Summary: Kaige is a normal teenager with a love for motorcycles and the darkness. Cyborgs are New York's new brand of mechanical beings. When Kaige witnesses a Cyborg killing a human, she goes to Castor Obsidian, a somewhat 'friend' with knowledge of the Cyborgs. There is something terribly wrong with the Cyborgs and only Kaige is the one to stop them.

Chapter 1

"Good morning boys and girls! Today's date is September 24th, 2021. Also, the weather will be a wonderful 68 F-."

"Ah, shut up." I mumbled and turned off the annoying announcer. I sighed and snuggled deeper into my covers.

Then I heard footsteps outside my door and the door opening. "Kaige, honey," Mom's voice cut through my sweet, everlasting sleep. "Time for school."

"Mm, go away." I mumbled. "It's Friday mum…."

"You didn't go to school last Friday hun." I heard Mom walk into my room. "God, you need to get some light in here." And my curtains opened, letting in the bright sunlight.

"ACK!" I cried out, throwing the covers over my head. "Too bright! Shut the damn curtains!"

Mom sighed. "Honestly hun, this 'dark' thing is getting old. You should start wearing brighter colors, like pink."

"I don't freaking think so." I muttered. "I happen to like my style."

"Well, hurry up and come down. Asher made French toast and bacon." I heard Mom walk out of my room, closing the door behind her.

Wait; did she just say French toast and bacon? Damnit! Of all the things I love! I squealed mentally. I then sighed to myself and threw the covers off. My bare feet pattered quietly as I walked over my carpet towards the bathroom.

After my shower, I brushed my long black hair, fixing my bangs which went over my left eye. Bright red streaks flowed through my dark locks and my acid green eyes reflected back at me in the mirror. I left the bathroom, shutting the light off on my way out and shoved my biker boots on, grabbing my backpack and heading downstairs towards the kitchen.

"Good morning Kaige," Asher spoke as I sat down at the kitchen table. "Did you sleep well?"

Asher is a Cyborg, a mechanical being made by Silver Industries. Cyborgs look like humans, but all have the same face. Dark, short hair and eyes and tall, very tall. They also have enhanced senses, reflexes, strength and speed.

I shrugged. "As well as any other night Asher," I replied, taking a bite of my French toast.

Asher titled his head to the side. "Is something bothering you Kaige?"


"I sense a twitch in your emotional schedule." He said in a monotone. "Would Castor Obsidian have to do anything with that?"

I nearly choked on my French toast and looked up at the Cyborg. "No! Of course not!" I said defensively. "Castor is not in my 'emotional schedule'."

"Hm," Asher mused. "You should be careful around him."

"Always am Asher."

Asher may be a Cyborg, but he always was protective of me since my dad died years ago. I think he got the 'emotion' from my dad.

I sighed and quickly ate the rest of my breakfast. "I'll see you later Asher." I said, grabbing my backpack and patted him on the shoulder as I walked out to the garage towards my baby.

Well…not really my baby. But it does belong to me. My black Harley Davidson with red skulls on the sides. I grabbed my helmet and put it on, getting on the Harley.

I drove out of the garage and down the street, turning left and stopping in front of a two-story house with a long driveway. I heard a door slam shut and watched as KT came out, with her own helmet in her hand. She sat behind me, put her helmet on and put her hands on my shoulders, signaling me to go.

"Hey, have you heard the news lately?" KT asks. I had speaks installed into our helmets so it was easier for us to speak over the roar of the engine.

"No, why?" I answer as I drove down the street.

"Another family was found murdered in their home." She began. "And their Cyborg was gone too."

"This is the second family-murder in a month." I muttered. "I think someone is killing the families and stealing the Cyborgs."

"Do you think the Cyborgs have anything to do with this?" she asks. I heard worriness in her voice.

I scoffed. "Of course not. The Cyborgs aren't programmed for murder. They're programmed to serve humans."

"Maybe you should talk to Castor about this." KT suggested. "He has more knowledge about the Cyborgs than anybody else."

Oh boy. I thought. "I guess I could. Do you need a ride home after school?"

"No, mum's picking me up." She answered.

"Alrighty then…."

God, good thing I was graduating this year. High school has gotten really dull and boring.

"So," KT leaned, her elbows on my desk. "How's Castor doing?"

My eyes narrowed. "Why are you asking about him so much KT?"
"Because he's sexy!" she exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "You're only 16. Don't get any ideas. He's too old for you anyway."


"But I-."

"I said no KT." My tone became firm.

"Oh come on Kaige!" she whined. "It you just take me to see him-!"

"KT, my final answer is no." I said, sighing in frustration. "I hate to be a bitch, but I'm not taking you to meet him."

KT glared at me and turned around in her seat. She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed.

I shook my head. She'll get over it and forgive me later. I thought, clicking on the clicker of my pen. It was a bad and annoying habit of mine.

Throughout the rest of the day, KT didn't speak to me. All she gave me were glares. I decided to ignore her and figure she would come around the next couple days or so.

"I don't want you staying there too long." Mom said. "Who knows what maniacs go there?"

I rolled my eyes. "I know mom. I'll be there for an hour at the most."

"Alright, is KT with you?"

"Pfft! No, she's mad at me."


I sighed. "She wanted to meet Castor and I told her no."

"It's for the best hun. Just be careful."

"Always." I hung up and slipped my helmet on, driving off. The house of the most recent murder was nearby, so I decided to stop and look around. Yellow lines criss-crossed the outside and inside of the house.

I looked around to make sure nobody was around and walked into the house, ducking underneath the yellow lines. There was blood everywhere; on the floors, the walls and even the paintings.

"Jesus…." I whispered.

All of a sudden, I felt the barrel of a gun be pressed to my back. "Hands up." A male voice demanded.

I put my hands up and turned around, seeing a man of about 28-years old with dark hair and light eyes. I grinned. "It's not nice to point a gun at a friend. Right, Jake?"

Jake shook his head and put his gun away. "You shouldn't be in here Kaige. This is a murder scene."

"If you think I wouldn't have known that by now, you'd be stupid." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"There's a killer on the loose. Curfew is 9 p.m." he said. "Anyone caught after gets a yellow slip."

I rolled my eyes. "Do you have any leads?"

He shook his head. "None, the chief doesn't even have any idea to why the families are being murdered and their Cyborgs are going missing."

"I don't either. That's why I'm going to a friend who has more knowledge about the Cyborgs than I." I said.

"Castor Obsidian?" Jake asks, raising a dark eyebrow.

My eyes narrowed. "You know him?"

"I've heard of him."

"He's…." I paused. What was the term to describe Castor? "Different."

Jake gave a simple, agreeing nod. "Alright, just be home by 9."

I gave a mock salute. "Aye, aye captain."