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Warning: Gay sex. You have been warned.


Friday Fun

"Don't you love Fridays?" Giles glanced at Zander as they headed towards the front of Kingsbury High School. Giles' messenger bag was slung across his body, and bounced against his hip as he walked.

Zander flipped his hair out of his eyes and grinned at his best friend. "Of course. Who doesn't?" Giles chuckled and smiled.

"Good point. Hey, are you hanging out with…" Giles trailed off when he saw his girlfriend, Reina, at her locker and his eyes lit up. Sliding up behind her, he cupped his hands over her eyes and whispered to her: "Happy Friday love." Zander watched the couple with a smile on his face.

"Hi Giles." Reina moved his hands from over her eyes and turned to hug him, pressing her cheek to his chest. She smiled at Zander when she saw him. "Hi Zander."

"Hey Reina." Giles pressed a kiss to the top of his girlfriend's head and spoke to her softly, his lips close to her ear. Zander felt as if he was intruding on their private moment, so he was about to open his mouth to them that he was going to head home, but a gasp left his lips instead when two strong arms circled around his waist, pulling him back.

He heard a familiar laugh and scowled. "Screw you Tristan." Tristan peeked over his boyfriend's shoulder and grinned. He pressed a kiss to Zander's cheek, the cool metal of his lip ring pressing against his skin.

"You get scared too easily." Zander covered Tristan's hands with his own, and Tristan looked up at the couple in front of them. "Hey Giles, hey Reina."

"Hi Tristan." Reina and Tristan smiled at each other.

"Well, if you guys don't mind, I'm stealing Zander away. We have things we must do." Zander tried to keep the heat from rising to his cheeks when he realized what Tristan was talking about, but to no avail. Of course, now Giles and Reina knew exactly what those 'things' were too.

"Go ahead," Giles said, his arms still around Reina and a smirk on his face. "Have fun you two." Tristan leaned down and nipped at his boyfriend's earlobe.

"Oh we will," he murmured, making Zander blush harder and everyone laugh.


Zander laced his fingers with Tristan's and pulled him inside his house. He leaned against the door, closing it under his weight. "Why do you like to embarrass me?" Zander asked him, his lips pressed into a thin line. His hand came up to tug at his snakebites as he waited for a response.

"Because you look so cute when you blush." Zander couldn't help it—he blushed again, making his boyfriend grin and step closer. "There's the blush I love so much."

"Stop doing that," Zander muttered, closing his eyes and trying to ignore the fire in his cheeks.

"I can't," Tristan whispered, and then Zander felt his boyfriend's lips on his. He pulled Tristan closer by their interlocked fingers and kissed him harder, his lips parting a bit. Tristan slipped his tongue into Zander's mouth and tasted every inch of him as his thumbs slipped into the belt loops on Zander's jeans and tugged. Reluctantly, they pulled apart a few moments later.

"Are your parents home?" Tristan asked, breathless. Zander shook his head, his cheeks tinted pink. "Let's go upstairs."

Zander and Tristan fell onto the bed, tangled together in a flurry of limbs. Tristan's fingers weaved into Zander's dark hair and Zander's fingers traced along Tristan's spine, making his boyfriend shiver above him. Tristan broke the kiss and slid Zander's shirt up past his abs and up to his chest.

Zander sat up and let Tristan pull the garment off of his body and was expecting his boyfriend to kiss him again, but he had different plans in mind. Instead, Tristan unwrapped the black scarf from around his neck and Zander watched curiously, without protesting, as he tied his wrists together and then tied the scarf to the headboard.

Zander tugged on the scarf, but it didn't budge. His eyes flickered up to meet his boyfriend's and he saw Tristan's smiling face.

"Tristan—" Zander started to say, but his boyfriend cut him off.

"Babe, don't be scared. This'll be fun, trust me." And before Zander could say anything else, Tristan leaned down and grazed his teeth across his boyfriend's nipple, making him moan softly.

"We can't ease into things first?" Zander muttered weakly, as Tristan licked and nibbled on his nipple.

"Did you want to?" Tristan asked, flicking his thumb of Zander's other nipple. Zander arched into his boyfriend's body and let out a content sigh.

"No." Tristan chuckled against Zander's skin.

"That's what I thought." Zander flexed his fingers inside the constraints and let out soft sighs as Tristan continued to lick, nibble, and tweak his nipples. The contrasting feeling of Tristan's cool lip ring on Zander's warm skin made his heart beat even faster, and before long, he felt his growing problem become a grown problem.

Tristan pulled away from his chest and moved up to kiss him, sucking Zander's bottom lip into his mouth before pulling away. He began to slowly kiss down his boyfriend's body, stopping at the top of his Hanes boxers that were peeking out from under his jeans. Tristan grinned when he saw the bulge underneath them.

