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Alone With You On New Years

"Why did we leave Giles' New Years Party early?"

"Because I wanted some time alone with you."

"You're so selfish."

"You know you love me for it."

"I'm supposed to be driving." Zander groaned and fought to keep his eyes open. He was driving himself and his boyfriend Tristan back to his own home, which wouldn't be a problem if Tristan would stop trying to giving a handjob while he was doing it.

Zander shifted a bit, trying to squirm away from his boyfriend's skilled hands. "You know you want it." Tristan grinned and moved his hand back over Zander's crotch, squeezing. Maybe his boyfriend was drunk.

Nah. He did this when he was sober too.

"You're going to make me crash my dad's car. He'll kill me if I'm not dead already." He whimpered as his boyfriend rubbed him through his jeans. "Tristan, just wait until I get us home safely." Tristan rolled his eyes and pulled his hand back, but not before noticing the hard-on he had given his boyfriend.

"You want me." Zander whined and turned onto his own street, his erection pushing uncomfortably against his jeans.

"You know I do." He swallowed her and pressed on the gas a bit harder. "But not while driving."

"Stop being such a model citizen."

"I don't want to die while you're trying to seduce me!" Zander burst out, huffing afterwards. He desperately wanted Tristan to touch him, but he was more worried about getting killed by his father if something happened to his Chevy Camero rather than getting himself off.

Zander pulled into his driveway and cut the engine, resting his forehead against the steering wheel. His dark hair fell over his eyes and he reached a hand up to tug on his snakebites. "Are you just going to be nervous and do that cute thing with your snakebites you know I love or are you going to let me fuck you before the clock strikes twelve?" Zander groaned.

It really turned him on when Tristan talked like that.

They stumbled into Zander's room, hands roaming under clothes and lips molded to each other's. Tristan twisted around and pushed Zander against the door, immediately grounding his hips against his and making them both groan.

Tristan slipped his hand into Zander's and pressed his lips to his boyfriend's jaw, kissing his way down to the base of his neck. Zander let out a content sigh and tilted his head so that his boyfriend had better access. His lips brushed lightly along his neck, making Zander shiver. Zander rotated his hips again, wanting to feel that sensational friction—and he moaned when he did.

"I can feel your hard-on," Tristan murmured into Zander's ear, nibbling on his earlobe, his lip ring pressing against the warm skin.

"I can feel yours too," Zander panted, wrapping his free arm around Tristan's waist and pulling him closer. He hissed softly when he felt his boyfriend's erection pressing harder against his own. Right now, he wanted nothing else but both of their pants and boxers thrown across the room so he could feel Tristan directly.

Tristan pulled his hand away from Zander's and instead began to undo his boyfriend's deep purple button down at an agonizingly slow pace. With every button that he unfastened, he kissed the skin there, making Zander whimper. Finally, his shirt was completely open and Tristan lowered his lips to Zander's chest, grazing his teeth over his nipple. Zander's mouth opened to let out a moan—Tristan was toying with his weak spot.

"You always do this," Zander breathed, his eyelids drooping. His hands had slipped underneath Tristan blue v-neck and his fingers were running along his spine. Tristan pinched his boyfriend's other nipple, making him whisper a soft "oh god."

"I do it because I know it drives you crazy." Tristan nipped at Zander's nipple, chuckling against his skin when he shivered. "And I love it when you're crazy."

"I can b-barely think." Zander stuttered, squeaking when Tristan grabbed his erection through his jeans.

"It's okay," Tristan said softly, rubbing his boyfriend. "No thoughts are necessary for this." Zander threaded his fingers into Tristan's jet black hair and tugged as Tristan's thumbs flicked over his nipples.


"Yeah babe?"

"Take off your shirt." Complying, Tristan pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it beside him. He smiled at his boyfriend and kissed him, his hands running along his pale but slightly toned chest. Zander smiled into the kiss and pressed his lips harder to Tristan's, his tongue slipping into his boyfriend's mouth. Zander's fingers hooked into the loops on his boyfriend's jeans and pulled him closer, his arms snaking around his waist.

Tristan's hand moved to cup the back of Zander's neck, deepening the kiss. Zander's hands moved down to the button on his boyfriend's jeans, fumbling with it for a moment before he finally undid it. He pushed the dark jeans off of his hips and Tristan stepped out of them after they hit the floor, leaving him in a pair of black boxers.

Deciding to be bold for once, Zander thrust his hand underneath his boyfriend's boxers and wrapped his hand around him—Tristan groaned into the kiss.

"I love it when you take control," Tristan muttered, breaking the kiss and resting his forehead against Zander's shoulder. His boyfriend's hands grabbed weakly at his jeans, trying to unbutton them as Zander stroked him slowly.

It took Tristan a while to undo Zander's jeans—Zander had sped up the stroking and it was clouding his mind. He tugged down Zander's jeans and plunged his hand into his boyfriend's navy blue boxer briefs, stroking him as well.

Zander moaned softly and he rested his chin on his boyfriend's shoulder as they stroked each other. Zander's hand was moving fast over Tristan now, and his breathing was coming in gasps.

"Don't…don't make me come in my boxers," he breathed, his chest heaving and his hand slowing a bit over Zander. "These are my favorite pair." Zander continued to move over Tristan at the same speed, if not a little bit faster. Tristan had stopped stroking Zander completely now, his eyes squeezed shut. "I mean it," he gasped.

