Prior to coming to Mason, I think I was most nervous about not knowing anybody here and being away from home. I hadn't been away from home and my family for very long periods of time like I would while staying on campus during college. I was also nervous that I would be too strange of a person, even for the Arts LLC.

One of the things that I'm most anxious about would have to be the amount of homework some of my classes give. Some of the assignments, like for my English and film classes, I can do easily. For some of them like my IT classes, the assignments are hard for me to understand.

I'm excited to get a major in a field of study that I'm interested in. I was in the TV productions program at my high school, and now I'm working towards a Film and Video Studies major here a Mason.

I'm also excited that my floor mates are just as strange as I am. Living in the Arts LLC is fun because we all have similar interests. Living on the first floor of Dickenson Hall is amazing. We live in Narnia. I'm glad Erika realized we have a cracked Stone Table in the lounge outside my room and her roommate is Lucy.