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Andy sighed softly. He enjoyed waking up early in the morning. The beginning sounds of chirping birds and the slow rising rays of the sun always made the land around the cottage look so beautiful. The cottage was located in the forest where no kingdom owned the land. Andy lived here with his mother in solitude. They were a wealthy family but never really used their riches except to buy food for themselves or others. It was such a wonderful life.

"Andy honey, it's almost time for school."

His mother said softly as she sat on the side of the bed. She smoothed down Andy's light brown hair and smiled at him. "I don't want to go today. Can't I just stay home with you?" She chuckled and kissed his forehead. "You know you can't do that. You only have a week left then you're done with school for good. Just get this out of the way ok?" She looked deep into his green eyes. Andy hugged her. "Alright alright, I'll go."

"When you come home, I have a surprise for you."

Elsewhere, in a kingdom not too far away, Prince Taylor was bored out of his wits as his teacher droned on and on about last week's math lesson.

"And then you multiply it by-"

"0.98." Taylor groaned, finishing his teacher's sentence. "I wish you would let me finish Master Taylor." The teacher replied, frowning slightly. He had been teaching the young Prince for ten years. "But you do the same thing every week, go over last week's lesson then go on about the new one. I took down notes, I did my work, I gave you my homework, and I even recited six different math rules to you. I wish I was a commoner, they just go to school until they're fourteen while fifteen year old me still has a tutor. Even your name is annoying me, Felix." Taylor rubbed his eyes then slicked his blond hair back with his hand. He was handsome as most Princes were. He had short blond hair that was always kept back with gel while he really just wanted it to be unrestrained and flowy like the servants around him.

"Your highness, please pay attention…." Felix pleaded.

"Why don't you and Lyn go have fun and just leave me alone? It's obvious that you both love each other." The blonde mumbled.

Felix blushed. "W-we do not! What would possess you to think that?!" He exclaimed. "Whenever we take or break or whenever you two aren't around people, you're having sex in the stables. In my opinion, that's stupid because my father could-"

"Prince Lyn and I do NOT interact in such a manor!"

"Need I remind you of the words you said just as I happened to catch you two the first time?" Taylor eyed him challengingly. Felix's face was bright red, his cheeks puffed out in an adorable pout. No wonder why Lyn had taken a liking to him. "Fine, you are dismissed for the day." Taylor immediately stood up. "Thank you my good sir." He marched over to the door and opened it knowing full well that his older brother would be there waiting for Felix. "Hello Lyn. Quite rude for the future heir to the throne to be eavesdropping on his lover and little brother don't you think?" He asked. Lyn grinned as he walked past him. "It's only to bother said lover and to make sure said little brother is doing alright." He whispered. He walked over to Felix, pulled him close by his waist, and kissed him deeply. Taylor closed the door while shaking his head. He then went to the library and sat in the center of the many piles of books that he had sorted out to read.

"Mom I'm back from school!"

Andy called out as he walked into the cottage. His mother was in her best dress. It was dark blue and flowy, a large bow rest along her shoulder blades. "You're going on another date?" He asked her. She nodded happily, excitement practically flowing out of her. "I feel very good about tonight! I should be back late. You can stay out at the lake as long as you want, just don't forget to come home again ok?" She said as she hugged him. "Oh mom, before I go, I have someone I would like you to meet." He brought his hand into his pocket then slowly held it out to her, revealing a little mouse.

"Honestly Andy, you really need to stop bringing so many of them into the house. I don't want a repeat of nine years ago." She said, petting the little creature gently.

"You know they're my friends, mom. And I promise not to Snow White the place, again. By the way, her name is Della." Andy said, petting the shaking rodent.

"Well it is nice to meet you miss Della. I welcome you to our home and I hope you like it here."

"I-I shall miss. I love it here already. I've made so many new friends. I would never dream of leaving….." The mouse said softly. Andy hugged his mother one more time before heading out to the lake.

"Master Taylor, are you sure it's alright to be out here, in the forest, away from the castle?" The chubby servant asked.

"Come on Barley, there's nothing to be afraid of. Plus, I'm tired of staying all cooped up in the castle, besides, I always sneak out. It's nothing new." Taylor replied, stepping over a fallen tree. He had decided to drag his poor servant out with him to the lake. Said servant gasped and stopped in his tracks. "Every time you drag me somewhere, I get hurt and the both of us get in trouble! Whatever it is you're doing, I want no part in it! I'm going back to the castle." He exclaimed, turning back towards the way they came. Taylor shrugged.

"Suit yourself. It's not like I never go alone anyway."

