Remember how we used to be,
In the school yard at break?
Two crazy kids, that was us,
Friends from the start.
That was our first year.

Remember what it was like,
When we found out we were being split?
Those first few months were hard.
Stories were told of friends who drifted.
Not us, we were those two crazy kids.
That was our second year.

Remember those friends we thought were our best?
Turned out, they were far from that at least.
We were those two crazy kids,
Who cares about the rest.
That was our third year.

Remember those troubles we had,
Friends and work on our shoulders?
It seemed like our worlds were falling to pieces.
I looked to you and you looked to me,
We were those two crazy kids,
And those troubles started to fade.
That was our fourth year.

This year marks our fifth,
And with it brings more than we've had before.
But try to remember this:
We're those two crazy kids from the school yard,
Together five years and counting.