War of Darkness

Summary: In the year of 2013, a deadly war broke out in the country of Russia. The year now is 2016 and the only countries not affected by the war are Japan, South America, Australia, the United States, Cuba and the Bahamas, Canada and Alaska. Monsters roam the other countries and the US army is in need of more soldiers. Minerva Stevens has just been promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the army and is now under the orders of General Wade "The Reaper" Montgomery. Minerva has to fight monsters, keep perverts away from her since she is the only woman in the General's army and stay out of falling in love.


In the year of 2013, a deadly war broke out in the country of Russia. A virus spread throughout the country, turning the population into dangerous monsters.

But Russia was only the beginning.

The monsters roamed, infecting other countries until the entire other side of the world was infected. Australia and Japan were the only ones on that side to not be infected. The United States have declared war on those countries.

The US army is running out of soldiers.

The General has multiplied his army by fifty percent, gaining some of the most experienced marksmen and medics.

But sometimes...that is just not enough.

Some of the monsters are more intelligent, ones that can handle war strategy and guns.

The General is not fazed.

Chapter 1

It was a cool, Fall day in the middle of September of the year 2016. The Garcia base was preparing for the nearing leave to Russia. The soldiers were lying about, laughing and talking about different things.

"Hey, you got a girl?"

"Yeah, one back home. She's almost nine months pregnant."

"Know what it is?"

"We believe it's a girl."

However, one person stood out from the rest. It was a young girl, around 19-years old with long, dark brown hair that went over her face in long, thin bangs. She wore the usual army outfit, a green camouflage suit with black boots and a matching hat. Her coat was off, reveling a blue t-shirt underneath. Her skin, slightly toned, reflecting with the sun and her form was slightly curvy, yet muscular from all her training.

Her steel grey eyes searched around the outside of the base and then she heard someone call out her name. She looked over to her right and saw a male, around 23-years old with short, dark brown hair and light green eyes. He had toned skin and was actually very handsome.

He walked over and handed her a bag with the Dragon's Express logo on it. "Here, I got you your favorite. For your success." he smiled and sat down beside her, putting his own bag of Chinese on his lap.

She smiled and took out her food, opening it up and taking a big whiff of it. "Wow, I didn't realize how much I missed Chinese until I get a big whiff of it." she set the bag down and grabbed the plastic spoon out of it, digging into her lunch. "Thanks Travis."

"No problem Minerva." Travis ruffled her hair before going to eat his own food.

Minerva was glad she got to be with her brother. He may have been overprotective, especially when he was in high school and she was in middle school, but she loved him nonetheless. Travis wore his green camouflage suit, but with his coat off and wore a white t-shirt underneath.

"So," he spoke after swallowing his rice. "How's it feel to be 1st Lieutenant?"

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "It feels like I completed something huge. I mean, I just joined two years ago and I'm already 1st Lieutenant."

"Well, you were one of the smartest enlisters. Half of them failed." he said, taking another spoonful of his food. "Or dropped out."

"I already got dirty looks from some of the soldiers." Minerva mused, looking down at her food.

"Don't listen to them." Travis stabbed his fork into a piece of chicken. "Most of them are immature assholes."

Minerva snorted. "Got that right."

15 minutes later, the siblings finished their lunch and threw their trash away. Then William Washington, the General's Lieutenant Colonel, walked over to them. "Major and 1st Lieutenant Stevens," he spoke. The Lt. Colonel was actually one of the more friendly and quieter soldiers. He was around 26-years old with short, blond hair and brown eyes.

"Lt. Colonel Washington," Travis spoke and both he and Minerva gave salutes.

"At ease. The General wants a talk with everyone in 10 minutes. Suit up and get lined up in ten minutes." Washington spoke. "Please tell everyone. We don't want to make the General impatient."

"Yes sir, we'll make sure we're there." Minerva spoke.