Andy waded in the warm water of the lake. He loved coming here. People rarely came by so he was free to skinny dip, and it was the best place to be to watch the sunset and to look at the stars at night. Plus, it was so close to the forest that if he were to be discovered, he could easily turn to the trees for cover. He dove beneath the water's surface and began to chase the fish and play with the mice that frequently swam with him.

"Andy I'm hungry…."

A chubby mouse said. It was resting on the shore, not really wanting to join the others. "You're always hungry Allen." Andy said with a laugh as he splashed the little mouse.

"Now my fur is all wet!" He cried.

"Try to have a little sense of humor Allen! Why don't you come and swim with us?" Andy offered.

"Or sink." Mandy, one of the swimming mice, said. The other mice, except for Della, giggled at this. Allen frowned and moved further away from the lake. He went into Andy's pants pocket and pulled out the cookie that was in there. He ate while glaring at the other mice for making fun of him. Andy shook his head laughed. He began to return to his swimming when he heard the faint snap of a twig. He quickly sent the mice home and hid behind a tree to see who or what was making their way out of the forest. He wasn't going to stop swimming over something stupid as a robber. He had no money to give and had plenty of clothes in case his own were stolen. He looked down for a second when something bumped his foot. Allen had hid under Andy's shirt and slowly made his way to him. "W-what was that?" The mouse asked.


Taylor cursed under his breath as he stepped on a twig. He had heard voices coming from the lake and wanted to see who it was, maybe make a new friend. The snapping of the twig obviously alerted them because the voices stopped followed by the sound of retreating footsteps. He didn't mean to scare anyone. He remained still for a long while, hoping that someone was still there. When he heard no more sounds, he began to head back. The sound of a quiet splash caught his attention and so he went back to the lake. A light blush dusted his cheeks at what he saw. In the lake, a naked boy with brown hair was swimming around. Taylor couldn't take his eyes off of the slender body that cut through the water like a fish.

"Who are you?"

Taylor shook his head, breaking himself out of his trance. "W-what?"

"I said, who are you?" The boy repeated.

"I am Prince Taylor. Who are you?" Taylor asked. He tried to sound as friendly as he could. "My name is Andy. What are you doing here?" The boy asked. "I came to swim. I always come her to swim." Taylor replied truthfully. "Strange, I've been coming here to swim my whole life and I've never seen you here before." Andy inquired. He sounded suspicious. "I usually come here in the dead of night when no people are out. I just want to escape the castle."

Andy looked the Prince up and down. He wasn't lying about being of royalty. His clothing looked extravagant and expensive. "You can swim here if you want. This lake is for those who want to swim, fish, or look at the stars, though no one really comes here. It's just me." Taylor nodded and smiled. "Thank you very much." Andy watched him strip off his clothes, his muscles flexed as he removed them. Holy shizz he's hot! He thought to himself. He blushed darkly and sank deeper into the water. Once Taylor got to his underwear, Andy dove under the water and swam around trying to distract himself to calm his raging hormones. He nearly cried out when he bumped into the royal. Taylor sure was a fast swimmer. Andy slowly looked up at him, a dark blush on his face.

"You're pretty fast, wanna race?"

For the remainder of the day, the two males swam around, and talked about they're family matters and their lives. Andy learned that Taylor didn't really like being a Prince and just wanted to mess around like normal kids do. Though, Andy himself wasn't normal. He could talk to animals, enjoyed reading and skinny dipping, and he was attracted to guys. That wasn't really normal by the village's standards which was another reason why he enjoyed the forest seclusion. He looked up at the sky and gasped.

"I have to go. My mom doesn't really like it when I'm out this late."

He quickly swam to shore. "Will I ever see you again? Taylor asked. He turned and smiled at the Prince. "Of course! I'm always here swimming. Just come any time." The two of them nodded, said their goodbyes, then parted ways.

Andy groaned when he got to the cottage door. He was extremely tired and just wanted to pass out right there but that would worry his mother. He opened the door and stared wide-eyed at the three strangers standing in the middle of the room. "Mom…? Who are these people?" He asked. She hugged him happily with a giggle. "Andy, you remember Gerard, my boyfriend. These are his two daughters, Alexandria and Airdnaxela."

"Isn't her name just Alexandria backwards?" He raised an eyebrow. "Are they going to be staying long?"

"Silly! Gerard proposed to me!" His mother squealed. "We're getting married!"

Andy's jaw dropped. "M-married?! Was this the surprise you had for me?" He cried.

"Oh! No, my surprise is, I'm pregnant!"

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