"Hutong Hora" by Zayan Sechel, January 2012

Disclaimer: All the characters are the product of fiction. Any resemblance to the real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: As early as 1960, L. Ron Hubbard had proposed that Scientologists should infiltrate government departments by taking secretarial, bodyguard or other jobs.

Hutong Hora

While waiting for their subway train, Jonathan Elinoff and Terry Reed watched other customers of the "tube", wondering if any of them knew about the secret consipracy against the Jews.

- Evidence has mounted that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel and even the United States have a small rogue element from within its intelligence community, namely the counter-intelligence community, ..., large man shoved Jonathan without an apology and he brushed him off, wishing he could throw him on the tracks, electrocuting and frying son of a gun instantly, ... that may have had some involvement in the financing, ..., two thugs did the same and Jonathan, feeling psychologically opresssed, squeezed towards the wall, Terry following along like some lenient snail, ... training or carrying out of the attacks.

Jonathan was still staring with hatred in his eyes towards the large man that just ruined his evening. Not the two thugs that were usual and, perhaps even common appearance in large cities, but that large, XXL one that dominated the "heights". Terry winked at Jonathan and he got back into his talkative mood, continuing.

- I know it sounds crazy at first, but watch that documentary on 9/11 and I think you will see the overwhelming evidence for this case.

They kept silent for a while, some girs that have just entered puberty, giggling like chipmunks.

- I read in the "Skeptics" magazine and "Popular Mechanics" as well about 9/11. Jonathan kept silent, wishing evil to the rest of the world. Terry continued. They referred to less than 10% of the many different conspiracy theories about 9/11 and picked the less popular ones, in fact, they picked the fringe, highly improbable points that only a few people make. Jonathan did not alter his obstinate mood. This was used as the "final investigation" for looking into the conspiracy theories.

Subway train came and they entered, trying to find a free spot to hold onto something.

- Oh ... one more thing to consider, ..., Terry avoided grumpy man that smelled of tobacco, ... have you noticed that if the conspiracy is involving powerful interests with the ability to bribe, threaten or manipulate major institutions?

- You mean like the mafia, big corporations or government? Jonathan's eyes tried to accomodate to the moving creavaces of the tunnel's interior outside.

- Yes! Don't you find it odd when people use one of those as the "credible" counter-argument? Jonathan kept silent, other people disinterestingly throwing ocasional stare in their direction. Terry continued. What I mean is, ... if you are discussing a conspiracy about the mafia, and someone hands you a debunking article that was written by THE Mafia, it doesn't seem like it would take rocket science to look at that with serious criticism and credibility. A slick gut, well trimmed and shaved through serious look at Terry. Terry gulped and then continued. This is the case with many conspiracies. In fact, ..., bulgy man did the same and now it was Terry who felt hurt from within, ... I am handed debunking pieces all the time written in many cases by the conspirators in question. Doesn't this seem odd to anybody else ..., he got an elbow from a lady that was trying to exit the crowded train and cursed silently, ... but ME? He felt like a jackass, Jonathan smiling in secret.

They kept silent for a couple of blocks, each musing on his own thoughts.

- In the 1890s in France, Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of treason based on fabricated government documents and sentenced to life in prison.

- Oh ... I read about that ... Terry concurred. Jonathan pressed on, almost gritting his teeth.

- The French government covered this up for several years, but Dreyfus was eventually pardoned after the affair was made public.

- Was it ... Émile Zola who wrote about it?

- Well ..., Jonathan scratched his beard, ... it was credited to him all right ... but ...

- Yes? Terry avoided some punk kid with a skateboard.

- Never mind.

As they made a hasty exit there were some derrogatory comments made to them by some Pakistani looking immigrants. As Jonathan was about to respond, doors closed and the train continued. Jonathan felt almost as if someone was deliberately making him nervous and irritable.

- Jesus Christ! Jonathan yelled and some elederly women threw intriguing stare at him.

- What? Terry did not see the mutton who instigated the emotion and Jonathan had to swallow it himself.

- Never mind.

They kept waiting for their next train.

- Many people do not realize that J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States, was appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation ..., Jonathan avoided two tall students bursting out of nowhere, rushing onto the train, almost brushing him aside, ... a predecessor to the FBI ..., he moved towards the wall again, hurt from within boiling up, ... in 1924 ..., Terry pulled him away from a bulgy man who was red in the face, advanicng like rhino towards the open door, ... and was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, ..., there ws an announcement about the train being late, ... where he remained director until his death in 1972.

