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Everything is Average Nowadays – Kaiser Chiefs

At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self

Ria Sheeran wasn't happy. She was bored with it all; having parents that she never saw so she was in the right to doubt to their existence. She knew they existed though, by their once in a while phone call and the fact they send her to a sort of summer camp place every summer holiday when her boarding school wouldn't take her. Sat on the plane she knew what to expect, she expected what she expected every year.

The lady next to her had managed to doze off and was begging to drool. Ria looked out the window at the clouds that she came close to at least, once or twice a year. When she was little she loved being this close to the clouds, thinking she was going to be able to touch them one day but repeated studying of geography proved to her that clouds were nothing special. Just condensed water floating in the atmosphere, she wasn't going to be able to touch them and they certainly weren't going to taste like candyfloss. Fog was as close as it was going to get for her and it was rarely foggy in England. Maybe it would be foggy in France.

A stewardess made her way down the aisle before stopping by Ria's seat and gave her a big, vibrant lipsticked smile. "Are you okay dear?" Ria gave her a small smile, looking at her teeth which had a small amount of red on them. The woman nodded, still smiling, and carried on down the aisle. Maybe, she should have told her there was a small amount of lipstick stuck to her teeth, but surely she'll find out soon enough.

"10 minutes till landing," The pilot's voice filled the intercom as the seatbelt sign flashed up. Ria tightened the seat belt brutally, ready for landing. Truthfully, all she wanted to do was land and get to wherever she was going next.

As the plane descended Ria took a deep breath, waiting for the claps, securing the landing would start soon. "The time is three forty three pm and it is twenty six degrees outside. Welcome everyone to France, Paris." Ria looked out of the window but all she could see was the runway stretching out like a black sea. In all her fifteen years of living on this planet, she loved nothing more than the pitch black of night, the mysteriousness of it all. She felt at times like she was the only one.

People started to get out of their seats and Ria plucked her bag from the overhead locker before making her way to the front of the plane. The door was opened and a wave of people left the plane and made their way to baggage reclaim.

Ria handed her passport over to the man at the desk who flipped through it. "Been everywhere haven't you?" Ria gave a 'mmmmmmmmmmmh' in response not really ready to diverse in conversation with a person that she knew she was never going to see again. Ria was handed her passport back and she made her way to collect her bag.

Ria turned on her blackberry and saw she had a new message. Ria pressed the phone to her ear whilst looking out for her very average looking suitcase to appear. "Hello darling Maria, I hope you're excited about this new camp in France we're sending you to!" Her mother voice sounded shrill and happy. At least someone was having fun. "Darling, I wish you nothing but the best summer of your life. Have a nice time Maria sweetheart."

Ria pocketed her phone before pulling her suitcase off the rotary and making her way out of the airport. She climbed into a taxi and handed a piece of paper to the taxi driver who nodded, handing it back to her.

Her phone vibrated and she pulled it out smiling at the message she had received. Samantha always knew how to cheer her up; she knew that she hated the summer because nothing ever amounted in it. Sam was lucky; she had a whole family to spend her holidays with complete with brother and sister. The taxi came to a stop and Maria flung the door open, stepping out of the taxi looking at the place she would be staying.

It was like two very big log cabins, very pretty but very out of place. Her parents had managed to find a place for her to stay on top of a hill, in the middle of nowhere. How very nice of them, maybe she would be the only one there too.

Ria paid the taxi driver and began to lug her suitcase into one of the buildings. "Hey, I'm here to stay, apparently, for the summer." Ria looked around and cursed to herself. There were families here too, but no groups of teens. Groups of teens, she could handle them (mostly she just ignored them), but families we're something that she couldn't look at. Out of envy more than anything, something she never had.

"Can I see your papers?" Ria nodded and searched through her bags before pulling out her papers. Again she surveyed the room, feeling the familiar pang of hurt she felt every year when she came to places like these. "Right okay, here's your key." She took the keys out of her hands and began to make my way to my room.

"Great," Ria muttered, almost sliding into her room for the time being. It barley fit a single, she shoved her suitcase under the bed and sat down. Then took a photo of the room and sent it to Sam before lying down. Her text back was imminent and Ria grinned at the photo of Sam wearing top that said 'It could be worse so shut up' Ria pulled back the curtains and looked outside, happy with the view of the mountains, she smiled. The dark blue inky sky made her feel secure, the sky is always the same. The dark blue sky was the same one she had seen with Sam when they both decided to scream off the top of the school building, the same one she always looked at.

With the encouragement of her best friend she got up and decided to explore the place which would be my home for the next couple of weeks. Ria tucked the key into her conversers before leaving the room and walking down the stairs staring at her phone absentmindedly. "Hey," She looked up to find herself head to chest with someone. Ria admitted to herself, right now, she was glad it was a male. Not cause she craved male attention, no, but because it'd be awkward to be head to boobs with a girl.

"Oh, hey," Ria stepped out of his without looking at his face, now that would be awkward. "Sorry for that, I'm sort of – never mind." Ria tucked her phone into her pocket but kept her eyes on the ground.

"You better look where you're going from now on." The boy pointed out, an American accent now distinct but somehow familiar to her. Ria looked up to face him and suddenly she remembered how she knew him and her eyes widened. The American boy looked scared as she became more familiar with the handsome face.

"Okay." Was all that could escape her lips as she brushed past him. Back at her all girls boarding school there were posters of him everywhere. This new American seventeen heart throb actor had made a storm in the US and was making his way over to England, also taking her school with it.

All that would play now is his movies. She didn't even like his movies, Ria loved comedies and comedies alone, all he did were romantic drama's which everyone loved apart from her and Sam.

But, she hadn't bothered to remember his name.

Ria shook him from her mind, she was hungry she was sure that was more important. There was a table with bread on it and she made a beeline for it grabbing multiple pieces and placing them onto a plate before sitting on a table alone.

Alone, like every happy holiday.

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