A NEW ADVENTURE STORY BY SHANE P. NIELSEN TOM THE CAT SORCEROR Exiled from his home village of Tirak, Tom goes from silversmith to sorceror in the adventure of a lifetime. He starts out as a simple guild member attempting to earn a living. Accused of wizardry, he runs far from the world he knew. But then, something happens, and a mysterious mischevious girl named Ramorah Ramone, who shows him a new life, as she helps him become a much more powerful sorceror with her beauty and arguably radical teachings. Aided by his mischevious new friend, he'll encounter all sorts of perils in the kingdom of Feloriah. The source of those perils, is a mystery. Is Ramora to be trusted? Is there something dark in the skies above Feloriah slowly looming in? Are Darkineyes really extinct? Are dirtbags everywhere? And why am I asking you all these questions? Prologue: OUR STORY BEGINS IN TIRAK, THE CITY OF ETERNAL RAIN AND SORROW. IT IS ALWAYS RAINING. TRAVELERS AND PEOPLE LOOKING FOR JOBS? PIT PUDDLERS... So begins our tale... Prologue: It was a typical day in the life of a Tirakian teenager. Tom wanted to be a wizard, but his father and mother wanted him to be a silversmith. "I wanna see some pit puddling Petri dishes or you're gonna get grounded for a week" said Tom's father. "I'm sixteen! You can't say that to me. I wanna be a wizard, and I want a cool cape so I can get a girlfriend" said Tom. "Yeah? You can't pull one out of a hat. Women like hard working men. Now stop thinking about wizardry and make your mother and I some pit puddlin' petri dishes NOW!" replied Mortimer, Tom's father. "But the DEMONS! They're after me" said Tom. "I'll have none of that!" said Mortimer. That night Tom's father had a dream. A dream about a very beautiful and mysterious Felorian who told Mortimer that in his adulthood Tom WOULD become a well known, rich, auspicious wizard, but only with her help would it happen, due to something involving demons attempting to sabotage his life. This vague message seemed to indicate that Tom was destined to go on a path. A wrong path...that could ultimately save his life from inner turmoil? Chapter 1: Being a silversmith ain't all it's cracked up to be MANY YEARS LATER...TOM IS NOW FULLY GROWN, AND ON HIS OWN... It was an unsettling night for Tom, the young Tirakian silversmith. It seemed as if every night he felt that there was something wrong, something missing from his life. In addition to this, the young man felt as if spirits were attempting to drag him into the underworld. He found himself tangling with his blankets, frantically battling with demons in his own mind, often into the mornings, causing him to show up late for guild meetings. This was something that had actually been with him since his early childhood. However, the spirits of darkness had not bothered Tom in years. Tom had taken a book about magic from the back room of the guildhouse, and he wondered if that had brought them back somehow. "What do you mean when you tell me I have to seek out the one?" he shouted, tearing up his pillow and devouring the feathers. Tom was actually a wizard at heart, not a silversmith. He wished he had grown up in a MageCrafter village, rather than a ToolCrafter community. He didn't want to spend his whole life making petri dishes for street puppies. So one day, he concluded he had better tell his guild members the truth. Tom's guild buddies already knew that one of his deepest desires was to find out secret truths regarding magic and the paranormal, why not spill the beans? So, the following morning, when he showed up ten minutes late to the FangClaw Mystery Guildhouse, he decided to break the silence and bring a shocking card to the table. He entered the old rusty depressing wooden guildhouse he knew and hated. Yes, he hated the place. He never wanted to spend his life making petri dishes for street puppies. He wanted fame, girls, a steady retirement plan. Maybe even a giant can of eternal tuna fish. "Well boys," said Tom, in an earnest but hesitant tone. He was standing against a pole, flipping a coin, while smoking from a pipe. He let out a puff and continued speaking. "It might seem as no surprise to you fellas, as this is a mystery school and all, and one of our big things here are the magical secrets of life. Anyway, I'm just gonna be frank with you guys, the reason I keep showing up late, is because I'm being afflicted by demons. Take that in you pit puddlers!" he confessed. The rest of Tom's guild members, Alexander, Oscar, Will Whisp, and Tuton D. exchanged glances at each other. "Demons? Spirits? Yeah. It's alcohol. Stay off the bottle, Tom!" suggested Tuton, as he sipped from his mug of fermented apple cider. "Yeah, you're not gonna find any girls that will stay with you forever at a place like that tavern downtown" said Will, who had never married. "No, it isn't booze! Look you guys, I think I might be on to something incredible. A breakthrough that could change the way we look at spirituality and metaphysics" said Tom. The guild members continued to exchange glances. Then Alexander, the eyepatched leader of the group approached Tom, and put his arm around him, whispering in his ear. "Look you son of a gun, this is indeed a Mystery Guildhouse. And that means we do have an interest in learning ancient secrets. But no one, and I mean no one can ever know as much as I do. I'm the leader. The alpha male. No one surpasses me, Tom. I can create swords, pots, pans, and petri dishes with my own mind. Very few people in this guild even know I can do that stuff. Me and the boys here have noticed that you can make crap outta nuttin' super fast. Seems you're already ahead of your game. I'm thinkin' something is fishy about you. Mind if I speak to you in private?" asked Alexander. Tom knew he was in big trouble. He never did get along with his guildmaster. But now he knew. Oh he knew. Alexander was going to take him back and execute him for forbidden knowledge. Tom had the book, the book of death itself. So Tom devised a plan. "Hey! Who let that Sidewalk Sally into our club?" said Tom, pointing in a corner. Alexander foolishly fell for Tom's plan. "Where is she?" asked Alexander. "I don't see her!" "She's up on the chandelier, spreading