It was nice to be in control for once.

Zander knelt down and tugged down Tristan's boxers with him, freeing his erection. Tristan's hand had slipped out of Zander's boxers when he kneeled, and now he was supporting himself with both hands against the door. Smiling, Zander took his boyfriend into his mouth, sucking hard as his hand twisted in a corkscrew motion around him.

"O-oh f-fuck," Tristan muttered, his legs trembling. Zander began humming the tune of some unknown song, and the vocal vibrations sent Tristan over the edge. He came into Zander's mouth with a low moan, his breathing ragged. Zander immediately swallowed, running his hands up Tristan's thighs as he moved back up his body and Tristan stepped out of his boxers.

"You didn't think I'd let you ruin your favorite boxers, did you?" Tristan looked at his boyfriend, who had a sparkle in his eye. His cheeks were flushed, but he was smiling so genuinely that Tristan just wanted to kiss the life out of him.

But he'd make love to him first.

"Take off your boxers," Tristan said softly, and Zander complied, pushing them off his hips and stepping out of them, leaving them both naked except for the button down that was just barely hanging onto Zander's shoulders. "Now turn around." Zander turned so that he was facing the closed door, and he shuddered when he felt Tristan put one hand on his ass, the fingers of his other hand dancing along his hole.

"Do I need to get the lube?" Tristan mused, half to himself, as he pushed a finger inside of Zander, making his boyfriend groan.

"No." Zander said, his voice shaking. "We don't need it." He let out a soft moan, resting his forehead on the door, his hair hiding his face.

"Are you sure?" Tristan asked, his eyebrows pinned together. He and Zander had only gone all the way once before, and they had used lube. "It's going to hurt a little."

"Yeah," he breathed. He glanced over his shoulder at Tristan—his cheeks were still flushed, his normally bright blue eyes darkened with lust and half lidded. "Positive."

Well damn.

"If you insist," Tristan growled. He pulled his finger out and placed his tip against Zander's hole, Zander placing his hands on the door to brace himself.

"Go on," Zander whispered and Tristan nodded, pushing into his boyfriend a bit at a time until he was buried inside of him. Both of them groaned at the feeling. "Oh god," Zander murmured, taking a breath. Tristan leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Zander's shoulder blade, at the same time reaching around him and wrapping his hand around his penis.

"Let me know when you're good," Tristan whispered. Because of the feeling of his boyfriend squeezing him so hard, he was sure that he would've came if he moved right away. So it was good that Zander took a bit of time to get used to his boyfriend inside of him. Tristan stroked Zander slowly, and after a little while, Zander put his hand over Tristan's and moved it faster.

"I'm good," he said softly. "I'm so good."

And that was his cue.

Tristan began thrusting into Zander, who let out a small moan of pleasure every time Tristan pushed himself back into him. Tristan's hands were on Zander's hips now, and Zander stroked himself, slowly increasing his speed as Tristan thrust into him faster. Soon, the lovers were panting hard, close to their release.

"Do you…want me to…c-come inside you?" Tristan grunted out the question, sweat dotting his forehead which was hidden by his dark hair.

"Yes." Zander gasped, squeezing his eyes shut, his hand moving over himself faster. "Do it. Come inside me."

Those words and one final thrust was all it took.

Tristan tumbled over the edge, groaning loudly as he came inside Zander, his hand gripping his boyfriend's hips hard. Zander cried out as he reached his climax, coming onto the door in front of him. The boys shook together as they climbed down from their highs, and their legs finally gave out under them.

They collapsed to the floor, Tristan slipping out of Zander as they fell. The lovers lay together, Zander curled up into Tristan's side.

"We should probably try to make it to the bed," Tristan said quietly, enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend's fingers tracing his abs. Teasingly, Tristan slid his hand down to Zander's ass, sliding over the fabric of his button down that was clinging to his slightly sweaty body, and squeezed it, making him jump a bit. He chuckled.

"I don't know if I can move." Zander replied, his hand sliding from Tristan's abs to his penis, running his fingers along his length slowly in retaliation.

"You're fingers seem to be moving quite fine." Tristan said with a weak voice. Zander smiled and pressed a kiss to Tristan's jaw, his hand moving to hold Tristan's, their fingers lacing together.



"You know…you know that I-I love you, right?" Tristan smiled and kissed the top of Zander's head, his arm tightening around him.

"Of course I know. And I love you too." Zander let out a small sigh, one that sounded like a sigh of relief to Tristan.

"Good. I would hope you wouldn't just sex me up and run away."

"I would never do that to you. I care for you too much." Tristan frowned, looking hurt. "You should know that."

"I just…I don't deserve you. You can do way better than me and my mind is always thinking that—" Tristan silenced his boyfriend, cutting him off with a kiss. He felt Zander relax in his arms, their tongues tangling together.

"You're perfect for me, and you're the only one I want," Tristan told him when he pulled back from the kiss, brushing Zander's hair out of his eyes. "Remember that." Zander bit his lip and grinned.

"Okay," he replied, looking back into his boyfriend's green eyes. "I will."

"Happy New Year Zander."

"Happy New Year Tristan."

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