Chapter Two: The Glass Princess' Vow

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."- Marilyn Monroe.

She was only 16 when she had her first taste of death. Her mother, the queen of some foreign country, was so healthy and kind to everyone that when the queen died everyone was in shock. The daughter, young, foolish, devilish Silvia, was frozen. Her mother was the one person she trusted, even though she knew her maids would never tell her secret to anyone.

Her father could've cared less about her before her mother died but, Silvia didn't mind. She loved being able to have freedom to roam about and not worry about pointless marriages. Yet when her mother died, Silvia's father did start caring for her. He still let her have some freedom, no marriages, and a lovely little summer cottage out in the woods. Yet he had decided to remarry for the sake of the land.

Her step-mother, Olivia, seemed very nice the week before and after her father's marriage. After the wedding however, she showed her true colors as a heartless, vain, pompous witch. No one knew this except for poor Silvia.

When Olivia first set eyes on Silvia, she glared with a look of scorn and laughed, "This is your daughter? She looks like a ratty, scrawny, wimpy, servant!"

Silvia had tired her hardest to not look like those words froze her or hurt her but the spiteful woman, her new step mother, could tell how deeply those words cut into her core. Olivia smirked, a look that suited an old witch rather than a queen.

Little did she know how right she was; Silvia dreaded the thought that her new step mother could possibly that wretched old witch from the story her mother told her. The witch who made a bargain with a beautiful sixteen years old princess just so the princess could get revenge. Yet that deal was made over 100 year ago.

"Miss? Are you there?" She hears a voice ask.

"What is it Rita?" Silvia asks, her eyes sparkling in the sun.

"Word on the street is that there is an old witch…" Rita begins before being interrupted.

"A witch? Rita, witches aren't real." Silvia says, her eyes narrowing.

"Yes miss a witch. Word on the street is that she can grant you any wish with her strange powers." Rita finishes.

"If she could I would ask her to get rid of that Old Hag for me." Silvia whispers darkly, her eyes clouding.

"Miss, word on the street is that she lives in the woods."

"Thank you Rita, good-bye." Silvia whispers and sprints towards her house to get a cloak.

After five minutes she sprints deep into the woods, and stops cold. In front of her was a pile of dead bodies.

"Witch! Word on the streets is that you can grant any wish! I don't have any money or wealth to my name anymore but maybe you'd like my youth! I'll give you anything you want in exchange for revenge!" Silvia shouts, tears streaming down her face.

"Very well child. I will give you my powers so you may have your revenge on one term." A cold old voice states from the trees.

"What is the condition?" Silvia asks.

"Sign a blood oath." Was the simple response.

Since Silvia had no clue what a Blood Oath was, she agreed. She took the knife after the witch cut her own hand and did as the witch did. Taking the witch's bleeding hand into her own bleeding hand she shook the devil's hand, binding the oath.

Time soon passed, and the wish came true. Silvia got her revenge on the whole town and spared not a single soul, except those who were not there. No one inside the village walls was spared.

Since the witch's end of the deal was complete, she took Silvia away from the now barren town, and deep into the forest where they made the deal.

"You have had your revenge child; the people whom have made you suffer are no more. You're free, but…" The old witch starts, now noticing the tears flowing from young Silvia's eyes.

"I know, I give thee my youth but first, please tell me something." She whispers, wiping away at tears that have yet to be shed.

"What is it you wish to know?"

"Are you my step-mother and are you the witch from that tale my mother told me?" Silvia whispers; not knowing that she was about to meet the same fate as the princess before her met.

"I am the witch from the tale your mother told you child." The old witch answers, ignoring the first part of the question.

"Well, that means you have done this before right? Does it hurt?" Silvia asks.

"It is a painless process." She lies, summing her wand from the table in her room at the castle.

"I'm ready."

The witch, not waiting any longer aims her wand at Silvia and a white light shoots towards her; taking not only her youth and beauty but also her life and soul. The glow fades away, and Silvia now grey and withered; even more fragile than before falls to the ground with a thud. The witch, now certain that her step-daughter was dead, revealed her true self with a high, cold laugh.

"Why? I guess this is my punishment for seeking revenge and ignoring my mother's words." Silvia whispers as her eyes become too heavy for her to keep open and each breath she takes shorter and far in between.

As her soul leaves her body, with her last breath Silvia smiles; one lone tear trailing down her check. The wicked step-mother freezes, unprepared for the emotions now gripping at her heart. The emotions of the 16 years old princess cause her to gasp shock and pain filling her being.

She starts shaking, her whole body becoming over whelmed by Silvia's emotions. All the pain, rage, guilt, agony, love, and desire burned Olivia's heart, mind, and soul. It soon became too much for her to stand, literally. Olivia's legs caved in beneath her and she let out a great scream.

She cried, not normal tears, but tears of blood. The immortality she craved was fading. The deal with the devil she made as a young, vain girl has finally sealed her fate. Her youthful appearance was starting to crack and shatter like glass.

She, who ended the lives of thousands for over two centuries, was finally caving in from the weight of her sins against humanity. She, Olivia Greene nee Killingly, was the true glass princess; trapped in a world of lies spun by a demon and an idealistic dream of immortality. Yet that world shattered around her, her soul cast into the deepest pit of Hell, all because she wanted to be young forever.