Name: Kagome Yamura

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Likes: Spiders, guns, water, marshmellows, explosions (bombs, firecrakers, ect), cookies, Yuki, Tohruka, her cat, adventure, milk, music, her sister, Evening, stars, big guns, not much else is known about her

Dislikes: Kyo, Mikado, Akio, dogs, school, staying home, missing targets, pistols, little guns, hippos, rice, ballons, bats, snakes

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Hair: Purple

Eye: Green

skin: slight pale

Markings: Star birthmark on her left breast, scar on right cheek by a bullet graze

Family: Mom, dad, sister

About: The Yamura's organization is Evening. They are split up in three groups, YamuraDark, YamuraLight, and YamuraEvening. They all come from the same family but work for different groups or on their own. So it's family versus family. YamuraDarks have black dogs and YamuraLight has white ones. Dogs and cats are mixed up with the YamuraEvening.

YamuraTop (Kagome's family): The head is Kagome's Mother since she is too young. Her Mother's name is Ruya she has no powers, her Cat's name is Zero. He has the power to take down enemies from the inside and can paralzy you if you are touched by the tip of his tail. Tonji is her father. He has the power to flatten objects with his mind and spot a foes pressure point by using his Dogs sight. He is blind. His dog Chero, is blind also but has the power to see internal body heat. Pressure points appear green and he shares this site with his master when needed. Rikozai is her sister. She has the power to heal any injury and the power to freeze time, she sometimes gets glimpes off the future but not all the time. Her paintings tell the future and everything else without her knowing until she is asked about it. Her Dog Banks, has the power to break into anywhere and anything undetected. She keeps her left eye closed, but when its open, it's a bright shade of purple and can make anyone crazy just for looking at it. She is advised not to use it unless nessassary. Kagome has the power to spot anyone and anything in the world and she can bring pictures to life. Her cat Uno has the power to find food or water and teleport objects to her or to others. Kagome and Kyo are just alike but hate eachother. What makes her more mad is that Kyo is marrying her sister. She used to be friends with Mikado even though they are enemies. She has a huge crush on Yuki and watches him every chance she gets. When she saw Mikado with the butterball, she flipped and now doesn't talk to Mikado, not that he talks back much. Kagome also has a crush on Tohruka but she's way older than her by 6 years to be exact.

Name: Rikozai Yamura

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Likes: her sister, kyo, Yuki, fire, Fruit, Meat, Painting, lemons, secretly likes yaoi, Crashing stuff on purpose, eating, football, classical music while painting, her dog, messing with Kagome, pulling pranks, scaring people

Dislikes: Cerial, rain, tiny mistakes on her paintings, high heels, dresses, broken glasses, loud people, idiots, bad yaoi, being hungry

Orientation: Straight

Status: Engaged

Hair: Sunset

Eye: silver

Skin: Pale

Markings: Burn marks on her back, arms, legs, breast, neck, and cheek

Personality: Quiet, sincere, impatient, short tempered, kind hearted, mystery

Hobbies: Setting people and objects on fire

A wide girn spread itself across the purple haired teens face as she spotted her target walking out of the bar. She aimed her sniper, her grin grew wider. "For a spy, you are so unsuspecting." the target looked up at her direction. "Super hearing huh? Well super hear this." she pulled the trigger and hit the man directly at his heart. The girl sighed and congradulated herself. "8 Dark tonight. Need to beat my record though. While I'm waiting, let's see how Yuki-poo is doing now that he's out of the hospital." she giggled to herself, knowing what the white haired male would be doing at this time. She looked over his body as he took his shower. Watched his hands go up and down his body applying soap where needed. "Agent Kagome, you are wanted home." Kagome growled. "Tell them the mission was successful and that I'll be missing dinner today." she said, still watching Yuki. "If only those hands were on me, I don't care what they decide to-"

"You are still wanted Agent Kagome." the agent on the tranciever said.

"Agent Torus, what time is it?" she asked, finally forced to open her eyes. "8-8:34"

"Yes, 8:34. And what did I tell you that I do around, 8:34? If you remember, it would be smart of you to leave me alone."