- Was it Hoover who was credited with building the FBI into a large and efficient "crime-fighting agency"? Terry felt a sudden chill as the gust of the wind came onto him with no prior announcement.

- Yes. Jonathan answered bleakly. He was also credited with instituting a number of modern innovations to police technology, such as a centralized fingerprint file and forensic laboratories.

They listened to some other announcements that could be hardly heard due to the clamor around. People were getting restless. Just like the native Indians when the white man came ...

- In fact ..., Jonathan continued, ... for the majority of his time as FBI Director, there were numerous Mafia shootings as a result of Prohibition. Hoover continued to deny the very existence of organized crime. Many figures in politics and media denied the existence of the Mafia, which had no official title. Jonathan felt as if he was running out of air. Almost as if an elephant sat on his chest.

- You O.K.? Terry offered curtly. Jonathan nodded and then continued, defying the invisible enemy.

- Some gangsters like Gambino and Capone were thought of as Street Kings only, just running local operations. Train could be heard, but it was not theirs. It was not until the 1960's until people began to learn that a very organized system of superiors and control existed within the organized crime world.

They watched as the Security Officers struggled with an intoxicated young man that wanted to denude himself publicly.

- Have you heard of the "MK Ultra"? Terry started the chat again.

- No ... I don't think so ...

- MK Ultra was a code name declassified in the 1970's Church Committee and other lawsuits brought against the government where the public was informed that thousands of people, patients from hospitals, mental health patients, prisoners in the ...

- Wait. Jonathan interrupted him. you are talking about the U.S.A., correct? Terry nodded visibly and, after examining Jonathan quickly, continued.

- Justice system, and even public citizens were selected for testing without their consent. WITHOUT their consent! You see my point?

They kept silent as people made hasty exits and entered the train. Girl attached to her mother complained to the crowd.

- Testing was conducted int he 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Some claim they still go on today and provide evidence. terry threw onequick glance at Jonathan, then continued. The testing includes torture, drugs and exotic hypnosis experiments in an effort to explore the mind, propaganda and other related patterns. Jonathan chuckled nervously. Terry accepted and continued, trying to be even more persuasive. One sub department of the operation included a group of lunatic scientists who were looking to create an assassins program, to see if it was possible to kidnap someone, say an enemy in a country, conduct hypnosis and other techniques learned in Mk Ultra, and send them back to the country with a plan to assassinate their leaders. Jonathan burst into nervous laughter, other passengers that were waiting staring at him. Terry grinned, but continued in a firm tone of the voice. That plan is what scares people most. Jonathan bent over, trying to catch his breath, some bile escaping his mouth towards the floor. A woman adjusted her glasses, disgusted by watching him. Terry laughed along, continuing. MK Ultra was carried out by the CIA illegally and in the 1970s, hundreds of patients sued the federal government for damages, and the government settled and paid millions of dollars.

Jonathan placed a hand on Terry's shoulder, coughing, eyes watery from laughter.

- Oh, man ...

Their train came and they entered.

After couple of blocks they managed to take seats. Feeling much better, their mood recuperated and Jonathan continued, imagining he was some movie character.

- Have you heard of Alsop perhaps? Terry shook his head in a negative way. Woman that just entered threw one hopeful glance towards Terry and Jonathan, but they ignored her although it was obvious she was comeing back from work. Well ..., Jonathan moved nervously in his seat, woman's stare bruning his skin, ... Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past 25 years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. Some of these journalists' relationships with the Agency were tacit; some were explicit. He looked gravely at Terry, eyes glistening. There was cooperation, accommodation and overlap.

- Overlap? Terry repeated, wishing he could yawn like a tiger, loudly. but he could not. The unwritten moral law obliged him to behave decently in the public area.

- Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services - from simple intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens with spies in Communist countries. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Woman finally found the seat and Jonathan felt relieved, almost as if he just pooped the large one out into the joint. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country.

Bald man that was pretending to read newspapers was actually eavesdropping on them like some reckless kid. Jonathan smiled, realizing that people harldy change as they age on.

