Chapter One

Lily's POV

It was a little awkward for me to come to school in a Limo before and well what's more awkward was the fact that Nate's Brother Reid was the one with me in the limo.

"So it's your Junior Year huh, anyway Nate wouldn't mind if I borrow you for the morning ride to school"

"I um appreciate the fact you picked me up from the airport but I kinda feel bad that we didn't picked Lucas up or even brought Nate with us" I said while fumbling with my bag

"Did I ever told you how pretty your hair looks now?" he asked and I blushed harder

After the Caribbean trip with everyone I decided to change my hairstyle and cut it at the same time so that I could have a nice fresh start for the junior year but I haven't told anyone about it yet.

"Is that why you picked me up?" I asked and Reid simply smirked the good old Jolans smirked which meant they are having a fun time

"Well, I would pay so see my brother's reaction to your new hairdo but it's better to keep it a secret until you get to school" he said and winked at me

"But still" I mumbled and looked at his hands which still had my phone which was constantly ringing but Reid acted like it didn't exist

"Look, if you want to make Nate speechless that new hair isn't gonna be enough, in fact why don't you use this" he said while giving me a small black rectangular case and when I opened it I was shock


"Don't sweat it, here I'll help you put it on and before you now it the guy would drop dead be head over heels for you again" he promised while helping me place it on

We got to school before anyone else which was pretty impressive but what surprised me a lot was the poster in front of the main building which left me confused and excited at the same time

The Year for everyone to do their Best at their field of arts, the once every ten year competition of the school has come again. Further announcement later but welcome to the TENTH ALTON PHOENIX FIELDS OF MASTERS COMPETITION!

"What's this contest about?" I asked and Reid smiled like this was the greatest fun he will ever experience

"It's this contest that happens every ten yearsin Alton Academy, though this year is the tenth time it's done so this will be the grandest and hardest one yet" he answered

"Yeah but exactly happens in this contest?" I asked trying to be more specific and he smirked at me while other students started to come and read the lines and got excited

"It's this contest where one winner immerged from each field of arts in the school and those winners will be signed to major companies and wait for it…be known across the world" he said in emphasis and my jaw drop

"You mean whoever wins becomes famous?" I said in shock and he nodded

"This school was founded when our gramps was still young but worked under the original owners, the fifth to now was being sponsored by our family so the deals are made but this is one competition that started before the change of owners so it's a big deal to the students" he further explained and I became more excited over this

"This is gonna be a great year" I said before smirking

The start of the year and I found out we are going to have an awesome competition.

Nate's POV

"Dude, I told you she's probably in school by now" Travis said while sitting back on the trunk of the limo

"She said she'll be here" I said back though Lucas was already with us

"I say your cousin is right" Lucas added and I groan

"I'll try calling her again" I said trying to keep my nerves down and dialed her number

"She won't pick up" Travis pointed out and I ignored him

"I'm hungry" Lucas whined

I sighed and was about to give up on calling her for the tenth time when the ringing stopped

"Lil? Where the heck are you?" I demanded and I heard someone chuckling in the background and I sighed

"Sup bro, took you a while to figure out she's not there"

He laughed and I laughed with him before jumping in the limo while Lucas and Travis looked confused but went in with me

"Step on it" I said to the driver quickly and the limo actually swerved out of the parking lot and pushed Travis and Lucas back on their seats

"Dude, What the heck?" Lucas said but I ignored that

"Where'd you take her?" I said forcefully on the receiver and I heard Reid's laughter

"No need to be mean bro, she's fine and well the same as always. I picked her up hours ago. I can't believed you'd actually wait for her that long" He said in an amused voice and I groan

"Where are you two exactly?" I asked which a pretty dumb question was but I was a little not in the mood with dealing with Reid

"You'd have to do better than that you know" he reminded me but I was too absorb on getting to the school fast

"Sorry I can't entertain you right now because one: I'm late for the opening ceremony, two: you have my girlfriend and three: You kidnapped her before she even sees me" I pointed out and he laughed hard

"Is that Reid?" Travis asked in a tired tone and I just nodded

"Wow, first day of class and we have to deal with your brother" Lucas added and I sighed again

"Why'd you take her anyway, it's not like she's interested in you" I asked and I heard him whistle

"Because it's interesting, from what I heard from mom you two didn't meet at all in summer"

I blushed before running my fingers through my hair and sitting back, before summer break Lily told how she needed to spend more time for herself in finding her own style in music.