"Sorry sir. I-I'll leave you alone." Kagome sighed. "Finally." she said as she closed her eyes. "He's just about to get out of the shower. Wait a minute... Is-is that Mikado?! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS HE DOING OVER YUKI-PIE"S HOUSE?!" She yelled. "Attention asshole, I repeat, calling asshole." Kagome picked up the phone and let out a frustrated yell. "The fuck you want Kyo?"

"Kyo to asshole. You were told to come back." she packed her weapons hurriedly and shook Uno awake. "I was just wrapping up, Dipshit." she said. Uno yawned and began to stretch. "Come on stupid cat." Kagome said impatiently. Uno glared at her and mumbled stuff in her cat language then teleported Kagome and herself, to the weaponry room. "Even Yuki can wrap up faster than you and he's an inexperienced Pussy."

"Don't talk about your brother that way." Chahiko's voice could be heard in the background. "Kagome, we came over for dinner. Yuki should be here soon." she said. Kagome growled. 'He's only being held up cause Mikado is there. Stupid Mikado.' "Calling Agent asshole, use your little 'super sight' and see your present.' Kyo said. Kagome used her sight and spotted Kyo. He had his middle finger up. "Asshole."


"You shouldn't be here." Yuki said as Mikado hugged him. "I know but I wanted to see you. I was worried about you since we haven't seen eachother in 3 months." the Dark haired male said as he kissed Yuki on his forehead. "But what if Kyo comes back? Or my parents?"

"Miomi is outside standing guard with Yoku. So we have time to ouselves until you have to go-"

"Surprise bitches!"

"Goddamnit Kagome!"

"Hi Kagi-Chan!"

Yuki hugged her. Kagome made an evil smirk towards Mikado while Yuki hugged her. Mikado's face looked confused and creeped out ( 0.o ). 'Um ok then.' he thought. "Hows my Yuki pie been huh? How are you?" Kagome talked to Yuki like a mom would to a six year old. "I'm good! I was just about to head over to your house for dinner." Yuki said.

"Who wants a treat?"

"I do I do!"

'Weirdest conversation ever.' Mikado thought as he watched the two bicker like girls.

Meanwhile outside, Miomi, Yoku and Uno sat on the roof bored out of their wits. "What's taking him so long?" Mimoi groaned. "I swear if they're having sex, I'm going to scratch the hell outta Mikado's face again!" Yoku hissed. "With Kagome there? I doubt it. But I do know that Yuki will be raped or become kagome's slave if he stepped in front of her willingly." Uno pointed out. After a long silence, the three of them just messed with their powers. Uno kept teleporting and reteleporting a can of tuna, Miomi scratched the roof and made a low rumbling sound, and Yoku screamed in every passers by head to throw them off (even the other animals).

"Miomi! Let's go!"

"You too Uno!"

"I have your treats Yoku!"

The three cats jumped up happily. When they sat in front of their owners, Uno and Miomi glared at Yoku then at their owners. "Who wants a treat?" Yoku reached up with her paws for the food. 'Yoku does Yoku does!' Mikado felt holes being burnt in his chest, he looked down. "What?" 'Why don't I get treats like Yoku?' Miomi asked him. "You know I can't understand you." Mikado groaned then picked up Mimoi by the scruff of her neck. The black cat wiggled her body around and meowed. 'Noooooo I want a treeeaaat!' but Mikado had already teleported.

"Hello oreo."

"The hell you want Akio?"

"Oh nothing, just that there are rumors that you are actually a Fag."

Mikado threw his pillow at his pain-in-the-ass-brother. "It's not Fag, that's the name of the species mom and dad refossilized you from, and it's none of your business if it's true or not." he hissed as he burried his head into his pillow. Then he turned over and stared at the ceiling. "Why the hell are you still in my room?" Mikado asked. "If you're not a fag, then this shouldn't bother you." Akio climbed on top of Mikado and kissed him. "W-what the hell?! Akio, get off! Quit messing around, you're my brother! If this is a joke, you're taking it to far!" The Dark haired teen tried to get from beneath his brother but Akio had him pinned to the bed. He began to get afraid, was Akio serious? "You're mine Mikado. I don't care if you're my brother, and nobody else can have you. Now I'm going to show you, how much I love you." Now Mikado was really afraid. Akio was serious, and he couldn't escape. Akio had him trapped, not even his powers were working and it scared him even more as he stared into the lustfilled eyes of his brother. "I realized my new power along time ago. After I took Kagome's mother's powers, I decided to take yours for now, until I'm done, then you can get them back." Akio said. "S-stop playing around Akio. G-get off." Akio lowered himself until he was next to Mikado's ear. "Oh I'm not playing little brother. I'm really going to make you mine."

