Meanwhile - Back in Atlantis
Breeze's POV
Breeze swam through the dimly lit streets of the city. The water around her was clear, but at this time of night, it looked murky and foreboding. It wasn't often that marine predators strayed into the city, but when they did it was on nights like this.
Uneasy, she swam a little faster.
It was pleasant, seeing the city vibrant with life like it had once been, before everyone decided to stay on the land, but the circumstances in which it had occurred were less than desirable, and suspicious.

Years ago, when Breeze had still been on the elder council, there had been talk of forcing everyone to return to the water. It had very quickly been dismissed, since it eliminated free will, one of the many aspects of mer-life that we were proud of. Gwen and her then mate, who had not been on the council, was one of the main supporters for the idea. She had spoken of the mer folk above being an abomination, not respecting the traditional ways. It had been unfounded, outrageous talk, and yet she managed to win over a fair few supporters, which had been unexpected. The council had addressed the issue by banishing Gwen's mate, one of the main ring-leaders, as well as several others. They had given Gwen the option of staying or going with her mate but she choose to remain behind and in the 70 or so intervening years between then and now she had been such a model citizen that when Breeze had stepped down from the council, Gwen had been nominated to take her place.

She was obviously the first suspect regarding how the fever had been first transmitted into the mer population. While it was certainly a NightWalker tactic to get the Merfolk to abandon the land which would allow the NightWalkers to have free rein on the unsuspecting human population it could have been accomplished without the co-operation of some merfolk, not with results as devastating as the ones that had been seen.

Breeze pondered the problem while keeping her eyes sweeping the murky water for any signs of danger.

Why was the baby that Sera carried so vital that it had to remain a closely guarded secret?

Breeze remembered her old mentor lying dead on the battlefield. One of the few times the merfolk had taken the fight to the enemy in olden times. She wasn't the only one there to hear his dying prophecy. Perrie, her close friend and another mer man by the name of Benjamin, all members of the same squad where there to hear it.

A Changeling is coming.
A Child half of Night and Half of Mer
It will be immune to the harshness of war,
And yet it will destroy.
The Changeling will destroy our races,
and in destroying our two races,
it will create peace on Earth.

Benjamin had been forced to leave before the end, to draw our attackers away and so had not heard Perrie's question to the dying mer-man.
"Mentor, how can we stop it?"
"You must not stop the child, for it is our saviour. If the child dies, then there is no hope for either race. The child must live!" the mentor had died before being able to elaborate.
Typical, Breeze chuckled to herself, the old man had always liked to make her figure the answers out by herself. She'd mourned his loss long ago and now only thought of him with fondness.

"I hope Sera is alright," Breeze sang quietly into the night.