War of Darkness

Chapter 5

Minerva did not sleep well that night. The disturbing image of the soldier dying haunted her mind wherever she went. She was nearly falling asleep on Daredevil as they traveled through an abandoned field. She didn't think one soldier's death could affect her so much.

"I'm sure he's in a better place now sis." Travis spoke.

Minerva sighed to herself, brushing a lock of her dark brown hair away from her face. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm just so...I just wish I could've saved him; he had a lot more to live for."

Travis reached over and ruffled her hair. "I think he would be thankful. You were with him during his last day and I think that's what matters the most."

Minerva gave a small nod, a very small smile on her face. "Yeah, at least he's not in pain anymore."

Up front, the General and Washington kept their eyes and ears open. "You think that we would've seen any of the monsters by now sir." Washington spoke.

"We can't rule out any possibilities that they're out there." Montgomery said. "Keep a close eye."

Minerva sighed and looked out into the distance. All of a sudden, Daredevil snorted and halted in his steps. "Daredevil, no." Minerva said and lightly kicked him. Daredevil snorted again and Minerva noticed his ears were stiff and pricked forwards. He must've spotted something. "What's out there boy? Huh? What did you see Daredevil?"

"The animal is just being dumb." Jake snorted from behind them.

"Shut up Jake." Minerva growled, looking out into the distance. All of a sudden, Daredevil reared up, squealing loudly. "Daredevil, no!" she shouted and lost her grip on the reins, falling off his back and onto the ground. Daredevil began running away. "Daredevil! Come back!" she sprinted after him, ignoring her brother's shouting for her to come back. "Daredevil!" she finally caught up with him and grabbed the reins before he could run any further. "Daredevil, you don't run away me from! What's the matter with you?"

Travis, John and JD came over, Washington and General Montgomery tailing after them. "He must've seen something that spooked him." Travis spoke.

"Everything alright Lieutenant?" General Montgomery asks.

"Yeah." Minerva replied, giving Daredevil's neck a pat. Daredevil snorted again, edging away from Minerva. "Hey, what's your problem boy?"

Daredevil snorted once again and tried to edge away from Minerva. All of a sudden, there was shouting from behind them and they all looked to see the creatures coming up on the hill ahead of them and charging towards them.

Minerva swung her leg over Daredevil's back and lifted herself onto his back, taking the reins and kicking his side, trailing after the others. She heard the snarling from the creatures and they roared out in pain whenever they were hit, either by bullet or by katana.

Minerva swung her katana, catching one of the creatures by the shoulder and slicing the arm off. The creature squealed in pain and dropped to the ground, one limb short. Daredevil whinnied and reared up, kicking a creature away from his front, then dropped back to the ground.

"Good boy," Minerva breathed, holding onto the reins tightly. She could feel her hands burn from the grip she had on the reins. "Travis!" she shouted, looking around for her brother.

"Minerva!" John cried and shot at a creature as it lunged at him right between the eyes.

"John, where's Travis?" she shouted.

Before John could answer, a creature knocked him to the ground and bit into his neck. John screamed out in pain and Minerva hurried over, slashing off the creature's head. "John!" she shouted, jumping off Daredevil's back and rushing over to him. "Oh god...hold on John! You're gonna be okay!"

John coughed, blood seeping from his neck wound and blood trickled down the side of his mouth. Minerva ripped off a piece of her sleeve and pressed it to John's wound, cringing as blood began soaking the fabric. "Just hold on John. You're gonna be okay..." she whispered.

Montgomery struck down another creature, slicing half of its head off and it dropped to the ground with a thud. Miserable creatures. He thought, blood dripping down the blade of his katana.

Lt. Colonel Washington came over, blood splattered on his uniform. "Sir, I believe we defeated all of them."

Montgomery sighed. "Yes, were there any casualties?"

"Just one sir."

Minerva quickly ripped off a piece of her shirt at the bottom and folded the cloth up, pressing it to John's neck. John was now unconscious and wheezing, but his heart didn't show signs of stopping anytime soon. "Will he be okay?" JD asks.

"All I need to do is get this wound stitched up and he shouldn't turn since he got the vaccine for the bites." Minerva replied. "JD, you'll have to carry him back."

Jake walked up to them, another soldier holding his horse's reins. "He ain't gonna live, not with a wound like that."

Minerva glared at him. "Just shut up and go away. I don't need your shit." she turned back to John's wound and ripped off another piece of her shirt, tying it around John's neck to keep the folded cloth to the wound.

"He's gonna die and you can't do shit about it."

Minerva felt something snap within her. She dug her fingernails into her palm until she bled and then lunged at Jake, landing a right hook at his jaw. Jake stumbled backwards, holding his throbbing jaw. Both Travis and JD gawked at Minerva as she glared venomously at Jake.

"Shut your goddamn mouth before I stitch it shut." she threatened.

Jake glared at her and to her utter and complete surprise, he hit her right back with a left hook to her cheek. "Hey!" Travis quickly stood up. "You hit my sister one more time and-!" before he got to finish, Minerva lunged right back at Jake.

She landed a kick to his kneecap and he howled out in pain. Jake growled like a wild animal and kicked her harshly in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of Minerva's lungs and next thing she knew, Jake had her on the ground with both hands around her neck and trying to strangle her.

She clawed at his hand, wheezing and gasping for breath. That's when both Travis and JD grabbed the back of Jake's jacket and threw him off Minerva. Air rushed into her lungs and she erupted into a violent coughing fit, rolling onto her side and holding her throat as she coughed.

"Minerva!" Travis hurried to her side while JD stayed with the unconscious John.

Minerva breathed heavily as she caught up with her breathing. She heard galloping and saw the General and Washington come over. "What happened?" the General asks, clearly annoyed.

Minerva pointed a shaky hand at Jake, who immediately panicked. "She threw the first punch!" Jake said defensively.

"He was strangling me." Minerva wheezed, coughing a bit more.

Montgomery glared down at Jake. "Since you obviously cannot follow orders, you will be suspended for one month."

"One month?" Jake shrieked. "That's bullshit! You can't do that! What about her? She's the one who started it!" Jake was still screaming while his friends dragged him away.

"It's not true sir." Minerva was finally able to speak. "Jake started it."

"And I will take your word over his. Summers has been nothing but a pain in the ass." Montgomery spoke. "If anything else happens, come straight to me and I will take care of him for good."

"Thank you sir."

"Don't mention it. Get a move on. We have to get back to the camp and get Matthews settled."


Minerva felt John wince in his sleep as she gently stitched up the wound in his neck. He didn't lose too much blood from her doing first aid so quickly. "Mom..." John whimpered in his sleep.

"It's okay," Minerva said softly when she finished up and carefully wiped the excess blood away with a wet cloth. "I promise I won't let anything happen to you. You're safe."

"Stevens," Minerva looked over her shoulder and saw the General walk into the tent. "How is he?"

"Well, as long as the wound doesn't get infected, he will be alright." she replied.

"And Temptson?"

"Well, it'll take six weeks for his leg and arm to heal. He will have to get back to the base as soon as possible, sir." Minerva answered. "If he is going to have special treatment."

"Will he live?" The General's voice didn't have any sense of concern, but Minerva answered anyway.

"Yes sir." She looked to the side and shifted her position, uncomfortable under the General's gaze.

"Very well, you may go."

"Yes sir." she said quietly and as she passed him, their shoulders brushed and she felt a small tinge of electricity. "Stupid clothes..."