- Oh ... I know even better conspiracy fact. Terry lifted an eye brow pretending Jonathan was his friend. Wtihin himself he could feel the ancient craving towards his ancestors. Jonathan continued, smacking his lips. The United States Public Health Service carried out this clinical study on 400 poor African-American men with syphilis from 1932 to 1972. During the study, the men were given false and sometimes dangerous treatments; adequate treatment was intentionally withheld so that the agency could learn more about the disease. The study, ... there was some announcement and passengers complained they could hear very little of it, ... which ..., there was some more and a young lad smashed the speaker on the roof. It did not crack. Some objected to his violent act. Jonathan continued morosely. Which was initially supposed to last just six months, continued for 40 years. Close to 200 of the men had died from syphilis or related complications by its end.

- You hate niggers, don't you?

- What? Jonathan was perplexed by a sudden question.

Instant power loss made some Oriental girls scream out of sheer fun. Retired man threw some greasy comment at them. They extended their middle fingers at him, sending him to Neverland, giggling wildly like some guine pigs.

- In the early 1960s, ..., the train stopped abruptly and there was plenty of shuffling around. Painful shouts and threats were uttered as well. Then the train jerked on, making passengers mumble yet another set of complaints. Jonathan continued. American military leaders drafted plans to create public support for a war against Cuba, to oust Fidel Castro from power. The plans included committing acts of terrorism in U.S. cities, ..., Middle Eastern man looked at Jonathan, feeling guilty. Jonathan suddenly realized the threat of terrorism was the actual fact, noticing that the man was sweating as well.

- Yes? Terry motioned in secret at the undercover agent and Jonathan continued, feeling more secure and reassured.

- ... killing ..., there was another announcement and the train stopped. He lowered his tone of the voice. Killing innocent people and U.S. soldiers, blowing up a U.S. ship, assassinating Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees, and hijacking planes. Some kind of control was going on outside of the train. Middle Eastern man did not react. Jonathan continued. The plans were all approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but were reportedly rejected by the civilian leadership. They were kept secret for nearly 40 years.

- I bet some of it is available even today over the Internet. For a fee, of course ...

- Of course ..., Jonathan made a facial grimace.

After their journey finally ended, Jonathan and Terry made a tiresome exit to the street. Jonathan looked at Terry.

- Have you heard of "Main Core" perhaps? Terry shook his head. "Main Core" is the code name of a database maintained since the 1980s by the federal government of the United States, which contains personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data, which comes from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources, is collected and stored without warrants or court orders.

- Oh? Terry interrupted, motioning in secret towards yet anotehr undercover agent. Probably the Police. They moved along, exiting the train area, walking towards the parked cars.

- The database's name derives from the fact that it contains "copies of the 'main core' or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community."

- My, my ..., Terry unlocked his car, smiling to Jonathan, ... you seem to be a very knowledgable guy all of a sudden ...

As they drove along, Jonathan continued.

- The Main Core database is believed to have originated with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1982, following Ronald Reagan's Continuity of Operations plan outlined in the National Security Directive 69 / National Security Decision Directive 55, entitled "Enduring National Leadership," implemented on September 14, 1982.

As the car stopped at the red light, Terry smiled at Jonathan, feeling better since it was much warmer in the car.

- Hey John ...

- Yes? ... Jonathan grinned at Terry. Terry continued to drive.

- How come we started all this talk?

- You mentioned that it was becoming incresingly obvious that some of the well established corporations had to .. willy-nilly, acknowledge their presence on the Internet ...

- Oh, yes! That's right! The sign of the rotting system! My God! How true! They continued to drive in silence. Terry repeated his rediscovered surprise. How himiliating! To conform to the world wide standard that is actually ..., he honked as the driver in front of him abruptly stopped for no obvious reason, ... that is actually not written anywhere. He glanced at Jonathan. Explicitly, that is ... Jonathan scratched his head, feeling his scrotum relax after being previously reduced to the size of the beans in the underground area.

- What if it is actually?

- What? Terry threw one quicky at Jonathan.

- Written down .. somewhere ..., he looked at Terry, ... "explicitly"?

They continued to drive in silence, passing by the moored yachts. A docile child stared as their car swerved around the corner. Two seagulls were resting on the wooden pole, feeling tired of flying around. Dog barked from the bushes at the passing cyclist.