"Somebody's ready for me," Tristan said with a smirk. He unbuttoned Zander's jeans and pulled the zipper down with his teeth, and Zander lifted his hips so that Tristan could pull them off, leaving him in navy blue boxers. Teasingly, Tristan ran his fingers along the outline of Zander's erection, making him moan. Zander thrust upwards, trying to get Tristan to stroke him.

"Come on already!" He whined and thrust up again, wiggling around in the constraints around his wrists.

"No patience today I see." Tristan tugged Zander's boxers down far enough to free his erect penis and then ran his fingers lightly along the shaft, making Zander moan again. "God, I love it when you do that." He wrapped his hand around Zander and began to stroke him slowly. Zander pushed his head back into the pillows and groaned, loving the way his boyfriend was making him feel.

"That feels really good," he whispered, trying to keep himself from coming too soon. "Keep doing it like that."

"Like this?" He stroked a little bit faster, and Zander let out a soft whimper.

"Oh god, like that."

"So you don't want me to do it like this?" Tristan leaned down and wrapped his mouth around the head of Zander's penis, making him gasp.

"Do that too," he murmured, his voice sounding strained. Zander's pants and moans steadily increased as Tristan sucked and stroked him, pushing him closer to his climax. He sucked harder, and the noises that Zander was making told him that he was very close. He pulled his lips away from Zander and stroked him faster, Zander now starting to thrust into his hand. Suddenly, Tristan pulled away, making Zander whine.

"Ugh god, why'd you stop?" He opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend through half-lidded eyes.

"Because when you come, it'll be because I made you. Not because you were bucking into my hand."

"But I'm so close!" Zander groaned and threw his head back onto the pillows, his penis still erect. "Get me off already!"

"If you buck into my hand, I will stop and you'll have blue balls and have to figure out a way to get yourself off…with your hands still tied."

"Alright, fine! Hurry up." Tristan put his hand back around Zander and started stroking him at the same speed he had been before, and again, Zander's hips thrust upwards, making Tristan immediately pull away.

"I was serious about the blue balls thing." Zander whined again and thrust up into the air, even though he knew that would do nothing for his problem.

"I'm sorry! Please, Tristan, keep going!" Tristan smiled a bit—he loved it when he got his boyfriend to beg.

"Thrust again, and I will actually leave you here without getting you off."

"I told you I won't! Put your fucking hand back on my cock!" Zander was nearly crying with frustration now, and Tristan laughed.

"Since you asked so nicely." He wrapped his hand around him and stroked him fast. Zander came within seconds, moaning loudly and thrusting into Tristan's hand as he milked him dry. Finally, he came down from his high, breathing hard. He opened his eyes and to see that he had come all over his stomach and Tristan's hand. Tristan, however, had no problem with this seeing as he was licking Zander's juices off of his hand while a wicked grin sat on his face. His penis was now limp, but the sight of his boyfriend licking his come off of his hand made blood flow back in that direction.

"Can you please untie me so I can kiss you properly?"

"Sure thing babe." Tristan untied the scarf from around Zander's wrists and Zander sighed in relief, kicking his boxers the rest of the way off and sitting up to kiss his boyfriend. Their tongues tangled together almost immediately, only breaking apart to pull Tristan's black polo off of his body.

Zander twisted Tristan around and pushed him down onto the bed, making quick work of his boyfriend's pants and boxers, discarding them all at once. He grinned when he saw how hard Tristan was, and happily leaned down to lick his shaft.

"A-ah, shit." Zander's hand moved to rub his boyfriend's thigh, close to his balls, as he licked him, loving the sounds that were coming from his mouth. Zander wrapped his lips around Tristan—they were about the same size, so he could fit about half of him in his mouth. He sucked Tristan hard and stroked what wasn't in his mouth.

"G-god f-fucking dammit…ugh god." Tristan grunted as he got closer to his climax. "I'm s-so f-fucking close. Just l-like that Z-zander. Ugh, fuck." Zander chuckled—Tristan usually didn't curse heavily, but during heated moments like this, he became a sailor. The vocal vibrations from Zander's laugh pushed Tristan even closer to coming. Zander stroked faster and swirled his tongued around the tip of Tristan's penis.

"I'm going to c-come…oh f-fuck! Zander!" He screamed his boyfriend's name as he ejaculated into his mouth, and Zander swallowed, pulling away and licking his lips. Tristan collapsed back against the pillows.

"Dear god, you're so sexy," he muttered, draping an arm over his eyes and trying to get his breathing back to normal.

"You're not too bad yourself," Zander said softly, lying down beside him and kissing his jaw, making him smile.

"Thank you," Tristan whispered, moving his arm away from his eyes and turning to smile at Zander.

"For what?"

"For being an amazing boyfriend." Zander grinned.

"So not the blowjobs?"

"That's a perk to being my boyfriend." They both laughed. "Seriously, I mean it." Zander curled up against Tristan's naked and slightly sweaty body and closed his eyes.

"I know you do."

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