Washington gave a nod and then walked into the base. Travis gave the announcement and everyone suited up and then walked into the base, lining up.

Minerva felt awkward.

She was the shortest out of everyone and she was the only woman in the General's army. Minerva stood by her brother, who was at least several inches taller than her. "Just be quiet and only speak when you are spoken to." he whispered to her.

She gave a small nod as the doors slammed open and the General walked in. The General's full name was Wade "The Reaper" Montgomery. He was around 25-years old with longish dark brown hair that was usually kept back in a low ponytail with a few loose strands. His eyes were an icy blue and the soldiers said he could see right through a person.

The General was actually very handsome. His skin was toned, his form lean yet muscular and tall, taller than Travis. Minerva poked her head out just slightly, her long bangs falling in front of her face, even though she had her hat on. She quickly got back into line and stared forwards as General Montgomery walked in front of the line.

He was silent, his hands clasped behind his back. He observed the line and had an emotionless expression on his face. "Gentlemen," he began. His voice was deep and seemed to have a sly edge to it. "Welcome to your new life. I applaud all of you for making it this far."

General Montgomery slowly walked past Minerva. She was tempted to put her head down so that he couldn't see her face, but she resisted the temptation. Suddenly, he stopped and she lightly gripped her pants. The General backed up to her and then faced her.

And now Minerva put her head down so that her hat hid her face. "Your name, soldier." he demanded.

She swallowed. "1st Lieutenant Minerva Stevens, sir." she spoke.

"1st Lieutenant?"

"Yes sir." Minerva answered.

General Montgomery reached up with his right hand and pulled her hat off her head. "How old are you Lieutenant?" he asks.

"19 sir."

"And how long have you been in the army?"

"Two years sir."

"Do you have any siblings in the army?"

"Yes sir."

"Who?" was his final question.

"Major Travis Stevens sir." she swallowed, her nerves doing back-flips.

"Ah yes," General Montgomery gave a single nod. "I know Major Stevens, very intelligent." he paused. "Very well," he slapped her hat back onto her head. "Welcome Lieutenant Stevens."

"T-thank you sir." she said quietly.

"Jesus, I thought I was gonna faint."

Travis rubbed his sister's back. "You did pretty well in there. I'm impressed. Even the General seemed impressed that you're the only woman in his army." he grabbed the edge of her hat and switched it around.

Minerva sighed. "I thought he was gonna be all rude and shout at me."

"Nah, he's not that bad once you've been around him for a day or two." Travis spoke and scratched the back of his head. "Trust me, I got used to him in a couple days time."

"Why do they call him 'The Reaper'?" she asks, looking up at him.

He shrugged. "I think the soldiers overexagerate but the reason why they call him The Reaper is because he is merciless in battle and that he is usually hard on newcomers."

"Was he hard on you?" Minerva asks.

Travis gave another shrug. "Not really."

Minerva dropped to the ground, her hat falling off her head and began doing pushups with one arm behind her back. Travis raised a dark eyebrow. "Now I'm impressed by your strength. How many can you do?"

"I've done," she breathed as she lowered herself and then raised herself. "about 150 at one time. We had to do as many push-ups with one hand in 2 minutes. I did the most push-ups."

"What are you at right now?"


Meanwhile, General Montgomery and Lt. Colonel Washington were standing right outside of the base, talking quietly. "Lt. Colonel," the General spoke.

"Yes sir?" Washington asks.

"Do you know anything about 1st Lieutenant Stevens?" Montgomery asks as he walked Lt. Stevens do push-ups with one arm.

"Yes I do sir, from what Major Stevens told me." Washington replied. "From what I've been told, she graduated from high school at the age of 16, joined the army at 17 and became 1st Lieutenant by age 19. She was the most intelligent and far by the best one to do push-ups. She also is an an experienced marksman...err, woman." he corrected.

"What about swords?"

"Uh, I believe so sir."

General Montgomery smirked. "Good, she'll need those skills."