WHAT! I, Apple-Chan, have decided to make Yaoi style stories! I got the idea by watching The Prince of Egypt, which is a great movie, , while watching it I thought 'Hey, what if this was a yaoi?' And so, I shall Yaoilize classic stories and/or movies! If you are super religious, I sugjest you skip the bible yaoi stories. I believe in God and read the bible what if it's not telling the truth? what if some of the guys were gay? It doesn't say they were straight, now without further ado, I give you Cinderella, Yaoi style!

Andy sighed as he relaxed into a nice sleep. Life was good with just him and his Mother. They were rich but Andy didn't care. He was happy living in their little cottage in the woods. "Andy wake up, time for school." "I don't want to go mom, not today." Veronica went over to her son. "Come on, you're almost done with it. After 1 more week, you're done with school forever." she said. Andy smiled and hugged his Mom. "Ok."

"And then you multiply it by-" "0.98." Taylor said, finishing his teacher's sentence. "I wish you would let me finish Master Taylor." The teacher said sternly. "Why? I already know this. Plus everytime it's break time, you leave with my brother and have sex in the stables." Taylor replied. The scholar blushed. "I- we do not do that! We're both males!" "Didn't say that when I caught you two that one time, 'Oh go deeper, it feels good!' " Taylor said mocking his teacher with a smirk. "D-dismissed!" "Thank you." With that Taylor got up and left the library.

"Mom I'm back from school!" Andy said as he walked into his house. "Ok dear. Go to the lake today, I'm going out til dark. If I'm not back til then, you know how to make dinner." "Really, I can go?" He asked as he stood infront of his Mom's door. It opened and his mom stood there with a grin. "You were gonna go anyway." "True. Oh Mom, the mice found a new friend." Veronica walked past her son. "Honestly Andy, why do you keep those, those, germs in the house?" "Mom they're my friends! Also they heard you, say sorry to Della." Andy said taking a mouse out of his pocket. Veronica pet her on her head.

"This is the only one I like." She said apologizing to the little fur ball.

"Love you mom, have fun." Andy said as they parted. He couldn't wait to get to the lake so he can reading a very interesting book.

"Master Taylor, I don't think we should be out here in the woods, away from the castle." "Come on Barley, I'm tired of staying in the castle. Besides, I always do this." Barley gasped. "You always leave the castle? You should have been in trouble along time ago! I'm going back." Taylor shrugged. "Go ahead, I'm still going to the lake." "Suit yourself."

Andy waded in the warm water and sighed as he went completely in the lake. He loved coming here because he could go skinny dipping all he wanted without getting interrupted. But if he somehow did get discovered, he could run into the trees out of view, put on his folded clothes hidden behind the big oak tree, and go home. He dived under, chasing the fish and playing with the mice who were swimming with him.

Taylor slowed down when he heard a splashing sound up ahead. He crept closer and was warry of the twigs and sticks so as not to scare whoever or whatever was swimming in the lake. "Zug zug... Andy I'm hungry." "You're always hungry Allen." Taylor heard up ahead.

Andy splashed the little chubby mouse who was resting on the bank of the lake. "You got my shirt all wet!" "Just have a sense of humor! Come on and swim with us!." Andy urged. "Or sink." Mandy said. All the mice giggled except Della. Allen got up and scurried alittle further away from everyone else. He pulled out a cookie and began to eat. Andy shook his head and laughed. But the fun was cut short when they heard a twig snap. He helped the mice out and sent them back to the cottage, but stayed so he could see what was in the woods watching them.

Taylor cursed as he accidently stepped on a stick causing the voices and laughter to stop and heard retreating scrurrying sounds. He was about to go back when he heard a splashing sound. He continued to press on until he was out of the woods. What he saw brought a light blush to his face. What he saw was a naked boy with tanned skin, black hair, blue eyes, and a feminine body. "Who are you?"

Andy stared at the taller male who stood 3 yards away. "I said, Who are you?" he repeated. "I'm Prince Taylor, and who are you?" "Andy fellings. What are you doing here?" Andy replied. "I'm here to swim and you?" "Same reason... I guess you can stay." Taylor nodded and began to strip off his clothing. Andy's eye twitched as he traced the Prince's muscles with his eyes. He had to get in the water so the other male couldn't see his excitement. 'I can't believe I got hard just by looking at him.' He thought.

Taylor chuckled as Andy got into the water knowing that the smaller male got excited.

The two of them talked about life, their homes, their family, and swam around until the sky darkened. "I have to go. My mom will get worried." Andy said as he got out the water. "Bye." "Goodbye." After that, Andy darted into the woods.

"Mom I'm home!" "Good! I want you to meet Geraid and his Two daughters Alexandria and Airdnaxela." His mom said. "They'll be staying with us, because Me and Geraid are getting married!" Andy's jaw dropped. "M-m-married?"

Chapter1, done and done. ^_^.