"We had reasons" I said bluntly not wanting to tell him everything

"Hmm, well I won't bother asking seeing that simply asking your girlfriend here would give me all the answers I need" he said and I bit back a curse and took a deep breath

"Have I ever told you to get a life?" I asked and he laughed harder

"Don't worry dude, we're half way there" Lucas said trying to ease the tension in the car

I almost forgot how Lily treats my "family" as hers now since she loves to "know more about me"

"Just don't do anything to her when I get there" I begged and there was a moment of silence which probably means he's just contemplating on the thought

"I don't know" he said

But before he could get a reply we were already in school. I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the car then sprinted towards Reid who stood out of the crowd in front of the main building

"You are so dead" I said before tackling him to the ground

Everyone stared at us in shock but some we're more occupied with the banner posted in front of the doors

"Nice to see you too bro" Reid said before standing up with ease

"Sup guys" Lucas said cheerfully behind us with my luggage as well as his

"Things never really changed huh" Hayley said as she chuckled with Curtis beside her

"Nate?" Lily said behind me,

I stood up angrily and wanted to shout at Lily for even going on the ride with Reid in the first place but the moment I faced her I instantly became tongue tied

"She's a beauty right bro?" Reid said while placing an arm around my neck making me stand up straight to face her head on.

Her long wavy hair was now cut short up to her shoulders and was straighten out to emphasize her eyes. It was more than that now, since he last time we met I was an inch shorter than her but now I am the one taller but my eyes never left her.

"So um what'd you think?" she asked while tucking some of her hair behind her ear

"I, um…" I ducked my head feeling blood rushing to my face

"Just give me a sec" I said quickly and pulled out of Reid's hold

I took a deep breath and tried to stop my heart from beating too fast and faced her but she looked more beautiful now and her eyes looked a lot brighter

"It's great and all but why'd you cut your hair?" I asked and she blushed hard like me

"I told you" she muttered before stepping closer to me and looked me straight in the eyes and smiled

"I wanted to find my own style in music and I did" she said before twirling around and laughed

I smirked and laughed with her before putting my attention to the banner and sighed

"So it's that time of year huh" I mumbled while reading the banner

"What's that about?" Lucas asked while reading the banner

"The contest to find the best of Alton" Zack said while joining our group

I nodded in agreement, I heard about how whoever wins this gets the golden ticket on being famous at the same time earn a deal with a major company and it goes to every field in Alton

"I got to win this!" Lily and I said at the same time

I looked at Lily in surprise and so did she, oh boy this is going to be a problem

"I'm winning the Music department!" we both said at the same time

"This is too good to be true" Curtis exclaimed and the others nodded

"Please don't tell me you guys are fighting over a competition" Hayley whined and even I thought it was ridiculous

This is sophomore year all over again and I didn't like it one bit but seeing the determination in her eyes means either I back down or she'll go war freak on me. I took a deep breath and put my hands in my pockets

"Hayley's right, this is stupid. I don't want a competition to be a cause for us fighting again like last year" I admitted and be sighed too

"So what should we do? Since clearly only one person per field wins this one" she pointed out

"Plus the fact that it's every man for himself on this one too" Curtis added and Hayley elbowed him on the arm

"What, I'm saying the truth even I'm competing in this one, it's the reason we all go to Alton Academy in the first place" Curtis added and everyone sighed deeply again

"Well, I'm competing as well" Clair said trying to sound confident but seemed nervous too, she looked a lot more confident ever since Lucas started hanging out with her more during vacation

"Forming bands in the music department is also good too you know, if you win as a band then you get famous as a band" Reid reminded us and Lily thought about it for a while

"How about I'll-" she was about to say but I stopped her

"No way am I joining in on your band cause clearly when it comes to us singing together we end up either I over power you or vice versa" I reminded her and she sighed deeply on that one and crossed her arms across her chest

"So what do we do then, because clearly I'm not backing down on this one" she reminded me and I smirked back

"Well the feeling is mutual" I said back and the others jaw drop

"You can't be serious Nate. With you in the competition the other students doesn't stand a chance" Travis pointed out

"It's not my fault they won't try there hardest on this one" I said back then realized something.

I thought about it for a while and looked at Lily with a plan forming in my head which would make things a lot more interesting

"But dude, you're one of the top students" Lucas added and I grinned at him

"Which makes it even better" I said before slinging my bag on my shoulder

"Since we won't back down on this one" I said and held my hand up at Lily and the others simply looked at us in shock

"May the best singer win" I said in a competitive tone and Lily's jaw dropped and the look of horror went through her face

She was really planning on me not joining at all since I have a lot of ways to be famous but boy did she got that one wrong, she looked calm and shock my hand

"We'll see who wins this one" she said back and I grinned harder

"Oh you better because I call dibs on reforming my band from last year's Artist Shuffle" I told her which made her uneasy but the guys looked surprised

"WHAT!" they all said in surprise but not as surprised as Lily, Zack, Travis and Lucas

"You heard me, REMIX versus the band you'll form Ms. Image changer" I said and I could tell she's going to have a really big problem and the competition hasn't even started