I decided to do my research on providing more bicycle lanes to provide safety for both bicyclists and motorists. I chose this topic after looking in the Backpack Writing textbook for possible topics. I modified it from one of the topics suggested on page 312. I was interested in this topic because my mom used to ride her bicycle all around the DC area when she was in her late teens and early 20's, although she never mentioned having problems with bike paths where she rode.

However, I believe that the lack of bicycle paths is a problem in general. The problem is that bike paths are not always available on all roads, and bicyclists have to be more careful of cars, especially when bike lanes or bike paths are unavailable. This mainly affects the bicyclists, because they are the most at risk of being injured by drivers that may not see them, especially when paths are not provided. Some communities have started to fix the problem by providing bike paths and bike lanes along roads, or adding more paths. I think that if more areas for people to ride bikes are not provided, cyclists will continue to be injured by motorists.

The initial research I did when I was still considering topics on October 24th was mostly for internet sources. I was not able to find any print sources that day when I used "bicycles," "safety," and "communities" as keywords in an advanced search on the GMU library catalog website. However, when using those keywords, along with "bike paths," on the ProQuest database, I was able to find many online sources. One article that seemed credible was by Sacha Pfeiffer. Some of the information provided in that article may be slightly outdated, since it was written in 2006. I also went back on ProQuest on the 28th to look at the article again, but I only found an abstract and a link to the article, which seemed to not work for me.

I again found many articles on the ProQuest database, using "Bicycles," "safety," and "bike paths" as keywords, during the two classes, in the computer lab, October 25th and 27th. I was able to find four that seemed to relate to my topic. Two of the articles I found gave examples of communities working towards providing bike paths for the first time or providing additional bike paths to aid the ones they already had in place.

An article by Sarah P. Kennedy I found when researching in the computer lab may also be outdated, because it, too, was from 2006. Another source that seemed credible was by Mike Sadava. A problem I saw with this article is that it was from 2005, so it might be another somewhat outdated source. Also, I am not sure if this article is completely relevant to my topic, or in a narrow enough region, since it was originally found in a Canadian source. However, it does show that drivers need to be more careful when dealing with sharing roads with bicyclists.