Shaking from the cold she stands.

Screams surrounding her like a blanket,

But once again she blocks them out.

Focusing on something,


The screams seep through the wall she built

But she keeps building the wall higher

Brick by brick the wall gets stronger

Until, her own emotions can't pass through.

The little girl only 11

She is terrified to let anyone in

No one has taught her how to deal with emotions

She hides from it like its the villian seeking to distroy her.

The little girl couldn't stand it anymore.

She seek help in the wrong way.

They found her laying in her bed

Her teddy bears surrounding her,

Eyes closed so peacefully,

An empty bottle of pills laid by her side

But this was her way of dealing with something she was scared of

Her emotions, other people emotions

The little girl was never raised right

And she now lays in the ground

With a rose and teddy bear laying on her grave.

That's little girl that built the wall that tore her down piece by piece.

Falling to her knees she wept. The tears streaming down her dirt streak face. A wail abrupltly came out of her batter up lips. Her golden eyes glistenly with unshed tears that are fighting to break free. She hurls her fist into the ground screaming as though by a miracle someone would hear her cry for help. Her body shudders and she collaspe to floor.

She is crying out to a God she never belived in. Hoping that he is real and not just some fake story story.

"Save me! I am lost. I don't know what to. God, if you are real hear my cry. I give up. I'm worthless some pathetic excuse of air. I don't know why I try you aren't even real."

She pulls out the knife that was destined to end her life. Squeezing her eyes togther she grips the knife her knuckles turns white. This is it. Just get it over with no one will care.
You can do it. Do be weak. She brings the knife down onto her stomach making one last finally bruise.