Taking Over Me

Chapter 15

The two finally reached the back of the warehouse and snuck out before the police could catch up to them. Tobie landed on her feet, wincing a little. "So, what now?" she questions the ghost.

He was silent for a moment before speaking. "Well, we have two choices. One, we run or two, we confront the Croft and kill them."

"I vote for number one." Tobie replied. "Confronting them would be suicide, but since you're already dead, it doesn't matter to you."

He glanced at her. "Are you afraid?"

"No." she snorted.

"Tobie, we both know by now that you can't lie to me." he smirked.

Tobie sighed. "Alright, I'm afraid. I'm afraid of this prophecy thing and that something bad is gonna happen."

"It won't."

"How do you know?" she glared at him slightly. "You don't even know which side you're on." she shoved her hands into her pockets.

"My own." Paxton answered.

"There is no your own side!" she shouted. "It's either the Devil's or God's side and quite frankly, you haven't picked one yet! You're either good or evil!"

Paxton rolled his dark eyes. "My dear, we are the only two left. They have already captured your friend and Nickolaus. What more, your parents don't believe you and your former best friend hasn't tried to help you at all. The only person you have left is yourself and I."

Tobie looked down at the ground and then sank to her knees, sitting on them. He was right; she had no one to count on but him and herself. She was truly alone. She hung her head and her shoulders trembled as tears stung the corners of her emerald eyes.

Paxton saw her shoulders tremble and he felt a strange...feeling in the bit of his stomach. He blinked. Was he going...soft?

No, he couldn't afford it, not now, not ever. He was never a person to be soft or gentle, always rough and demanding. Of all the ghostmediums in the world he could've had a psychic link to, it brought him to Tobie.

Yes, he was full of joy to have escaped that hospital and he needed it. But why did it bring him to a girl who was clearly terrified of him (well, not as much as before) and basically ruined her life?

He came to one, simple, yet unbelievable conclusion.

He needed her.

Paxton never thought he would have to actually depend on someone. He was always independent, even as a child. But now he needed this girl more than anything and true, she needed him too.

It wasn't a want, it was a need.

And right now she was sobbing on the ground, afraid of future and possible events.

Tobie wiped at her eyes roughly. How could she just break down like that in front of him? She couldn't allow her weakness to show and hell, she just admitted she was scared of dying.

She didn't hear the footsteps walking towards her or Paxton crouching down to grab her arms and standing her up. She glanced up at him, sniffling as he wiped the tears away from her eyes. "We can't afford for you to be weak, the Croft will be expecting that."

Tobie looked down at the ground when he let go of her face and then trailed after him. They walked through the woods and finally came to a large, empty area.

Paxton stopped, causing Tobie to stop. "Get down."


"I said get down!" he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her down with him as a bullet whizzed past her head and hit the tree right beside her. "Follow my lead and keep your head down."

She carefully trailed after him and looked up a little, not watching where she was crawling. "Watch it." Paxton grabbed her wrist before it hit the ground and she looked down and saw a bear trap. "That thing would've sliced your hand off, watch where you're crawling."

She exhaled as he led her around the bear trap and then yanked her up. "Stay here."


"Don't ask questions." he growled. "Just stay here and whatever you hear, don't leave." and then he walked away.

Tobie stayed behind the tree and that's when she heard yelling, screaming, shouting and then a loud gunshot. She heard it hit flesh and a groan.

"Paxton...?" she whispered and glanced around the tree. Paxton stood in the middle of the wide area, guns pointed at him. He was glancing down, one hand raised to his chest. "No...Paxton!" she ran out from her hiding spot and ran to him.

It seemed like everything went in slow motion as she ran towards him. He turned to her and she saw a gunshot wound in his chest and it was bleeding. "Tobie..." he grunted and then lost his balance, beginning to fall forwards.

"Paxton!" Tobie cried his name and when she reached him, she held out her arms to catch his falling form. But to her utter and complete horror, he bursted into a million tiny particles, which flew around and faded away.

"Tobie..." his voice was a whisper in the air.

She watched with wide eyes as the particles vanished. "Paxton...?" she whispered, sinking to her knees. The tears came first and then she screamed out his name in grief.

The police officers and Croft members slowly approacher her. "Tobie," Tobie sniffled and glanced up, seeing a man with thick brown hair and green eyes. "It's over. Turn yourself in."

What could she say? They killed Paxton and there was nothing she could do about it. "What if I don't?"

"Then I'll kill your friends." the man gestured to Nickolaus and Stevie, who were being held captive by officers and Croft members.

"I don't care about them. Go ahead and kill them." Tobie replied coldly, turning her head away. God, she was starting to sound like Paxton. All she wanted to do was kill the Croft and set her friends free, but she couldn't get captured. "I won't surrender." she stood up and then ran off.

The man commanded for the officers to shoot at her and they did. Tobie dodged the bullets, running towards the railing.

"Stop!" the man commanded.

She grabbed the railing, leaped over it and into the river. The man and the officers arrived to see the ripples disappear. "I want her found! Now!" the man said angrily.


A Croft member, dressed in what looked like a SWAT suit, glanced around the water, finding any sign of the girl.

"Any sign of her?"

He spoke into the walkie-talkie. "Negative. I'll meet up back with you guys and-." he stopped speaking when he felt something sharp plunge into his back. He screamed out in pain and the object was taken out. Something cold and metal was pressed against his throat and sliced through the tender skin.

Blood poured out from the wound and he gasped and gurgled, falling to the ground and going limp.

The figure, soaked from head to toe, glanced down at the man and then rinsed the blade off in the water. She slid the knife back into her boot and then spoke.

"Watch out...I'm coming for you." and she quickly ran off before more arrived.