking about girls while you plead for a reduction.

I made my way across the hall like the good little sheep I was, and lined up according to number as I was told. She walked past me, still looking every which way, her head snapping around like a bird's. Catching a whiff of her wake made the situation all the more difficult. The smell of all manner of fruity goodness followed her, making my mouth water instantly; and I was starving to boot.

I shook my head once more to clear it. What the hell was I really going to do here? Try and pick her up right here, waiting on line to meet with the-

"Do you want to change numbers with me? I don't want to go in there yet."

Oh no.

She did NOT just speak to me, did she? Quick, say something you schmuck. If you don't say something soon, she's going to walk aw-

"Sure," I forced out with a coerced smile.

I just barely got a graze of her fingertips as we exchanged numbers; she was so soft. She switched places with me and plopped herself down on the floor with a notepad and pen. What the hell is she doing? I wondered. C'mon, think fast; what do you do?

"Would you like to switch with me?" I asked of the gentleman in front of me. After all, if I switched with him, I wouldn't have gotten a free, and unfair ride in front of him, and I'd get to stay closer to her.

Luckily, the older man obliged and there I was, resting against a wall, and getting a full-on assault of her magnificent scent. My eyes rolled up in the back of my head, completely lost in that scent. No, don't look at what she's writing. If she catches you, you're done for. Just stand there and play it cool.

Within a few moments, I was next up to meet the prosecutor, and the beauty stood from the floor. Don't do it you jackass, don't-

"What do you do in there?" She asked, interrupting me as I attempted to talk myself out of flirting with her.

"Is this your first time in court?" I asked.

She nodded her head profusely, her long black locks swinging about as though she were at a heavy metal concert; how cute.

I gave her a smile to try and calm her nerves as I spoke, "Basically, they're going to ask you what you want to do; if you want to try and make a deal to lower the cost of the ticket, and maybe lower the points. From there, you go back in the courtroom-"

"Back in there?" she asked in a panic.

This time I couldn't help but chuckle; her lack of knowledge was so cute. "Yeah, but I promise, it's not going to be that bad."

I wasn't lying either. The judge seemed very relaxed, and even humorous. If there were ever a perfect place to have one's first courtroom experience, it was right here and now.

"I'm so scared," she offered. "I've never done this before, and I have no idea what I'm doing." She lifted up the notes she'd been making and commented of them, "I wrote down everything I wanted to say so I don't forget anything. Can I even bring this in there with me?"

Again I had to smile. "Yes you can, but I don't think you'll need them. Trust me; this is going to be a lot simpler, and a lot less painful than you think it is."

Finally, she smiled, and my plight was DONE for. That smile could have put an end to a war it was so lovely.

"Thank you so much," she replied. "I feel a lot better now."

"Don't worry about it," I answered with a smile.

"What's your-"

Holy crap! I'm not even trying and she's about to ask me out? What the hell kind of crazy world is this?

"Next!" The prosecutor called from her closet of a room.

NO! I'm so close! Dammit legs, stop moving, you didn't even answer her, you jackass!

I don't even remember the deal the prosecutor offered me. All I heard was "no points" and said 'Yes'. When I returned to the hallway, there she was again, this time, beaming brightly as I approached her. "Good luck!" I quietly offered with a warm smile.

"Thank you," she whispered in return, before heading in to speak with the prosecutor.

Back in the courtroom, I was feeling quite good, if not a little hollow. I mean, I probably could have tried to make a little more progress out there, but again, I'm here for court, and not to pick up-

"Hey again!" she ecstatically, but quietly commented once again as she plopped down next to me.

"Hey," I whispered with a grin. "Everything go alright?"

Again she nodded and offered, "Uh-huh! A seatbelt ticket, no points, and a cheap fine!"

"Lucky!" I chided. "Mine is going to be about four hundred dollars, but no points at least."

"Wow, what'd you do?"

"Careless driving, I passed someone on the right, in the rain. What about you?"

"Speeding," she answered with a grimace. Fuck, even that was cute.

"I've been there, never got a deal though," I replied.

"Awww!" she sympathized. Too much cuteness, can't take much more-

"Keith Teneman?" the Judge called.

Shit! What the fuck? Is this court out to screw up my-

"Good luck," she offered, again interrupting my brain.

"Thanks," I whispered back.

A few pleasantries with the Judge, a few words, a thank you, and I was done. Whew, at least that's over with.

I looked back over to her, my mind blank and my ears ringing so loud with happiness that I didn't even hear her name as they called it. All I could do was mouth out 'Good luck' to her, to which she graciously smiled and nodded in reply.

I couldn't have been in line to settle up my fee with the court clerk for more than a minute before she came out of the courtroom. She was smiling even wider now, so happy to be out and done. Whoa! Happy enough to hug a complete stranger too.

"Thank you so much, you helped me relax and I really appreciate it," she offered.

"You're very welcome," I replied with a smile. This was it. Now or never, do or die. You'll never see this girl ever again, so if you're going to make your move, do it right fucking now.

"Listen I-"


Seriously, someone is trying to sabotage me.

I looked to her, looked back to the window, just as a second clerk called, "Next!"

When I looked back to her, she was heading over to the window, again offering me a smile before handling her fine.

After a very embarrassing explanation of my inability to pay my fine on the spot, I got some paperwork to fill out, promising that I would pay this much, at this time, every month until it was done. It was such a mental mess I had completely forgotten about the girl I- Fuck! I never even got her name! What would you have done anyway; found her online? Yeah, that's not creepy-stalker at all. Fuck, I can't believe I blew this.

My agreement made, I headed outside and got in my car, resigned to the fact that I had lost her forever. The only perk in this whole stupid mess of a four-hundred dollar ticket, and I blew it. When would I ever possibly see her again now, and even if I did, honestly, what chance would I have that a girl that beautiful would ever go out with a guy like me.


Oh well. To McDonald's! I'll eat my pains away.

This highway. This infernal stretch of road that led me to get that damn ticket, well, it also led me to her, and that's something I guess. I mean, even if nothing came of it, the boost in self-esteem was always welcome. Gah, plenty of fish in the sea, I'll just find another…

Who am I kidding? Another like her?

Then again, she could have been out of her mind. A complete schitzo, psycho-ward, lunatic. I mean she was talking with me after all. It's better off that I-


When my eyes opened all I saw were flashing lights. The sound of scraping metal and screaming rubber still echoed in my ears. I could taste blood in my mouth as the rest of my senses started to come online. Alright, you've been in an accident, feel shit out.

Arms: Check

Hands: Check

Feet: Check

Legs: HOLY FUCK! Yeah, legs are both broken.

What the hell did I hit, or what hit me? Well, the first part was easy enough; an eighteen-wheeler lay on its side next to me. As for what I hit, it looked like a beige or metallic-sand colored car. Where the hell…


No. No. No. No. No.

Can't be.

That's not…

I mean it's…

It couldn't…

There she was. Not ten feet away, the twisted sheet metal holding her in a tight embrace. There was so much blood. On her face, on her twisted arms and hands. Her face, her beautiful face. She looked so cold, and so…lifeless.

No, this can't be. It just can't, it's not fair. Not her, how could it be her? We were just talking ten minutes ago. How could it be possible that…

No. No. No. No. NO! I'm wrong! It's impossible! It's not her!

Stupid tears; the last time I'll get to see her and you…

It just can't be. Not her…

…I never even got her name.