Godspeed For A Better Life / Cosmic Latte

The reason why I'm refusing to take a sip
of your bombastic drink is because I refuse
to be all that you represent, for example,
living like a delicate flower doomed to
shrivel up at the first breath of winter frost
or existing like a keg of dynamite always
anxious of matches in easy ignition range.

So therefore, my overall message to you is that
I believe we should not be afraid of departure,
but instead embrace the reality that any dark sea in our
new odyssey will always stretch to light beyond
the horizon rim and if we ever forget this because we're
so distressed that it's impossible to look forward,
the stars reflected on the water will always exist as motive.

And yet right now you are unable to see this
common inspiration I've constantly worshipped because
you think that what has worth is physically touching
the stars which is only possible if God has blessed us
with wings but the truth is nobody on earth has that
ability except for the angels who have earned
that honour by first possessing spiritual trust.

But who am I to preach my definition of zenith and try
to persuade you to sip my cosmic latte instead,
so now I simply say godspeed for a better life because I've
kept making excuses to welcome pain of the world during
my entire existence and I think this time it's more prudent
for me to not be around so that I won't cause you even
more emotional confusion like I've done to others in antiquity.