Mechanical Feelings

Summary: Riku is finally home after spending two, long miserable years at Juvenile hall. Trying to keep herself out of trouble, Riku finds a half-destroyed robot in the junkyard with the help of her father and she repairs it. But this is a special robot, a robot made with feelings and a holoform, which gives the robot that ability to have a human version of himself. Harley the robot and Riku grow closer while trying to stay out of trouble and a human boy gets jealous of Riku's feelings for Harley.

Chapter 1

It was a cool, October day in the year of 2041. The leaves were changing; vivid green to red, to orange, yellow and brown. The cooler weather of October was arriving quickly, perhaps a little too quickly for Riku Hamilton.

It had been a long time since she was outside, two-years if she was correct. Being sentenced to Juvenile could make you go crazy, but Riku knew she was going to get out, so she played along. Her jet black hair had grown to the middle of her back, bright red streaks that could glow in the dark. Her electric blue eyes scanned the environment as the car drove down the street.

Her dad chuckled from beside her. "Inspecting the scenery, are we?"

"Pfft." Riku stuck her tongue out at him playfully. "Give me a break dad. It's been two years since I've been home."

"Well, you got lucky with just two years of Juvenile." Dad reached over and ruffled his daughter's hair. Riku was closer to her dad than anyone else in her family.

"Yeah, I know." she wrinkled her nose. "I gotta find a way to stay out of trouble."

"Trouble usually comes to you." Dad corrected. "But yes, finding a way to keep you out of trouble will keep you out of trouble. What were some ideas?"

Riku shrugged, leaning back against the front passenger seat of her dad's truck. "I don't know...I gotta figure out something."



"Right, sorry." he apologized "Last time you boxed, you ended up beating the crap out of a student and getting kicked out."

"That's because the guy kicked 'below the belt'. So I got revenge." Riku grinned.

"Martial arts?"

"I'm already a black belt dad."

"Then what do you want to do?"

"Can we get home before I think?" she asks, lightly slapping her dad's arm. "I'm dying for mom's stir-fry."

"You and your Chinese food." Dad mumbled. "Maybe get a job?"

She looked at him and he knew that look. It basically said 'are you crazy? I'll get fired in two days with my temper'. " job. Well, you need to do something to keep yourself out of trouble."

"Pfft." she muttered. "Has anything changed while I was gone?"

"Not really, a death here, a death there." Dad shrugged. "You know Mark, from work?"


"Well, he called me over a few days ago. He finally built his robot to help him around the house." Dad said. "Named him MJ, Mark Jr."

"MJ sounds like a girl's name. From Spider-Man." Riku said. "Mary-Jane, MJ."

Dad just rolled his eyes and smiled, reaching over to ruffle Riku's hair. "It's good to have you back kiddo."

They finally arrived at their two-story home and got out, going into the house. Riku was immediately greeted by her mother and little brother Boyd. "It's so good to have you back sweetie!" Mom held her daughter's face in her soft hands.

Riku's electric blue eyes narrowed a little. "Let me guess; Amara is at her boyfriend's?"

Mom nodded.

"Figures." Riku muttered and then crouched down in front of her little brother. "Hey bubby! How are you?" she smiled and reached out to hug him, but Boyd took a few steps back and Riku's smile faded. He had a slightly fearful look on his face and then ran upstairs.

Riku sighed and stood up straight. "I take it he's still afraid."

"Yeah," Mom replied. "He loves you, but he still needs time to adjust."

Riku regretted that day and since her brother witnessed the whole thing, he had been fearful of her ever since. "He'll come around hun." Dad said. "Now, shall we celebrate Riku's homecoming?"

The day went by fast and eventually it became late. Riku announced she was going to bed, because school was the next day. While she walked down the hallway to her room, she stopped in front of Boyd's bedroom door.

A part of her wanted to talk to him, tell him that she had changed. Another part just wanted to leave him alone and let him adjust. Riku sighed heavily and walked to her bedroom. "It's good to be sleeping in my own bed." she mumbled.

The next day, Riku woke up around 6:30 and got ready for school. She was putting her boots on when her dad knocked on the door. "Hey kiddo, can I come in?"

"Yeah." she replied and he opened the door, walking in with a folder. "What's up?"

"We need to have a brief talk with the principles before you actually start school today. Um, they did want me to tell you that you will be starting your senior year, since you already had all your credits and required classes before getting sent to Juvenile." Dad replied. "He wants to meet with us by 7:30."

"M'kay." she grabbed her bag and the two left for the school. They entered the principle's office at 7:26.

Principle Michaels was an older man, around his late 40's. His kids were already out of high school and into college. "First off, how are you Riku?"

Riku shrugged. "Alright. My therapist said I seem to be doing better."

Michaels nodded. "That's good." he handed her a folder. "These are your classes, some of them were requested by your parents."

Riku looked down at her schedule. 6 classes, all each 70 minutes long. She had mostly electives, but she still had to finish English. Psychology sounded like it would be fun and she liked learning about machines, so she had Engineering 6th hour.

"Will the first trimester be alright for you?" Michaels asks.

"Yeah." Riku answered and closed the folder.

"You are still on probation, correct?"

"Yes, I got about 6 months." she replied, leaning back in the soft, blue seat. "Judge said that if I stay out of trouble for six months, they'll drop the probation and I'll be a free bird."

"Well, you have six months before you're free." Michaels said. "Well, I'll dismiss you to first period. Have a good day."

Riku and her dad left the principle's office. "Have a good day hun." he gave her a hug. "No fighting."

"Promise dad." she smiled and gave him a thumbs up.