Chapter Thirty Six

Nate's POV

The highlight of the night was about to begin, and everyone in the crowd was beginning to feel it as well. Tonight, there wasn't a pressure for what tomorrow will bring, tonight, it's time to celebrate the beat of music in the air. Turntables, speakers, and drums were placed on stage, and some of people in the stadium, are heading closer to the stage. Besides me, Lily holds my hand, and looks at the stage curiously.

"Is there gonna be a concert or something?"

I nodded my head, and pulled her along, as the cheering begun when the dj went on stage, waving his hand.

"Time to enjoy the night." I said when the music started and everyone started to clap their hands along the beat.

A low, but steady beat plays along the speakers, and a light show dances along the stage in sync of the music. Others were chanting the name of the dj while I just laugh at the awestruck face of Lily when she noticed the colors and lights of the tower rising higher and higher. It was the exact same expression I had when my dad first took me here.

"I'll tell you a little secret about this place," I shouted near her ear, because talking over the noise was proving to be a bit more difficult right then.

She leans closer, and shouts back, "What?"

"Here, I learned to simply enjoy performing to make others feel like this!" I spread out my arms in emphasis over the crowd that was on their highest point of excitement and the music begins to carry them to the place of utter bliss.

Music wasn't always about who can wow the crowd the most, or being famous, it was about making others enjoy the sounds and melody you created, and getting them to love it as much as you did. Stressing over, how to be better, when it simply should be about something you enjoy doing, is what mattered the most.

Lily leaned closer toward me, and gave me a nice long kiss, that felt me a bit dazed, and her laughing a bit, before giving me a tight hug. "I get it," she said, before she laced her fingers with mine. "No more stressing, but I'll still beat your butt on the next round Nate." Lily said with conviction, that I raised an eyebrow and laughed with her.

"We'll see about that now, shall we?"

The music picks up on a high note, and everyone was practically jumping up on their feet with the music. Memories of my dad, taking me here when I was really pressured by how should I perform and be better came rushing back toward me. I remembered, slumping on my desk at home, writing and throwing away lyrics that I didn't liked, and getting frustrated whenever I couldn't get the beat right on any instruments on the first try.

Dad would often watch me in amusement from my door, and shakes his head. "Take it easy Nate, music isn't a science, but rather an art that you need to feel, not perfect." He'd often tell me.

I was practically too mad to even think about his words, until one day he found me, on bed playing a video game, and my room a mess from all the sheet music and cds on the floor. He raised an eyebrow at the mayhem, and approached me; his clothes were the same ones he wore straight after his concert, so I knew that he just got home.

"Had a nice concert?" I asked, though was deep into my game, while he laughs a bit, and stood by the edge of my bed, picking up my harmonica and gave it a go.

"Wanna go out or something? You look like you've been cooped up in here for a while." He said, and I placed my psp down, and shook my head.

"I'm good,"

"Well, I'm not asking either. Come on, grab your coat, I have a place to show you." Dad, heads out my room, not even waiting for me to protest.

A bit tired, I just exhaled, and followed along. Dad drove me out to this very stadium, at the peak of excitement. Everything about that night was amazing that it was hard to forget, he showed me how to be a real, memorable performer, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Still grinning, Lily and I, we danced along with the music, occasionally spotting one of our friends dancing as well or shouting the name of the dj. The night was young, and nothing mattered but that moment of pure bliss.

"Best night ever?" I asked Lily, and she wrapped she arms around my neck, and I spun her once, before setting her down laughing.

"Best one you thought of so far Nate."

This is what music is about, and it was nice to let Lily see that again. That night, neither of us cared about the competition, this is how I wanted us to be throughout the school year (even though she might compete with me again) but tonight, we only came to enjoy.

The End

AN: Yes, you read that right, this is the end of the story :P, and no there won't be another book. This is how I wanted the story to end, at the highest point of happiness between the two of them. I know a bit, AWW WHY!? Is going through your minds, but it is what it is.

This is FES signing out.