In Marie's last entry, there was no time for her to finish writing. Her mother, Sarah Lest, had taken her diary from her as a punishment for staying awake too late. To add on to the cruel punishment, her diary went up in flames the next day. That was the last seen of the diary.

Three dull years later, at the age of 19, Marie Lest married 20-year-old Cameron Whipple, who knew her brother, Artemis Lest, while the two boys were in the Revolutionary War.

When Marie and Cameron Whipple arrived in their house, Marie was told that her brother was killed on the third day of his enlistment.

When Marie's husband left to rejoin the army, she disguised herself as a man and tailed him, and disguised her name as Corey Cooke.

Forty years later, Marie died at 59 years old, on her birthday in 1819. None of her family members knew how.