Chronicles of Hell

Summary: Jinx has been hunting down Rodrick Ryland for four years and now she and her team have him finally cornered in Sails, Kansas. Waiting for a transport to pick them up, Jinx and her team huddle up at the Sails police station. Soon, they realize that the town of Sails has a darker past and that they must work together in order to survive.

Chapter 1

The mall was packed with people. People were shopping for birthdays, the 4th of July and other holidays that seemed important to them. A woman of 22-years old was standing on the second floor, looking down at someone on the first floor with binoculars. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled into a messy ponytail with her long bangs hanging in front of her face.

"Still got him in yer sights Jinx?"

Jinx Littlefield spoke into the walkie-talkie. "Yep, got him right in my sights. We have him surrounded; he ain't going anywhere."

"Alright, but you can't go after him if he figures it out. We may end up losing him."

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know." Jinx muttered, looking at the murderer through the binoculars. Rodrick Ryland was a man in his late twenties, with very short brownish-black hair and wore goggles over his eyes.

He was taller than her and most of her team, over six feet. He was also very muscular, had large biceps and toned skin.

Jinx growled low in her throat. This was the man who was responsible for her father's death and she wasn't going to let him get away this time.

Suddenly, Rodrick stopped walking around and started looking around. "What the hell is he doing?" she muttered to herself.

"Ow, shit!" Lazarus Crook said loudly on the other line.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Jinx asks.

"Yeah, I knocked over a vase and fell in the pieces-crap."


"He's looking right at you Jinx."

Jinx looked down and saw Rodrick looking up at her from where he was standing. Then, he turned and began to walk away. "I don't freaking think so!" she whispered and got on the edge of the railing.

"Jinx, no! We can't afford it!"

"He killed my father Lazarus! I'm not letting him get away this time!" Jinx growled and then she jumped. She landed in a cart full of pillows and quickly jumped out, going after Rodrick as he broke into a run. They both ran through the mall and to the stairway.

Rodrick was much faster than her, but Jinx easily kept up. She ran up stairway after stairway until she heard the roof door slam open. She grinned to herself. "Gotcha." She whispered and hurried to the roof.

Rodrick was standing in the middle of the roof, watching Jinx approach him.

"Looks like you ain't escaping this time." Jinx breathed and brought out her gun, aiming it at him. "Surrender now and I won't put a bullet through your brain."

"You won't kill me." Rodrick spoke, sighing. "I'm worth more alive."

"It's not about the money." Jinx shook her head. "It's about revenge."

Rodrick laughed. "What do you know about revenge? You're still young."

"You're the cause of my father's death!" she shouted. "Ashe Littlefield, remember him?"

"Listen, I've killed a lot of people throughout my years. I'm not going to remember one man from many years ago." Rodrick pointed out.

"Oh?" she growled. "You aren't just responsible for my father's death, but for my whole family's!" and then she fired.

Rodrick easily dodged the bullet by bending backwards and running towards Jinx as she fired once more. He grabbed her wrist, the same one that held the gun and twisted her arm behind her back, his other hand going to his belt.

"Let go!" Jinx snarled, struggling to get her arm free. But then she felt the tip of a dagger poke her spine and she froze. "You gonna kill me?"

"To be honest," Rodrick paused, tilting his head a little. "You're not worth my time." And then he released her, roughly pushing her away.

Jinx landed on her knees and she glared up at Rodrick as he stared down at her with his goggle-covered eyes. "You're not worth killing." And then he took a running sprint, jumping off the building. Jinx saw him land on a building several feet away and then disappear quickly.

Jinx shrieked and punched the concrete before her. "Shit!"

"Jinx, did you catch Rodrick?" Lazarus asks.

Jinx sighed angrily and spoke into the walkie-talkie. "No. Regroup Lazarus. I'll meet you guys up front."

"You let him get away?" Kelvin Denson questioned. Kelvin was a self-centered man of 32-years old with thick, black hair and dark eyes. He glared down at Jinx.

"He could've killed me tonight." Jinx replied somberly, lifting the backpack onto her shoulders.

"So?" Kelvin snarled. "If I were you, I would've waited until the time was right."

"Alright, that's enough! Both of you!" Lazarus said, getting between the two. Lazarus was always on Jinx's side, being her best friend and all. "Now, this is not Jinx's fault. We clearly understand why she was so tense about going after Rodrick. What if he killed your family?"

Kelvin just rolled his eyes and scoffed, walking to the van. Jinx shoved her hands into her pockets, hanging her head and letting her bangs hide her face. Lazarus sighed and put his hand on her shoulder. "Y'know, it's not your fault."

"Of course it's my fault Lazarus. I let Rodrick get away." Jinx sniffed. "If I hadn't been so weak, I could've gotten him."

Lazarus pulled the girl into a hug, making her stiff for all two seconds before she returned his hug. He always thought of Jinx as he little sister. They had each other for family. "Don't blame this on yourself. We weren't ready to catch him."

Jinx buried her face in his shoulder, sighing heavily. "I know…..but he was this close Lazarus. That close and he only got away."

"You've been hunting this guy for how long?"

"Four years." She mumbled, her voice muffled in the flesh of his shoulder.

Lazarus just laughed a little, his hand coming up to her head to pat it. "You've been obsessed with the guy Jinx. But I know how much catching this guy means to you and by all costs, we'll get him."

Jinx sighed. "I hope so."

The ride back to their HQ was a good four hours. Lazarus was the one driving while Jinx was sitting in the front passenger seat with her feet on the dashboard. She stared out the window, out into the night sky as the scenery passed them.

With a small sigh, she closed her indigo eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

"You can't go!" her mother's voice cried. "You've been obsessed with this murderer for years!"

"Sasha, he almost harmed Jinx! I have to go after him!"

13-year old Jinx heard her parents fighting. She remembered a year ago, when she first met Rodrick Ryland. She had been almost assaulted by a mugger, but she had managed to fend him off and ran to the station where her father worked.

While she had been sitting in her father's office, she had heard a loud crash from outside. Curious for her age, Jinx left the office and saw her father pointing his gun at a man wearing black goggles.

"Put your hands up now!" her father had shouted.

The mysterious man raised his arm, the one with the hand that held a sharp dagger. All of a sudden, the man's gaze went to Jinx. Jinx's indigo eyes stared into the man's goggled covered ones.

Jinx's father noticed and looked over his shoulder to see Jinx. "Jinx?"

Then, her father cried out when the man slashed his arm and quickly ran off.

Jinx remembered the way the man looked at her. With curiosity. All of a sudden, Jinx heard a loud gunshot from downstairs. Frightened, she hurried downstairs to see her mother with a gun in her hand and her father's body on the ground.

"Mom….." Jinx whispered, causing her mom to turn to her.

"I have to kill all witnesses!" her mother's frantic voice ran throughout Jinx's mind like a broken tape recorder.

Jinx barely escaped the first gunshot and using a move her father had taught her, she did a back flip, smacking the gun out of her mother's hands and catching it with her own. Jinx landed on one knee, staring up at her mother. "Why did you shoot dad?"

Jinx did not realize until now that her mother had a knife until she shrieked like a wild banshee and came at her.

Jinx did not realize until now that she had accidentally pulled the trigger out of panic and she saw blood spray into the air. Her mother gave a small, audible cry as blood began to seep from her throat.

And then she was dead.