~ The Secret is out, and War is Coming ~

"They are coming," the voice echoed through the large room. "They think that they can change their fate. But finally, after nearly 6000 years, we have forced them back into the dark, cold pits whence they came."
The voice paused for dramatic effect,
"We will not let them leave!" the voice rose in anger "To long have we let them walk on land, turning people against us, burning our kin! We will not let them change their fate."
The room erupted in applause and cheering.

A young man sat on the edge of the room silently, his mind occupied. He agreed with his people, of course he did, but.. the Mer surely weren't as evil as everyone claimed they were. Not if the one he had met was anything to go by.

The meeting ended soon after, and people slowly left, making their way home for the night.

"Mr Robins, How nice of you to join us. I haven't seen you at a gathering for nearly a year, what have you been doing with your time?" the voice from before called the young man from his musings.
"This and that, keeping tabs on interests, mostly university," Daniel Robins told the tall, imposing figure walking towards him. As much as he could not lie to the leader of the NightWalkers, he could omit certain details, especially in regards to who he was attending university with.

"Sleeping with your fish whore I expect," the Leader threw him an insult which did more than just sting. Daniel had tried to keep his relationship with Sera a secret, because he didn't want the Leader to ask him to perform a task he did not wish to do, he would hae no choice in the matter, and he wanted to avoid using his girlfriend as a stepping stone for his people.
Daniel felt shocked, and slightly appalled. He might be a NightWalker, and she a Merfolk, but their customs never normally allowed such vulgar terms in reference to a partner. The partner of a NightWalker was their main source of food, and as such, usually a topic for delicacy.

"You ever hear the saying boy, that You are what you eat?" the Leader sniggered.

"You know I'm a NightWalker, Leader," Daniel said as calmly as he could.

"Oh? Do I? You seem to think highly of yourself, given how you've slept with the enemy"

"She doesn't know who I am! Hell, I didn't even know who she was until she went to the Venice meeting, and since then they've all been underground, so to speak," Daniel tried to defend himself.

"Venice?" asked a woman hiding in the shadows nearby. She is one of the Leaders guards, Daniel realised.
"That is interesting, you see, we'd always been under the impression that their meetings were in France," the woman continued. Daniel felt a wave of dread wash over him. He wasn't sure where this was going, but it couldn't be somewhere good.

"Oh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel," the Leader reached out and put an arm around his shoulders, "Wherever did you go wrong? You had an astonishing father you know, he was one of my highest ranked guards, if it hadn't been for the death of your grandfather before his ascension to Leader, you would be next in line. Unfortunately Merfolk killed them both before you were born, but then, you knew that didn't you?"

Daniel had known that, it was a story that his mother had told him often. His mother was an average human, but she knew about the war between the two races. How could she not, since she paired with a NightWalker.
"A single person killed them, not by the entire race," Daniel muttered.
The Leader let his arm drop,
"It seems that your human mother has worn off on you a little too much, what a shame,"
he sighed, as though making a hard decision.
"I think you have to prove yourself little boy, prove that you aren't a silly Mer-loving creature and just as responsible for the death of your family as they are, and that you are a true NightWalker, like your father before you, and tell me, where is their citadel? Where is Atlantis?"
Daniel swore inwardly, that was what the Leader had wanted from the beginning. The location of Atlantis. It wasn't enough that they were wiped from the surface, he had to attack them in their city as well.
He had to tread carefully here, if he told the Leader he didn't know, then he could be asked to track Sera down, assuming she wasn't in Atlantis, and try to retrieve that information, which he couldn't say no to, even if he tried. If he said he did know, which he didn't, the Leader would see straight through that, and have him suffer the death penalty here and now for siding with the enemy.
"I see, still trying to protect your pet are you Mr Robins?"
Daniel stood stock still, trying to find a way out of what he knew would happen next... the Leader would make him find out.

"By the order of your Leader, I command you to learn the location of Atlantis and
it's weaknesses and report back to me, using whatever means necessary to carry out your task…"

Daniel found he couldn't stop his body from marching towards the exit. He had no hope of regaining control now. An order from the Leader could not be ignored, or disobeyed.

"Oh, and Daniel," the Leader stopped him at the door. "You aren't allowed to tell them anything about us…"

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