Summary: It has been four, long years since Valentine left her team and now she has arrived back in New York City to find out that a mysterious, but dangerous group called The Dragons have been involved in terrorism. Along with her team, they must figure out the plot and the Dragons' new leader.


Of all days to be at school, 11-year old Valentine Kennedy didn't want to even be near her school. She had no friends, which made it a lot easier for kids to target her.

They would say, "Oh, she has no friends so she's an outcast." or, "Let's go pick on the freak."

Valentine was already a Freak, a special evolved human with abilities. She heard them on television, about the dangerous powers they have. Many were on the good side, but many were also on the evil side.

Valentine looked up as Miranda Devel, her worst enemy, walked up to her. "Hey freak, how's your day going?" she asks.

Valentine's golden-brown eyes narrowed from behind her long, dark brown locks. She looked down at her novel, ignoring the blonde before her. "Uh, excuse me!" Miranda snatched her novel from Valentine's hands, closing it with a slam and looking at the title. "Interview with a Vampire? What kind of freak book is this?" Miranda looked at the back and her light, green eyes narrowed in disgust. "Vampires?"

Valentine stood up to her full height, keeping a calm demeanor. "May I have my book back?" she asks calmly, holding her hand out.

Miranda sneered at the brunette and then smiled. "Why, of course you can have it back." she was just about to place the book in Valentine's hands, but then she did something that made Valentine's heart break in two.

Miranda ripped her book in half, right down the middle.

Rage boiled up in Valentine's core as she watched the torn pages slowly fall to the floor, landing between her and Miranda. Miranda had that same smile/sneer on her face whenever she picked on Valentine.

Valentine raised her hand, curled her fingers and then did what most girls were afraid to do.

She punched Miranda right in the nose and she heard and felt a satisfying crunch. Miranda screamed out in pain when blood gushed out her nose and she fell back on her butt. Blood seeped out through the blonde's fingers.

"Valentine!" the teacher shouted. "Go to the office! Go to the office now!"

Without a word, Valentine picked up her books and instead of going to the office, she snuck out of the school and stayed away from home until school was over.

When she walked into the door at 3:45, a half hour after school ended, she was greeted by her parents. Her parents looked up as she entered. "Valentine, did something happen at school today?" her mother questioned.

Valentine kept her calm demeanor. "Maybe."

"Valentine, you broke that girl's nose. Now she has to have surgery to put the bone back in place." her father said.

"She ripped my book in half." Valentine spoke coldly. "I had a reason to punch her."

"Valentine, violence is not the answer." her mother scolded. "We have taught you that."

"I know," Valentine gave a simple nod. "However, I was not going to let her torment me any further."

Both adults exchanged glances and then sighed. "Alright, we'll talk to Miranda's parents and see what we can help with. You are going to apologize to her-."

"She has to apologize first." Valentine interrupted.

"Don't interrupt me while I am talking Valentine." her mother scolded. "Both of you will apologize to each other and I want no more fights, am I clear?"

"Crystal." Valentine mumbled and then went up to her room.

It was nearing midnight and the Kennedy family was sleeping soundly in their home. The adults were in their bedroom, the father's snoring slightly louder than last night. Valentine was sleeping peacefully in her own bed. And that's when she smelled smoke.

Valentine slowly opened her golden-brown eyes and suddenly saw flames coming up from underneath her door. "Oh-no..." she whispered, fear slithering into her small body. Did her parents get out? "No...they would've grabbed me..." she quickly threw the covers off and hurried over to her window.

It was snowing out and Valentine grunted when she fell into a rosebush, the thorns cutting up her face and arms. She quickly got out of the rosebush and hurried up the hill when her house behind her exploded and she was knocked out by flying debris.

She couldn't have been out for more than five or six seconds and she woke, feeling really tired and in pain. Valentine sat up and her eyes widened. She saw about five or six kids, staying far away from her home as it burned.

Miranda's friends...

The pain came to her head again and she just let her body hit the snow, sleepiness hitting her.

That's when she heard crunching noises in the snow. They sounded like footsteps and they got closer until she heard a soft, male voice. "What are you doing out here child?"

Valentine opened her eyes and looked up at the man before her. He looked young, early twenties with short, jet black hair and icy blue eyes that seemed...somewhat comforting to her. "T-they..." her voice began to break and the tears fell. ""

The man looked at the still burning house at the bottom of the hill and frowned. "How evil." he whispered and then knelt down beside Valentine. "What's your name child?"

"V...Valentine..." she replied quietly.

The man took off his coat and gently made her sit up, putting the coat around her shoulders and then pulling her to him in an embrace. "It will be alright Valentine. You will avenge your parents' death." he picked her up and carried her for a few minutes until they came to a helicopter.

"Where are we going?" Valentine asks, looking up at the man.

He smiled softly. "Your new home."

They got onto the chopper and the man ordered the pilot to take off. Once the chopper was in the air, Valentine looked out the window.

And thought about what was going to happen.