I think President Obama's speech is mostly persuasive. In a way, it was informative because he gave background information before he could convince the audience of anything. The use of quotes to aid the speech in a persuasive manner was effective. I believe the quotes and the analogies they supported provided evidence and credibility to Obama's speech. The references to the Constitution and slavery at the beginning, and the references to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, set the ground to give the audience some idea of what he was going to talk about. The analogies and references helped me understand where President Obama was coming from, when he was talking about how Reverend Wright's statements could be seen as racist. The language he used was fairly easy to understand. I think the use of language, analogies, and opinions also helped Obama create a connection with the audience, such as the way he presented his opinions about why he, in some ways, still trusted Reverend Wright. The references to race and racism showed that he believed that there still is a problem with racism, even towards the Reverend. It was also implied that the racism was also pointed at Obama himself, because he was an African-American man running for president.