More experimental writing. Moving from past tense to present tense. Even if it's short, I actually really like this one.

Written 2012.01.14

At first glance he is ordinary enough, handsome even: dusty blonde hair, eyes of stormy days, a smile stretched between two perfect dimples. He bubbles with breathless laughter, and his eyes crease with joy.

But they do not know him.

A scant few minutes into conversation, and they see that he isn't ordinary. The words that spill from his lips are strange, irregular, bitter to the ears. What are these ideas he speaks of? Why is he speaking of them? How can he believe in such things?

Their eyes harden, their mouths press into a firm line, their noses crinkle upward, betraying their repulsion. He is not normal, he is not ordinary, he is not like them.

And they pass cold judgment upon him.