One of the Fall for the Book events I attended was the Volition Book Swap. Before I attended the event, I expected there to be a lot of tables with plenty books to be traded. I also expected there to be several people working at the event. I also thought there would be many people attending the event.

This event took place on campus outside the Johnson Center, Monday through Thursday from noon to 4 PM. I stopped by and checked it out when I had a chance between classes. It was a smaller event than I expected. There was only one table, and they didn't have as many books as I expected. There were only two people working at the event. It wasn't as enjoyable as I would have hoped because people were at the author discussions that took place outside the Johnson Center, and it seemed like almost everyone passed by it. I would have participated more in this event by trading books, but I had left the books I wanted to trade at home before I moved to the campus, and I don't remember where exactly I left them. Had I known I would attend this event, I would have brought them with me when moving on campus, or I would have had my family look for the books and send them to me.

I think that this event could have been improved. The only change I would suggest is maybe having the Volition staff promote it more if they try having this event at next year's Fall for the Book festival. It seemed like all of the authors got in attendance got all of the attention and promotion, whereas this event seemed to be glanced over despite the fact it was in the middle of campus next to major events.