her-" Before finishing his sentence, Tom then kicked Alexander in the groin, and pointed his index claw at the chandelier on the ceiling, using his mental concentration in conjunction with a quickly recited spell to make it fall on Alexander. Alexander screamed, and began cussing up a storm, banishing Tom from the guild while reaching for a gun on the table. The other guild members were horrified and confused at what was going on, which prevented Alexander from acting out of raw anger. They demanded to know the truth, causing a huge fight to ensue between each of the men, enabling Tom enough time to escape the building, taking the book with him. Townspeople walking by took note of the fact Tom had the book of darkness in his hands, pointing at him, and calling him a sorceror. Tom didn't exactly understand why being a sorceror was forbidden in the town. He began to stroll down the road, when suddenly he looked back and saw the entire town on horseback chasing him. Apparently, since Tom was actually a fairly well known silversmith in the town, the story had broke of Tom's traitorous acts to his own guildmaster, thus dishonering the entire community. Tom ran as fast as his feet could carry him, when suddenly he found himself at the edge of a cliff. He apparently had no choice but to surrender, and if he surrendered he would surely be hung! Chapter 2: Tom Meets Ramora Ramone Tom was shocked. He had fallen heaven knows how many feet, and he was still alive...albeit covered in mud and swamp water. He found a small leaf pamphlet which read: "You lie now sulking in the blood of your own works, the joyful tears of your little triumphs, however small they may have been, and the sorrow of what may or may not hope that you will be all that you can be. Rest assured, though you may feel scarred now, you are to become a very powerful sorceror!" - The Elders "Isn't that ironic?" said Tom. He then saw a large patch of land containing a house. Sitting next to the house, sinking her feet into the sinfully filthy waters, was a young very pretty cat-girl, though slightly older than Tom. She had a perfect buxom figure, gorgeous raindrop blue eyes, pink skin, and was wearing a black backless dress and bra to match. She wore knee-high latex biker boots and fishnet stockings. When Tom saw her he felt instantly renewed. Maybe falling into a filthy swamp while being chased by village idiots was the best thing that had ever happened to him, especially if he could get to have the company of this girl. Tom's jaws dropped in awe of the beautiful girl, then rose up, his face eventually forming a sly and playful cocky smile. Something came over him, and his initial overwhelming fears of saying the wrong thing to a girl got brutally slaughtered by an onslaught of thoughts, some of which he felt like he was picking up directly from her mind. "Hi there beautiful, my name is Tom. The water's fine, dirty, just how I like it!" said Tom. "So, what are you looking for? Hey, there, Tommy boy! My name is-" She stopped. "I'm not gonna tell ya. You like me? Uh-uh, prove it, big boy. Pick up all those beetles and those swamp fly things, devour them in one gulp, and then I'll tell ya something! Otherwise, I guess you don't want me!" the girl said, winking at Tom. This was not the response Tom was expecting, however at least it wasn't a rejection. Tom was never much of a swamp bug eater. But this time was different. Definately different. He gathered up all the insects swarming around him, and swallowed them all whole, afterwards letting out a burp, causing the girl to laugh. "You're too much fun, that's the trouble with you. Yeah, that was me, years ago you know. I grew up near this swamp. I used to belong to a community, but hey, you know how that goes, don't ya, being a former guild member and all?" said the girl, sighing. "Hey, how'd you know I was just rejected by my community?" asked Tom. "My name...Ramorah Ramone, and your question? You have the look...of a rebel in you Tom!" said Ramora. She rolled her eyes. "And not just the look either. The very soul, essence, and raw, rugged accentuated masculinity, you are me if I was a boy. Except I'd never be a silversmith, not even for a second" she added. "Wait, how'd you know that too?" asked Tom. "Huh? Anyway, Tom, I know nothing of which you speak, all I know is you've been neglectful to yourself. You should have left that weird rowdy guild of goobers long ago. You should live life for yourself and no one else. You have a sorceror's sack, I just know it, but those demons have been kicking you in the yarn balls, holding you back, haven't they Tommy?" said Ramora. "You really seem to know every detail of my life. Is this a dream?" asked Tom. "I can't tell you any of that out here. There's spirits amongst us. But I will tell you, those demons kicking you around could make someone turn evil couldn't they? They could make you do anything. Just to get a glimpse of the secret truths and joys of life!" said Ramora. "The thing is, you can't just turn yourself over to any cause. You have to make sure it resonates with you! Why don't you swim on up to the surface and come inside my house?" asked Ramora. "My dad would be so mad at me for this" said Tom. "Not true, I've met him, swell guy! And I'm so ready to do this!" replied Ramone. "Do what?" asked Tom. "Save your life, but, it's complicated" replied Ramone. So, Tom payed a visit to Ramora's house...oh, but her grandpa was there. The oldest cat wizard alive. "There are some things I need to tell you!" said Ramora. "What? Who the hell are you? Really?" asked Tom. "I'm your 'one' Tom. But only because I struck a deal with the devil, and your other 'one' was killed due to what I did. Also, the demons tormented you at a young age because of this. I did it because I was fed up with living in the woods. I wanted something more, kind of like what you want. I didn't realize what I was doing, the devil appeared in the form of something truly beautiful. I'm not your one true love, or your soulmate, I'm the one who sets you free, your guardian angel, in a sense, but not exactly. I don't teach power, I give power. My grandpa teaches power! I want you to meet him" said Ramora. "This is all so confusing" said Tom.