Yuki sat on the docks, lazily swinging his legs, the tips of his toes tapping the surface of the water. Where was Mikado? He told Yuki to meet him there. Yuki sighed. He waved his hand over the water and watched as it followed it. It was unlike Mikado to be late. Yoku stretched then turned the other way. Yuki hated the dark and wished that Mikado would hurry up. He tried to call him for a 24 time, sent him a 56 text, yet he still didn't reply. 'Mikado?' Yuki tried to call through his mind but he didn't answer. "Mikado, you big meanie..." he whispered as he began to cry. (A/N I can't stand a crying Yuki... Don't worry Yuki, I'll get you all the kiwi, and stickers you want!) "Let's go Yoku." he said, but when he turned to her, the white furball was gone. "Y-Yoku? Yoku where are you?" Yuki stood up and searched for his missing cat, forgetting about his shoes. As he rounded a corner, a hand covered his mouth then he was pulled back and thrown into a truck.

"Holy shit Yuki!" Kagome shouted. "Have you been spying on him this whole time?! I am disappointed in you Kagome, what a useless waste of your powers, especially at the dinner table! How do you expect to-"

"Mom, it's not like that. Yuki has just been kidnapped!" she said with fear in her voice. "What?!" Rikozai shouted as she walked into the house. "Contact the Maras and quickly! Yuki has been taken." Two agents nodded then exited to head quarters. They took off their mask and sighed. "Well what do think about that Mob Bunny?" one asked. "I think that it's messed up, I was going to do that!" She replied angerily. "Well hey, he's a kinda, you know, a femboy, and so fucking adorable, who wouldn't want to kidnap him?"

"The bunny that lost against him in the cute contest." Demon face palmed. "Look tell the bunny, it's over with, he lost, he needs to deal with it and- I mean someone human!" she yelled. They turned on the transmission and tried to keep on a straight face as an extremely tired Kyo popped up with drawings on his face. "What?!" he mumbled. "Uh hehe uh yeah, Y-yuki has been hehehehe ahem, he's been kidnapped... again." Mob Bunny said. Demon was on the floor trying to hold in her laugh. "What the fuck is wrong with her?" Kyo growled. "Pffffh *cough cough* Uh heh she's not feeling well. Hehehe..." Mob Bunny replied as her eye twitched along with the corners of her lips as she tried to fight back a smile. "Fine... sigh... Damnnit Yuki, Mom! Yuki's been kidnapped!"

"*Hack Wheeze* hehehehe Oh Dear God my stomach. Hahahahehehehe *gasp!*" Demon laughed quietly. She rolled around until she disappeared beneath the control panel. "T-that is all. Cough ehehahahaha hee hahahaha cough cough." Bunny was failing at trying to hold in her laughter but as soon as Kyo got off the monitor, the two burst out laughing.

"Ahahaha! Oh my God did you see what was written on his forehead?!"

"Oh shit that was so funny! Ehehehahahahaeheheehe."

"He had penis on his head, Penis! Ehehehe!"

"Shh shh he's calling back he's calling back."

Kyo's face popped up back on screen. "Are the Yamura's getting forces ready?"

"Pahahahahahehehahehahe gasp! *cough cough* He still got it!"

"Hey Kyo did you- what the hell is on your face?!"

"What do you mean?"

"The Yamura's are ready, hehehehehe, signing out."

"Oh God I think I'm gonna laugh my stomach out!"

"Commander Demon, Commander Mob Bunny, everyone is in position. The Yamura's are ready when you are." The messenger waited for the two to stop laughing before continuing. "They would like to see you at once." Demon waved him away as she doubled over in another fit of laughter.

Sadly, this is all I have for part 2 since I finally got a chance to type what I wanted but I hope you liked and hope you won't hurt me for the long wait. Viva la Demon!