Taking Over Me

Summary: Tobie Rayford was a normal 19-year old studying Psychology. Paxton Wester was a ghost who was trapped in the same place he died in. Tobie has been having dreams about this ghost and finds out that they are psychically connected. Paxton has been dreaming of escaping the hospital for 20 years and he needs Tobie to make that happen. But will she give in to his demands or fight for her life?

Chapter 1

October 5th 2011, 5:36 a.m.

It happened again, the dream, the man.

Everytime I managed to go to sleep, especially when I went to bed, I would end up in that same bloodied and rusted building. It looked strangely familiar to a hospital because of the white walls, white desks, gahh, everything was white!

I would walk for a few seconds and then find myself glued to the spot. I had struggled to set myself loose, but it seemed like my feet were super-glued to the spot.

And then I would feel a presence, a presence that was full of hatred. I would hear a chuckle, it definitely sounded male. Then I would see the red, glowing aura as the man slowly approached me. It would fade out and then the glow would get stronger as he approached me.

I had a hard time seeing the man's features, but from what I definitely knew was that he had worn a pair of black jeans, shoes and a black jacket with a white shirt underneath. This time, I was able to move my head a little and I was able to look up.

I had seen a strong jaw, no sign of a stubble or anything. The lips on the man's face were curved into a dark smirk but I hadn't gotten the chance to see the rest of his face.

His lips would brush against my skin and he would speak words that I couldn't hear.

And that's when I woke up.

I don't know if these dreams could mean something or if my consciousness is just out of whack. Either way, the man frightened me and from what my gut tells me, he's dead and a ghost in that strange hospital.

God, I can feel the goose bumps on my skin right now. I'm done writing for now.

October 5th, 2011. 5:42 a.m.

Tobie sighed as she saved the journal and closed out of it. She rested her elbows on her desk and leaned her head in her palms, rubbing her emerald eyes tiredly.

Three hours.

She had gotten only three hours of sleep because that man had interrupted her dreamless sleep.

The dreams had been going on for only a couple days and she was tired as hell. Tobie ran a hand through her long raven hair and then got up off her chair and went to the bathroom. She switched on the light and opened the medicine cabinet, bringing out a 5-hour energy bottle.

She gulped down the entire thing and threw the bottle away, then stripped and headed into the shower. Tobie took a quick shower and got dressed, fixing herself breakfast since it was only 6:30 now.

When 7:00 came around, Tobie heard her cell phone go off and she hurried into the living room to answer it. "Hello?" she questioned.

"Heya bestie. How'd you sleep last night?"

Tobie sighed in relief, pinching the bridge of her nose. It was only Ashley, her best friend. "I only got three hours if that's what you want to know. But I gulped down a 5-hour energy bottle, so I should be good for a while."

"Jesus." Ashley muttered. "If you keep having those dreams, you'll have to invest in more of those 5-hour energy drinks."

Tobie chuckled a little. "Maybe. I might be late to class, I'm gonna stop at Mrs. Seymour's office, tell her what's going on."

"Alright. I'm sure Professor Powell won't mind."

"Okay. I'll see you in an hour or so."

"See ya."

Tobie hung up and slipped her phone into her pocket. She then grabbed her backpack, shoved her shoes on and headed off.

Mrs. Seymour, a young married woman was patient and understanding as Tobie told her about her dreams.

"I find it weird that I'm studying Psychology and these dreams are happening." Tobie commented.

"How long have these dreams been going on?" Mrs. Seymour asks, her pen and pencil in her hand.

"About a couple days." Tobie replied, leaning back in her seat and rubbing her eyes tiredly. "God…I don't know how long I can put up with this. It's the same person and the same place every damn time."

"Has he spoken to you?" Mrs. Seymour asks.

"Yes, but I can't hear what he's speaking. And he basically gives off an aura that screams danger, not to mention the red aura surrounding him."

"Hmm, interesting." Mrs. Seymour mused. "Here's something I found out a couple years ago. When someone dies, they give off a colored aura that tells what they died of. A ghost with a blue aura means they died of sorrow or sadness. A ghost with a white aura means they died of or with purity or innocence. But in your dream ghost's case, red means he died with hatred left when he was still alive."

"Do you think he might still be angry, even in the afterlife?" Tobie questions, her emerald eyes glancing over at her counselor.

"That could be the case." Mrs. Seymour replied and then her watch beeped. She looked at her watch, realizing the time. "Oh dear. You're 30 minutes late. Run along Tobie. If you have anymore problems, don't hesitate to come to me."

"Alright, thanks." Tobie grabbed her backpack, swinging it over her shoulder as she left the office.


He sat on the bloodied hospital bed, his chin in his palm and deep in thought. Who was this strange girl he kept seeing when he slept?

She was strange, but she feared him. And he knew. He could practically smell the fear, even though she tried to contain it within herself.

He smirked darkly to himself. The next time he saw her, he would make his move. Maybe she could be the ticket to getting him the hell out of the hospital that he so dire to escape from.

He could easily possess a human body, like he had done to a ghost hunter weeks ago. But the human didn't have what he needed and he had to leave the body, frustrated over his failed attempt to leave.

Suddenly, a woman with blue aura surrounding her ran into the room and to him, grabbing his jacket and shaking him roughly. "You bastard! You killed me! How could you? How could you kill so many innocent people?"

Paxton Wester smirked darkly and threw the woman off with an energy blast, where she hit the wall. Paxton stood up, his hand glowing dangerously as he powered up another blast. "Innocent? Oh, none of you were innocent. You took a child away from his family and isolated him from the world."

"B-but we had no choice!" the woman whimpered, trembling in fear at Paxton's sight.

Paxton scowled. "No choice? You had a choice; all of you did and you wasted it on an innocent boy." And then he fired the blast, disintegrating the woman and hearing her last scream of fear.

"Ah," he sighed in content, looking up and closing his dark brown eyes. "I love it when they beg for mercy." He opened his mouth and laughed.

A laugh that echoed throughout the hospital and tore fear into the other ghosts inside.